Top 6 Internet Providers in Canada for Int’l Students, Immigrants

The best internet providers in Canada for unlimited data access to the internet are listed below.

As an international student or immigrant who just entered the country, subscribing to one of the best internet providers in Canada can help you save more costs and have unlimited data access to the worldwide web.

However, this article serves you well if you seek to know the best internet plans in Montreal, Vancouver, Ontario, Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, New Brunswick, Quebec, Calgary, Brampton, Edmonton, BC, Newfoundland, etc.

Additionally, the internet providers in Canada offer a variety of internet plans to suit each user’s needs and budget.

Thus, it is important for you to know the available internet plans, their access region, download speed, cost, and data limit.

When you subscribe to an internet plan, you will be able to access unlimited websites and web pages, stream music and videos, as well as download/upload files on the internet based on your download speed and data cap.

Who are internet providers?

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are companies that avail residents and businesses with web access. They connect mobile phones and computers to the World Wide Web.

Another thing about internet providers is that they offer web hosting, email services, domain registration, cloud storage, among other web services.

Moreover, Canada’s telecommunication industry is noncompetitive as there are only a few Internet Service Providers.

Because of this, phone plans come at an extremely high cost. Internet plans cost more money than phone plans due to their diverse usage and advantages.

Students and immigrants who just arrived need to get connected to one of the top internet providers in Canada.

Generally speaking, the major role of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) is to make provision of internet connection.

As a new international student or immigrant in Canada, you need an internet connection to find your way, reach out to your people, as well as to check how things are done.

You can also use the internet to open an account with the best bank in Canada.

Obviously, all these are done at ease via any internet-enabled mobile device or computer.

Reading this article will help you understand the top and biggest internet providers in Canada.

List of Internet Providers in Canada

There are not many internet service providers in Canada, which makes its market not involve competition.

Below is a list of internet service providers in Canada.

  1. Rogers Communications
  2. Telus Corporation
  3. BCE Inc. (Bell Canada Enterprises)
  4. Shaw™
  5. Sasktel
  6. Videotron
  7. VMedia Inc.
  8. Diallog Telecommunications
  9. Teksavvy Solutions, Inc
  10. Altima Telecom Internet
  11. Novus,
  12. Acanac Internet
  13. Olympus Group
  14. Fido
  15. Velcom Internet
  16. Bravo Telecom
  17. Execulink
  18. Coextro
  19. Distributel, among others

Top 6 internet providers in Canada for students, immigrants

In Canada, Rogers Communications, Telus Corporation, Bell, Shaw™, Sasktel, and Videotron are among the top internet providers that avail the best internet plans for students and immigrants.


You can opt for Rogers Communications if you want to get valuable and fast internet services, TV, home monitoring, and more.

A superior reason why Rogers is top-ranked is that it offers consistent & unlimited internet, secure connection, powerful modem, as well as customized home Wi-Fi experience.

Users can connect up to sixteen (16) devices depending on their internet plan.

In fact, Rogers Communications offers limitless internet for households. Their Ignite internet packages are available in varieties, which include Ignite Internet Gigabit, Ignite Internet 500u, Ignite Internet 150u, as well as Ignite Internet 50u.

Obviously, you will love numerous things about Rogers. These include swift and easy setup, protected Wi-Fi, Ignite SmartStream with Disney+, and many more.


This internet provider is available to residents of the provinces of Western Canada. These provinces include Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Furthermore, Telus mobility LTE network is also the largest network in Canada. Downloads will be quicker as Telus has a swift internet speed up to 1.5GB/s.

Moreover, the fastest internet in Canada is Telus PureFibre high-speed fibre-optic network in spite of the fact that they are very costly.

Not all Canadian provinces have access to Telus PureFibre high-speed fibre-optic network, In this situation, you need to opt for Telus Rural Internet serves if you cannot access your region.

Finally, Telus Rural Internet has the ability to download at 25 MB/s depending on the region. It has a data limit of 1 Terabyte monthly.

BCE Inc. (Bell Canada Enterprises)

Bell Canada is the largest internet provider in Canada. They offer advanced wireless, TV and internet services.

Additionally, Bell’s headquarter is located in Montreal, Quebec. Business owners in Canada can consider subscribing to Bell internet plans due to its 940MB/s download speed.

In short, their fibre connection is reliable in sending huge files, processing transactions, as well as to carry out several online activities.


