Iran Media Visa – Application, Requirements and Eligibility

Are you a journalist looking for daily news? Or do you want a place where you can cover events as they happen firsthand? Then, you can consider Iran as the perfect place to practice your profession. However, you will need an Iran Media Visa to achieve this.

Iran is a place where many events take place daily. From political activities to social crises to terrorist attacks, there must be an even to cover in Iran as a journalist. However, you must be careful about the news you carry, especially as an international journalist. Or you may face some sanctions.

In this article, you will find all the information you need to apply for a visa to visit Iran as a media officer.

What is Iran Media Visa?

Iran Media Visa allows foreign journalists, media persons, reporters, and members of radio, print, digital, and press, as well as directors and producers of films, to come to Iran. It permits them to visit the country to practise their profession. However, there are restrictions on events they can cover in Iran.

Who needs Iran Media Visa?

Citizens of foreign countries visiting Iran as journalists need a media visa. However, if you are from a country that doesn’t require a permit to come to Iran, you will not need to apply for an entry visa as a journalist.

Therefore, you must check at the Iranian embassy in your country of origin to know if you will apply for a permit to enter Iran as a media officer.

Requirements for Iran Media Visa

All applicants for an Iran Media Visa must meet all the requirements for the permit. Otherwise, you will not obtain a Media visa to visit Iran.

Therefore, you will need the following documents when applying for your visa. They include:

#1. Passport

You will need a valid passport of at least six months to travel to Iran. In addition, your rapport must be in good condition. Else, you will not obtain your entry permit to Iran as a media officer.

#2. Application form for Iran Media Visa

In addition to the passport, you must complete an application form with the following information. The details you must provide in the application include your name, nationality, place of birth, country of residence, the purpose of your travel and how long you will stay in the country.

#3. Electronic copy of the first page of your passport

Also, you will need an electronic copy of the first page of your international passport. It will serve as a confirmation of your identity.

#4. Photo

Another document you need is three photos of the same size and colour. There will be no headgear or glasses in the picture. Plus, it will contain at least 80% of your face.

#5. Travel itinerary

You will also need a travel itinerary. It will act as proof of your travel plan in Iran. It must not be a flight ticket. However, you can use a flight reservation. In addition, it must carry your round-trip ticket to and from Iran.

#6. Travel Insurance

Your travel insurance must be from an insurance company with a branch in Iran. It will cover the duration of your stay in the country.

#7. A permit from the Media & Public Diplomacy centre

All applicants for an Iran Media Visa must obtain a permit from the Media and Public Diplomacy centre.

#8. Proof of payment for Iran Media Fee

You must also show proof of payment for the media fee. Without your receipt for the visa fee, you will not receive the permit to visit Iran as a journalist.

#9. Proof of accommodation

You must show proof of accommodation in Iran. It can be a hotel reservation, a letter of invitation or any document showing you have a place to stay in Iran.

#10. Proof of financial means

You must also provide evidence of financial means that will be enough for the duration of your stay in Iran. You can use a bank statement for the last six months as proof of financial means.

How to apply for an Iran Media Visa

You can apply for an Iran Media Visa in two ways. Firstly, you can apply online. Secondly, you can obtain it through an agency or a person in Iran.

Steps to apply for an Iran Media Visa online

You can follow the steps below to apply for a permit to visit Iran as a media officer. They include:

#Step 1. You have to first go to the website

Firstly, you have to visit the visa website for an Iran visa. Then, select the type of permit you need.

#Step 2. Fill out the form

Secondly, complete an application form for the visa. In the application, you must provide your name, place of birth, nationality and other necessary information.

#Step 3. Upload the documents

Thirdly, you must upload all the documents for an Iran visa for journalists. The visa documents you need include a passport, photo, proof of accommodation and bank statement.

#Step 4. Enter the trip details

Fourthly, fill in the details of your journey to Iran. As a journalist, you must provide information about your activities in Iran, and if you perform any act not on the list, you will face jail terms.

#Step 5. Submit the visa application form for pilgrimage

Fifthly, you have to submit your visa application online. All the information you send must be correct. Otherwise, you will not obtain your entry permit to Iran.

#Step 6. Wait for the reply

Sixthly, you must wait for a response from the Iranian embassy in your country of origin. Once your visa is ready, they will notify you to visit the embassy to collect your permit.

Steps to apply for an Iran Media Visa through a travel agency

On the other hand, if you want to use a travel agency to obtain a permit to visit Iran. Then, you will need to follow the steps below. They include:

#Step 1. Visit a visa representative approved by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The first step is to visit a travel agency the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has approved. The agency will give you the information you need about Iran Media Visa. They will also list the requirements for you.

#Step 2. Gather all the documents for the Iran Media Visa

Then, you must collect all the documents the agency has asked you to bring to them. You must get the file on time. Otherwise, there will be a delay in the visa application.

#Step 3. Send the documents to the representative

The third step will be to send all the documents to the travel agency in Iran. Then, the agency will take over from there. They will apply for a visa for you at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iran.

#Step 4. Wait for a reply from the agency

The fourth step is to wait for a response from the agency. Once the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided on your application, your representative will notify you. Then, you can visit the Iranian embassy to collect your visa code.

#Step 5. Get a visa code through the Iranian consulate in your country

The next step is to visit the Iranian embassy in your country of origin or residence to collect your visa code.

#Step 6. Collect your Iran Pilgrimage Visa from the Iranian embassy or consulate in your country of origin

You have only 30 days to visit the Iranian embassy to receive your permit once it is ready. While going to the embassy, you must carry all the documents for an Iran Media Visa. The requirements include your passport, photo, receipt of payment, and flight itinerary, among others.

However, be ready to end more documents as demanded by the embassy close to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the processing fee for a visa to visit Iran as a journalist?

Journalists applying for a visa to visit Iran will pay a fee depending on where they apply for the permit. For instance, if you apply online, you will pay a service fee of 20 euros. However, applicants using a consulate or embassy will pay $150 for the permit. 

In addition, you must also pay the agency fee for your application.

What is the validity period of an Iran Media Visa?

A Media visa in Iran is valid for 30 days. However, journalists can extend their permits once they arrive in Iran. 

How long does it take to process a visa to Iran?

The processing time for an Iran visa is between three to five days. Sometimes, it takes longer depending on many situations. So, you can apply for the permit at least seven days before your travel to Iran. 

Is Iran a good place for visitors?

Iran may not be among the places on your list of countries to go to this year. Still, there are many things and places to visit in the country. Moreover, the weather in Iran is friendly and warm throughout the year.

You can see the list of top places to visit in Iran this year.


Iran is always busy for journalists throughout the years as there are many events to cover. However, you need an Iran Media Visa to travel to the country. Therefore, you must use the guidelines in this blog post when applying for your permit.

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