Interested In Amusement Parks Jobs?

The good news is that most seasonal theme parks jobs require little or no previous experience, and many parks go short-handed especially in the summer.

Prospects of landing a job are excellent. Special skills such as CPR, foreign languages, life-saving certification, or performing talent can help in that “choice” position. Employers generally look for people with smiling, friendly, outgoing personalities and a clean-cut appearance, so keep this in mind at your interview.

Food and Beverage
The two operation areas involved are quick service and table service. In quick service locations, employees are expected to work in a fast paced, high traffic area, standing on their feet for several hours at a time. Tasks involve filling beverage and food orders, collecting trays, wiping down tables, filling condiment dispensers and displays, answering guest questions, taking guest orders, and cash handling. In table service restaurants, you should possess guest service skills since tips depend upon service given, and the tips can be quite lucrative.

The highest of a park’s daily profits come from merchandise sales, so it is vital for employees to master making “hard sells.” Workers will be needed to perform cash handling and register functions, tally inventory sheets, answer guest questions, restock shelves, keep a clean work area, and catalog new merchandise.

Depending on the attraction, wait lines may last to four hours long. Thus, employees in this role must be comfortable with crowd control and diffusing hostile guest situations. Attractions employees are responsible for guest safety at all times, as well as the cleanliness of their area.

Employees clock lots of travel around the park, thus allowing for time in the fresh air and sunlight. If you admire guest interaction, this job should be best for you, since custodial employees get asked more guest questions than any other role. There is a lot of bending and lifting in this job, so applicants should ensure to be in good health.

Front Entrance/Ticketing
Tasks typically include crowd control as they are the first ones guests will encounter, ticket sales, making guest dining reservations, answering questions, and solving guest ticketing problems. This is a high traffic, but the fast pace makes the day fly by. Employees in these areas enjoy quicker promotion due to problem-solving and communication skills honed on the job.

Although not given the same rights and responsibilities as a police officer, security employees provide a variety of services, such as park patrols, security bag checks, secret shoppers, lost children rescue, first response during medical emergencies, and crowd control. xox black plan Pay rates for security employees is a bit higher than some of the other areas due to the nature of the job. If interested, look at our federal government jobs section. There we profile Homeland Security positions, CIA and FBI jobs, and more.

Grounds Maintenance
Charged with keeping the horticultural aspects of the park appear brand new every day. Tasks such as planting, watering, pest management, fertilizing, pruning, and general grounds maintenance are typical. This is the ideal position for those seeking an outdoor job.

Theme parks interestingly seek dancers, singers, storytellers, acrobats, and actors for daily guest interaction and shows. All candidates should provide an 8″ x 10″ glossy photo and a list of their experience at their audition. By the way, check into cruise entertainer jobs if this category of employment is what you’re interested in.

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