As one of the best internet providers in Canada, Shaw serves mobile phone users in Western Canadian provinces, including Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

If you intend to subscribe to one of the fastest internet providers in Canada, you can consider Shaw Fibre+ Gig Internet due to its 1GB/s speed and huge savings on mobile.

With your smart TV, you can watch premier channels, live sports, as well as video streams on Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Hayu, etc., at a lower cost.

Undoubtedly, you can connect up to eight (8) internet-enabled devices for as low as $100 Canadian Dollars every month. You will also get a bill credit of $100 Canadian Dollars.

For just CAD $50 monthly, Fibre+ Basics allows you to connect an internet-enabled device. You will be offered limited data of 150GB every month. Fibre+ Basics has a download speed of up to 10MB/s.

Besides, the costs and service quality of Shaw are alike to Telus. Mobile phone users in Alberta and BC are able to add low-cost phone lines at prices from CAD $0 every month.

Obviously, this saves more money for Alberta and BC residents on a yearly basis when you add two (2) phone lines to a Shaw home internet bill.


In the Western province of Canada, Sasktel is top-ranked for seven consecutive years in J.D. Power’s survey for customer satisfaction.

Indeed, Sasktel subscribers have limitless access to 2,000+ selectWI-FI hotspots. The wireless network has coverage in all parts of Saskatchewan.

Moreover, Sasktel is province-based and is only available to Saskatchewan mobile phone users with infiNET fibre internet and interNET cable-connected internet.

Sasktel offers limitless access to the internet at high speed. It has a download speed of up to 940MB/s, as well as an upload speed up to 500MB/s.

If you seek home internet in Canada, Sasktel can also suit your need with its free in-home Wi-Fi.

Therefore, you can access the web without restrictions using your mobile phone, laptop, desktop, and so on.

You can also connect your smart television for movie streaming, game consoles (Microsoft Xbox and PlayStation), and other internet-enabled devices.


This internet service provider is mainly available to Quebec residents, Videotron is an internet service provider in Canada that competes with the likes of Bell Canada Enterprises and Telus.

Videotron is accessible to some French-speaking communities in Canada. Examples of these communities include the province of New Brunswick and some Eastern Ontario areas.

Notwithstanding, Videotron has a wide range of internet plans. You will enjoy unlimited data access with a download speed of up to 60MB/s. Subscription to all Videotron internet plans offers parental control.

In addition, Videotron makes use of ultra-powerful and smart Wi-Fi. The cost of a monthly subscription to its internet plans ranges from CAD $60 to CAD $70.

Affordable internet in Canada

Internet plans do not come cheap in Canada because there is not much competition between the internet service providers.

However, below are some cheap internet providers in Canada.

  • Teksavvy Solutions, Inc
  • Altima Telecom Internet
  • Rogers Communications
  • Diallog Telecommunications
  • VMedia Internet

Above all, you should not take too much time finding top and cheap internet providers in Canada since there are other things you need to focus on.

Besides, internet plans and data cost throughout Canada is frequently changed by the ISP. It could get more expensive or cheaper due to various reasons such as promos, etc.

In conclusion, using our collection of top 6 internet providers in Canada for students, immigrants can be your guidebook in getting the best internet plan for your TV, phone, or computer.

You will also learn how to save money on your subscription to the best internet plan in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the best internet providers in Canada?

Ans –

  • Rogers
  • Telus
  • BCE Inc. (Bell)

Q. Who are the largest internet service providers in Canada?

Ans – Bell Canada Enterprises, as well as Rogers Communications

Q. What is the best internet service provider in Canada?

Ans – Telus Corporation

Q. What are the best satellite internet providers in Canada?

Ans –

  • Xplornet
  • Galaxy Broadband
  • Starlink

Q. What is the best home internet service in Canada?

Ans – Freedom Mobile Home Internet

Q. What are the best internet service providers in Toronto Canada?

Ans –

  • Diallog Telecommunications
  • Dotto-One
  • FibreStream
  • Cloudwifi Inc.

Q. What is the best internet provider in Alberta?

Ans – Shaw

Q. What are the best home internet providers in Canada?

Ans – Bell Canada, Rogers, as well as Telus

Q. What are the best internet plans for students in Canada?

Ans – Shaw™ Fibre+ 500 Internet: CAD $79 per month