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Immigration Policy For Newcomers in United States, USA

Immigration Policy For Newcomers In United States. The united States of America has created an immigration policy for newcomers/immigrants. The United State accommodates people for different reasons some for job opportunities and some for the high standard of living.

The United States has not really created any law for newcomers and immigrants except for the fact that some areas have ban on them because of the terrorist activities going on there which might really affect new people coming in and create a bad reputation/ name for the country when being harmed (newcomers).Though, the Trump’s administration just raised an act bill which has not been passed into law by the senate but can bring about changes when eventually been passed.

How To enter United State of America (USA)

There are different steps to follow to enter Unite States which are

1) The first step is that you have to apply for visa : These visas are issued through the embassies or consultants. the reason for travel will determine the type of visa needed to enter the country.

2) Entering The United states: After the Visa has been issued, you must prepare your documents properly as you are going to show the valid documents when you arrive the country as part of the entry process. The documents will depend on the country you are arriving from.

How To apply For immigrant Visa

To apply for immigrant visa, the process to be followed depends on whether you are living there or not. If you are living there, you will apply only for a permanent resident (Green Card) and not an immigrant visa. Its advantage is that you wont have to return to your country to complete the process. But if you are outside the country, you will apply for an immigrant visa and you will have to complete the process in your country. It is done through the U.S department of state embassy.

Green Card

The green card i a citizenship card given to immigrants who are approved to be in the United States of America for indefinite period. Check eligibility for US green card.

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