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Iraq Normal Visa – Application, Requirements and Validity

Are you looking for an Iraq visa? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will tell you about Iraq’s normal visa application.

When it comes to travel to Iraq, the country has a strict entry policy. The main reason behind this is because of terrorism threats. Therefore, every traveler must apply for a visa before arriving at the airport.

Thus, visiting Iraq requires you to obtain an immigration document that permits you to enter the country legally. And traveling to Iraq for any reason is not different from this scenario. So you will need a normal Iraqi visa.

There are several types of visas available for travelers visiting Iraq. But, this article will focus on an Iraqi normal visa. So, first, you will learn about the application, requirements, and validity.

About Iraq

This once-great country has been under terrorist attacks in recent years, and it’s still trying to recover. And, despite the recent turmoil, there are still plenty of beautiful places to explore and amazing people to meet.

But for those who are willing to take a chance and visit. From the ancient city of Babylon to the towering mountains of Kurdistan. And with an Iraq normal visa, it’s easier than ever to visit.

About Iraq Normal Visa

Iraqi normal visa is one of the types of visa you can get to visit Iraq. You can obtain this type of visa for any travel purpose. This visa is required for any foreigner who wishes to enter Iraq for business, work, study, or tourism purposes.

In addition, the visa must be obtained before arrival in Iraq and is valid for a single entry with a maximum stay of up to three months. During a ten days interval after you might have enter entered Iraq, you will be required to apply for the directorate of residence.

Who needs an Iraq visa?

Everyone who wishes to visit Iraq for tourism or business and stay up to three months can do so except for nationals from countries who require a visa to the country. They are the only one who needs an Iraq normal visa to stay up to three months.

Who is Banned from applying for an Iraq Visa?

You are not eligible to apply for an Iraqi normal Visa if you are from a country that is banned from entering Iraq. These countries include Israel and Bangladesh.

What are the eligibility Requirements for an Iraq Normal Visa?

If you’re looking to travel to Iraq for three months, you’ll need to apply for an Iraq normal visa. But who is eligible for this type of visa?

Generally, anyone who is traveling for business or pleasure can apply for a visa (if required). However, there are different types of visas for Iraq, and you will need to meet the requirements for an Iraq visa to get a normal visa for Iraq, you must meet certain criteria.

  • It would help if you were a national of a country with diplomatic relations with Iraq.
  • You must have a reason for wanting to enter Iraq. Some common reasons include business, tourism, or family visits.
  • Have a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of your arrival in Iraq
  • You have a return or connecting ticket to Iraq and back to your home country.
  • You will be able to show proof of sufficient financial means to support your stay in Iraq
  • Have no criminal record.
  • You are not on any list of persons prohibited from entering Iraq.

Suppose you fulfill all of the requirements listed above. In that case, you can apply for an Iraq normal visa by filling out an application form and submitting it, along with your passport and other required documents, to the Iraqi embassy or consulate in your country of residence.

Document Requirements for Iraq Normal Visa

To apply for a normal Iraqi visa, foreigners must submit the following documents to the nearest Iraqi embassy or consulate:

  • First, you need a completed visa application form and a valid passport.
  • Provide proof of sufficient funds to support your stay in Iraq.
  • Proof of booked return ticket or onward journey ticket out of Iraq.
  • Provide proof of health insurance coverage.
  • Submit photographs with your application.
  • A letter of invitation from a company, institution, or individual in Iraq
  • You will require additional documents depending on the purpose of the visit
  • If you’re traveling for pleasure, you may need to provide proof of hotel reservations or a letter of invitation from a friend or family member in Iraq.
  • You’ll need to provide a reason for your travel. For example, if you’re traveling for business, you’ll need to provide documentation from your employer.

 How to obtain an Iraq Normal Visa?

There are two ways to obtain an Iraq Normal Visa: online or in person at the consulate or embassy. First, you will need to fill out the visa application form. You may also be required to provide additional documentation, such as proof of travel insurance and/or a letter of invitation from a host in Iraq.

The visa fee is $50 for the embassy fee and $209 for the service fee for single-entry visas. And $150 for the embassy fees and $99 for the service fee for multiple-entry visas. The fees are payable by credit card, money order, or cashier’s check. Processing time for online applications is typically four business days, while processing time for in-person applications is typically two weeks.

How long does it take to process

Once the required documents are submitted, the processing time for an Iraqi normal visa is typically two to three weeks. The visa is for single entry and is valid for three months.

Validity of an Iraq Normal Visa

When you enter Iraq with an Iraq Normal Visa, you can only stay for a maximum period of 3 months, which is 90 days.

Again, you should note that an Iraq visa is not extendable for tourism. Thus, once your period of stay in Iraq is exhausted, you have no choice but to leave the country.

However, you can renew your visa before the period of your stay elapses.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does an Iraq visa cost?

An Iraq visa currently costs $50.00 for the embassy fee and $209.00 for the service fee, valid for three months. These fees are subject to change at any time, and it is always best to check with the embassy before applying for a visa. The service fee covers the cost of processing your application and includes an interview at the embassy if required.

Do I have to participate in the embassy to apply for an Iraq visa?

No, you don’t have to participate in the embassy in person to apply for an Iraq visa. Instead, you can apply for an Iraq visa online through the e-Visa system (if required). The tourist visa is valid for 30 days and allows a single entry.

Can I extend the validity of my Iraq visa?

Yes, by contacting the Iraqi Ministry of Interior, you can extend the validity of your Iraqi visa. First, however, you must have a valid reason for extending your visas, such as unfinished business or medical emergencies. Second, you will need to provide supporting documentation. Finally, there is a small fee for extending your visa.

Is it difficult to obtain a visa to Iraq?

It’s not hard to get a visa to Iraq if you know where to go. Follow the right steps and have all the required documentation. You can start by filling out an application form online and submit it with any required supporting materials.

The next step is to schedule an appointment with the nearest Iraqi consulate or embassy. During the interview, you will need to provide proof of your travel plans and show that you have enough financial resources to support yourself during your stay.

Once your visa application is approved, you must pay a fee and submit your passport for processing. It would help if you got your passport back in a few weeks, with your visa stamped inside.


If you plan to visit Iraq, you must obtain a visa beforehand. This will save you trouble when you arrive in the country.

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