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International Medical Graduates Can Apply For 30-day Ontario Licence To Fight COVID-19

International medical graduates who have already passed their exam to practice in Canada or who graduated from school within the past two years can now apply for a supervised thirty (30)-day medical licence in Ontario to help fight the coronavirus.

The Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons is allowing medical graduates who have not yet secured a Canadian medical residency position to apply for Short-term licence.

These short term licence will allow international medical graduates to practice in Ontario for thirty (30) days, with the possibility to continue working for a longer period if their temporary license is approved for renewal.

The short-term licence, called a Supervised Short Duration Certificate, allows some internationally -trained doctors and domestic medical school graduates to practise under supervision at psychiatric facilities, public hospitals, and Crown agencies.

The Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons began issuing the certificates previous month — without an announcement — by activating a provision in existing provincial legislation.

So far, few doctors have indicated interest — although many likely do not know it’s an option.

Vanig Garabedian wasn’t aware, but now that he does, the Syrian refugee plan to apply for the short term licence. Garabedian worked as as an gynecologist and obstetrician in his home country.

International medical graduates in Canada may qualify for this opportunity if they have the following requirements:

  • completed a medical degree from a government accredited medical school;
  • must have practised medicine full-time within the last two years (including medical school);
  • confirmation of employment from any approved categories of facilities outlined in the Medicine Act, including public hospitals; and
  • must have an identified a supervisor.

In order to apply, the CPSO require confirmations of employment directly from the hospital, which can be forwarded to [email protected].

Certificates was issued since last month, but only few doctors have applied, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation report. Ten (10) out of the twelve (12) doctors that applied before April 3, get certificates through this program.

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