Indonesia Visa on Arrival – Application, Eligibility, and Fees

The Indonesia visa on arrival is one of the unique visa policies from the Indonesian government.

Since you can’t up and travel, you must have a reason, yes? The country of Indonesia has made all travel reasons easier by making a ton of visas available for visitors.

Again, nationals of some countries do not have to bother their heads for a visa to Indonesia, so long they’re going for a short visit.

So, we write not only to talk about the Indonesia visa on arrival, but we would tiptoe around other types of Indonesian visas and also point you towards their directions for broader knowledge.

Now, ever wondered why Indonesia is such a popular tourist hub? Let’s find out!

About Indonesia

Indonesia is known for many things that conspire to make it a beautiful country. 

First, it is a country set between two oceans in southeastern Asia, the Pacific Ocean, and the Indian ocean.

It is also the world’s fourth most populous country and more Muslim populated. 

More so, Indonesia houses the world’s most populous Island, Java, and it is the largest Island country in the world.

Not only that, there are over 1,700 Islands in this country. And it boasts of housing the world’s second most populous urban area, Jakarta, the capital city. 

Interestingly, this country is about to name a new capital soon, which means Jakarta will hand over soon.

Now, talk about biodiversity; Indonesia is among the highest supporters in the world. And it is the only G20 member state in Southeast Asia. 

By the way, this country has one of the most robust and diversified cultural heritage in the history of mankind.

Who needs an Indonesia visa?

Indonesia visa is meant for all travelers from non-visa-exempt countries who intend to visit the country, regardless.

They can apply for their visas at the embassy or use the Indonesian e-Visa services.

Then, some nationals of some countries require an Indonesian visa on arrival. 

So, if you can not travel to Indonesia visa-free, you must go through any of these routes.

Countries that require an Indonesian visa for travel

To begin with, Indonesia is very particular about this. They have listed countries where their nationals must apply and obtain a visa before being allowed into Indonesia.

It does not matter the reason or the urgency behind your travel; you must wait, apply, and obtain a visa before you pack your bags.

Here, we’ve made a list of those countries below, just in case you want to know where your country belongs.

  • Israel
  • Congo
  • Niger
  • Sierra Leon
  • Liberia
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • South Sudan
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Central Republic of Africa
  • Guinea Bissau
  • Yemen
  • Ethiopia
  • Cameroon
  • North Korea
  • Afghanistan
  • Kosovo
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Djibouti
  • Sudan
  • Colombia
  • Eritrea
  • Syria
  • Montenegro
  • Micronesia
  • Guinea
  • Somalia

Countries that do not need a visa to travel to Indonesia

Some countries are in agreement with the Indonesian government. Therefore, the nationals of such countries can visit Indonesia for at least 30 days without a visa.

However, visitors allowed into the country visa-free can not, for any reason, extend their visa’s expiration date or even change their visas for another.

So, you must leave before your stay expires. But, again, the government of Indonesia has a strict rule on this and has also listed at least 169 countries that can come to Indonesia visa-free.

What is the Indonesia visa on arrival?

This type of visa may sound very interesting, judging from the long-standing stress we know about physical visa application.

But honestly, the visa on arrival has its strings of stress too. Most time, travelers who are qualified to obtain this visa would rather apply for the electronic visa online and end the pending stress once and for all.

So, here’s the thing. The Indonesia visa on arrival will have you arrive at the country’s border before taking up your visa.

Although you need to get all your documents ready, still, you will not apply until you get to the border.

Before you leave your country of origin, you must make a few trips to the embassy for them to process a paper visa for you.

After you arrive, you must present it at the border when it gets to your turn. 

Yet, all these do not guarantee you entry. The immigration officers at the border may decide to turn you back if they are not convinced enough.

Furthermore, not all countries can obtain an Indonesian visa on arrival. And also, bear in mind that this visa has a duration of only 30 days.

Moreover, after the pandemic, the country made new travel rules regarding this visa. So, be sure to meet the rules before traveling.

What can you do with an Indonesian visa on arrival?

Holders of this type of visa in Indonesia can not do so much with it.

Meanwhile, it passes for a tourist visa which is a short-stay visa. So holders are mostly tourists and people that came to visit their families and relatives.

