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Iranian Embassy in Canada – Getting help in Canada

A lot of people, especially Iranians who live in Canada, or wish to move there, are often curious if there is an Iranian embassy in Canada. Or better still, if the Iranian embassy in Canada is operational.

Well, this question comes up a lot, and that is why we have decided to make this article available to those who wish to get their curiosity cleared.

Actually, Iranian embassy in Canada was one of the 128 embassies in the country as at 2012.

Although, as at the point of putting together this article, there is no active Iranian embassy in Canada. The previous Iranian embassy in Canada was closed due to attack.

Nevertheless, Iranian nationals who would like to get issues sorted out at the embassy could visit Iranian affairs section of the Pakistani Embassy in Washington DC, USA or simply send a mail.

If you are an Iranian citizen and you will like to get more information about the Canadian-Iran diplomatic relationship, why? Keep reading this article to the end.

Hopefully, you will get all your questions answered and you will find this article extremely useful.

What is an embassy?

Basically, a foreign embassy is the official office of one country in the capital of another country.

It is where the ambassador (representative) of the home country works and it is where most of the communication between the two governments commissioner.

Often, a permanent diplomatic mission is typically known as an embassy, and the head of the mission is known as an ambassador, or the high commissioner

Furthermore, an embassy can serve as a safe haven for a country’s citizens in times of war or violence with host country.

And it can help them obtain legal protection in the event of a citizen’s legal troubles with the host country.

What is a Consulate?

A consulate is similar to, but not the same as an embassy, but with focus on dealing with individual persons and businesses, as defined by the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.

Most times, a consulate or consulate general is generally a representative of the embassy in locales outside of the capital city.

Hence, it is basically an administrative branch of an embassy. It is usually located in various other strategic parts of the host country. It is headed by a consul.

About Iran

Iran, also called Persia, and officially the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a country in Western Asia.

Notably, Iran is bordered to the northwest by Armenia and Azerbaijan, to the North by the Caspian Sea, and to the Northeast by Turkmenistan.

Also, to the east, it shares the boundary with Afghanistan, to the Southeast with Pakistan, to the south with the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, and to the west with Turkey and Iraq.

More ever, Iran covers an area of 1,648,195 km2 (636,372 sq mi), making it the fifth-largest country entirely in Asia and second-largest in the Middle East (after Saudi Arabia).

It might interest you to know that, Iran is the 17th most populous country in the world, with a population of 85 million people. The capital of Iran is Tehran.

Addresses of Iranian Embassy in Canada

As earlier stated, the former Iranian embassy in Canada located in Ottawa at the 245 Metcalfe Street has been closed.

Consequently, the Iranian diplomats that were working there were expelled in 2012 and since then, Iran and Canada do not have a diplomatic relationship.

However, the embassy is still there and you can still spot the flag of Iran flying, but if you knock on the door, nobody will come and open it.

Nevertheless, Prime Minister Trudeau in 2015,  expressed that Canada was willing to reopen its embassy in Tehran, which was also closed. But till now, no action has been taken at the time of writing this article.

On the other hand, if you’re a Canadian willing to get an Iranian visa, note that, the affairs of Canadians in Iran are handled by the Italian embassy in Tehran.

However, this does not mean that Canadians cannot get a visa for Iran. They can.

Read on to know what to do.

Address of Iranian embassy in Washington DC

Are you a Canadian, looking for how to get an Iranian Visa. Well, goodluck! There’s a way out!

Most currently, Canadians can apply for visa to Iran in most other embassies of Iran around the world.

Particularly, the easiest way is to apply, even by mail, at the Iranian Affairs Sections of the Pakistan Embassy in Washington DC, USA.

The Pakistan embassy is located at the 1250 23rd ST. NW, Washington DC, 20037, USA.

Phone: 1-202-965-4990
Fax: 1-202-965-1073
Email: [email protected]

However, If you live far away from DC, it is also possible to mail your application, along with a $40 fee for them to send it back and do it all over mail.

Often, the precedure changes, so we’d recommend that you give them a call first via (202) 965-4990.

Addresses of Canadian Consular in Iran

Recall, we mentioned that Canada do not have a functioning Iranian Embassy, neither does Iran have a Canadian embassy in their country.

That sounds awful. Well, don’t freak out! Because there’s a way around it!

So, do you really to visit the Canadian embassy in Iran for consular services?

Here it is. Although there is no resident Canadian government office in Iran. The Embassy of Canada to Turkey in Ankara has consular responsibility for Iran.

Here is the address:

Embassy of Canada in Ankara, Turkey

Address :Cinnah Caddesi No. 58, Çankaya 06690, Ankara, Turkey.

Telephone: 90 (312) 409-2700

Fax: 90 (312) 409-2712
Email: [email protected]

Services Offered

Passport Services
Social media: Facebook: Embassy of Canada to Turquie
Twitter: @CanEmbTurkey
Other social media: @KanadaTurkiye

Top 3 Consular Services Provided by Iranian embassy in Washington DC

Generally speaking, the Iranian Consulate in Washington DC offers wide-ranging services to Canadian and Iranian citizens across Canada.

Here are the top three (3) services that the consulate of Iranian in Canada provides.

  • Visa applications
  • Passport services
  • Documents notarization

1. Visa applications

The Iranian Consulate in Washington DC accepts visa applications from Canadian citizens who wish to cross the borders of Iran legally.

As a Canadian citizen, you can surely get in touch with the consulate for guidelines on the visa application process.

2. Passport services

Indeed, passport services are available to citizens without going through much stress at the Iranian Consulate in Washington DC.

Hence, you can keep in contact with the consulate if your Iranian visa gets expired, stolen, damaged, or lost.

3. Documents notarization

Of course, Iranian nationals in Canada can notarize some documents through the aid of the Consulate in Washington DC, USA.

Therefore, you can visit the Iranian Consulate in Canada to confirm the type of documents accepted for notarization.

The Consulate will also inform you of the process of notarizing the document, as well as its cost.

Papua New Guinean Embassy in Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t there a Canadian embassy in Iran?

Canada severed diplomatic ties with Iran and closed its embassy in Tehran, citing Iran’s material support for the Assad regime during the Syrian Civil War, non-compliance with UN resolutions regarding its nuclear program, continued threats to Israel, and concerns for the safety of Canadian diplomats in Iran.

Can Iranians visit Canada?

Those seeking to immigrate to Canada from Iran can apply through the Express Entry pool or through the Provincial Nominee Program, also known as PNPs. Express Entry is by far the most popular and often the quickest way to obtain Canadian Permanent Residency.

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