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Indonesia Family Visa – How to apply, Requirements and Duration

Have you been yearning to be back with your family member in Indonesia? Then it’s best to apply for an Indonesia Family Visa. During your stay in Indonesia, you can organize a series of vacations on the numerous islands in the country. So naturally, you don’t want to miss that.

Indonesia is a beautiful country with over three hundred ethnic groups living side by side. While in Indonesia, you’ll experience different cultures with unique beliefs, knowledge, arts, laws, and customs. It’s the largest territory in Southeast Asia, with Jakarta as its capital.

Indonesia offers a variety of visas for those seeking to enter the country for purposes such as business, tourism, investment, and family. For example, the Indonesian family visa is designed for those who wish to visit immediate family members who are citizens or legal residents of Indonesia. This blog post will explain how to apply for an Indonesian family visa, the permit requirements, and the license duration.

What is Indonesia Family Visa?

The Indonesia family reunion visa is a type of visa that allows foreign nationals to enter and reside in Indonesia with their close relatives. Most importantly, it permits work or KITAS (Limited Stay Visa) holders to invite their spouse and kids below eighteen years old.

Please note that holders of this visa cannot work or earn income from Indonesian companies. Before your family members can apply for the Indonesia Family Visa, they must obtain a limited stay visa (VITAS) to enter the country. After gaining entrance into the country, they can convert it to a Family Visa. Applying for this type of visa can be a straightforward process if you follow all the steps we will discuss.

Requirements for the Indonesia family visa

Technically, the registration for the Argentina family visa is personal, and the application has to be by both the sponsor and the applicant. The foreigner residing in the country should apply to the Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta, Indonesia. However, there is a change in law, and you can now conduct it entirely online.

Requirements from the applicant

  • Valid passport: International legal access is part of the Indonesia family visa requirements. Your family members should have a passport valid for the next six months after you enter the country. There should also be two blank pages where they can fix their visa, and the access must be in good condition. Lastly, there could be a request to submit a copy of the vital pages of your passport.
  • Passport photographs: Applicants from your home country should submit two recent passport-size pictures online. It must be of red background and 3cm by 4cm sizes. Most importantly, they should face the camera, and the face must be visible. Please note that the relatives are not allowed to use any form of headgear.
  • Indonesia family visa application form: To get the Indonesia family visit visa, your family members should fill out the application form correctly. You must append your signature at the end of the document. Additionally, teenagers should ask for the signature of their parent or guardian on the form. Lastly, you should attach your photograph to it with paper glue and not with a stapler.
  • Certificate of marriage and birth: It’s a legal document signifying the relationship between the foreigner living in Indonesia and the family members coming along. The birth certificate will be for the offspring going to the country.
  • Invitation Letter: The sponsor inviting you to Indonesia should write an invitation letter showing the person’s full address and name.

Requirements from the sponsor in Indonesia

  • Valid passport: Unlike the passport validity for family relations coming to Indonesia, the sponsor’s passport should be valid for at least eighteen months. You should scan the page with the stamp upon entry into the country.
  • Certificate of marriage: Your marriage certificate will show that you’re legally married to your spouse. It must be legalized or apostilled if the Indonesian Republic did not issue it.
  • Proof of Funds: Essentially, the relative in Indonesia must show evidence of sufficient funds to support the needs of the incoming relative. It can be in the form of your bank statement.
  • Passport photographs: The sponsor must provide a picture that’s light in color with a red background.
  • Copy of your KITAS Card: You should also scan a copy of your limited stay visa.
  • ID Card: The sponsor’s original copy of the National Identity Card is an important document to submit. It should be of the relative who is either a permanent resident or citizen of Indonesia.

Please note that the application process for a dependent visa in Indonesia is thoroughly conducted online and no longer requires you to go to the embassy or consulate-general office.

How to apply for the Indonesia family visa

To obtain the dependent visa, you must get Authorization from the Directorate General of Immigration in Indonesia. Therefore, applying for the Indonesia family visa is a stepwise and subtle process. And here, we have the necessary structure of how you can be successful in your application.

Step one: Visit the website of the Indonesia Embassy in your country

Applicants should find the Indonesian Consulate responsible for their jurisdiction to apply for the Indonesia family visit visa. By doing so, they’ll know about the visa application requirements and whether they need to make an appointment for an interview.

Step two: Complete the application form and make payment for the visa fee

The subsequent step is to input all your correct information and pay the visa fee with your credit or debit card. If you’re from a territory that requires you to visit the embassy, you might have to pay through a bank or cash. It’s important to note that the fees are non-refundable. Lastly, ensure that you review the information you fill out before printing out the form.

Step three: Submit any required documents

When you complete the form, you must send the documents to the Indonesian Embassy. Most importantly, remember to bring along copies of your passport pages. You can also send the papers through the mail.

Step four: Wait for your visa result.

If you have a positive visa result, then you’ll receive your Indonesia family visa. Then, you’ll be on your way to reunite with your family member.

Application fee and Duration for the Indonesia family visa

Applicants must pay $105 if they want to visit the country multiple times. Most importantly, the fees are not refundable. Most times, you can pay through your Credit or Debit Card. If you’re applying online, the family reunion visa takes three to five working days for the Indonesian Consulate to process your application. The permit is legal for a year, and you can extend it five times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I travel to Indonesia for marriage?

Yes, you can travel to Indonesia for marriage. Most importantly, both of you must hold a recognizable religion approved by the Indonesian Government. These include Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity. The legality of the marriage will be according to the faith. It’ll also hinge on the countries’ laws of both parties involved. Lastly, the couples must be of the same religion and performed by the Office of Religion Affairs. Please note that non-Muslim couples should lodge a Notice of Intention to Marry at the Civil Registry ten days before the wedding day.

How can I live in Indonesia permanently?

It would help if you got an Indonesian permanent residency permit to live permanently in Indonesia. It’s generally known as KITAAP (Kartu Izin Tinggal Tetap). Foreign citizens can apply for permanent residency after living in the country for five years on an ITAS. Nonetheless, foreigners married to Indonesian citizens will have to use the KITAP after two years.

What’s the difference between Kitas and KITAP?

The difference between KITAS and KITAP is the Duration of the permit. The former is a yearly permit that allows the recipient to stay in the country for a year before extension. In contrast, the latter is a permanent stay permit allowing holders to reside in the country for at least five years. Fortunately, it’s not compulsory to visit the immigration office yearly. However, you’ll need a copy of it whenever you want to reunite with your family in Indonesia.

What is a b211 visa in Indonesia?

It’s a legal document allowing foreigners to enter and stay in Indonesia for sixty or eighty days. Holders of this single-entry visitor visa can only perform emergency or urgent working activities. Applicants can apply for it online and submit the required documents. These include a passport, letter of sponsorship, proof of funds, a return ticket, and photographs. The processing time is four working days after payment.


In conclusion, if you intend to move to Indonesia with your family, it is vital to know the visa requirements and process. Fortunately, the application process is relatively straightforward once you have the proper documentation. Ensure that you allow enough time for processing, which can take up to two months. The Duration of the visa is usually a year, but Applicants can renew it five times.

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