Indonesia Visa on arrival requirement

Firstly, you have to prepare your documents and get them ready if you wish to use this visa.

  • Also, have your COVID-19 requirements met. After that you can bring:
  • Valid passport, not less than six months.
  • Health insurance proof.
  • Visa fee. You must pay this fee in cash.
  • Evidence of a return ticket.
  • You must present a passport with some blank pages.

Can I extend your Indonesia visa on arrival?

Unlike the visitors on the visa-free permit, which cannot be extended. Visitors holding the visa on arrival can extend their stay in the country by visiting the consulate while still in the country.

However, you must submit some documents and meet some criteria before your extension is approved. And you must begin this process before your visa expires. Else, you may not stand a chance.

The necessary documents include:

  • Extension fee
  • Passport
  • Extension form correctly filled out and signed
  • Sponsor’s ID card copy

Visitors with this visa who refuse to leave or extend their visas after expiration will be punished with a fine. But, it may not stop there; the over-staying report may work against you in the future.

Indonesia visa on arrival entry borders

This visa declares that you must enter the country through specific routes and wait in line.

Therefore, holders of visas on arrival must enter through any of these routes:


  • Hang Nadim, Riau airport
  • I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Bali airport
  • Juanda, East Java airport
  • Sam Ratulangi, North Sulawesi airport
  • Soekarno-Hatta,Tangerang near Jakarta airport
  • Yogyakarta, Central Java
  • Kualanamu, North Sumatera airport

Land borders

  • Aruk, West Kalimantan
  • Benoa, Bali
  • Dumai, Riau Island
  • Entikong, West Kalimantan
  • Mota’ain, East Nusa Tenggara
  • Tunon Taka, East Kalimantan

Seaports on Riau Island

  • Bandar Bentan Telani Lagoi in Riau Islands
  • Bandar Seri Udana Lobam in Riau Island
  • Batam Center in Riau Island
  • Citra Tri Tunas in Riau Island
  • Marina Teluk Senimba in Riau Island
  • Nongsa Terminal Bahari
  • Sekupang
  • Sri Bintan Pura
  • Tanjung Balai Karimun

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the other types of Indonesian visas?

Indonesia has a visa for almost all the reasons behind any travel. And each of them has a specific duration before it expires.

You can use any of the below-written visas to visit Indonesia:

  • Transit visa
  • Business visa
  • Indonesia visa on arrival
  • Tourist visa
  • Electronic visa (eVisa)

What is a KITAS visa?

KITAS doubles as the temporary visas for Indonesia. KITAS is for anyone from the country that requires a visa to stay back and work. 

Also, the duration of this visa can last as short as six months or as long as six years.

But know that you must meet strict requirements, including a sponsorship letter, if you want to work.

When did Indonesia open the visa on arrival again?

During the pandemic, the government of Indonesia halted this visa and everything about it.

But now, on the 7th of March 2022, with strict COVID-19 measures in place, the government opened this visa again.

Do I need a tourist visa to visit Indonesia as a US citizen?

United States citizens do not need any visa to travel to Indonesia. Their passport alone is enough. However, US citizens must stay in Indonesia for just 30 days, and their passports must be valid for six months ahead.

Is there Visa On Arrival (VOA) in Jakarta?

Yes, after the pandemic eased, the visa on arrival opened in Jakarta, and they are in full operations. Not just that, nine extra countries joined the Indonesia free visa on arrival without extension list, and they are:

  • Brunei
  • Cambodia
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

How much is the visa on arrival for Indonesia?

Currently, the fee for this visa is $35. you must hold the money and pay in cash upon arrival and when it gets to your turn. No other form of payment is allowed. You only pay it in cash.

Indonesian visa takes how long?

Firstly, if there are no delays or much back and forth, it takes up to five working days for the embassy or consulate to process a visa. So, make sure you begin this process before your arranged date of travel.

Moreover, this is just to overcome unforeseen circumstances and meet up with your appointments.


To summarize, there are countries with strict travel rules for foreigners coming into their country. Indonesia is among them. Therefore, before you commence your trip, check out for a suitable visa, and adhere to all the rules and documentation.

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