Step-by-Step on How to Apply for an Iraq Visit Visa

Iraq is a fantastic country with many places to visit. It has a beautiful landscape and rich culture and is a friendly place to visit. The current Iraq visa policy gives you a 30-day visit visa on arrival, but if your purpose of the visit is for tourism, you can get an extended tourist visa of up to 3 months on arrival. This blog post is about the Iraq visit visa and the application process.

Iraq Visit Visa

The Republic of Iraq shares a land border with Iran, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Southwest Asia’s Arabian Gulf on its Northern shore. The government is a highly stable parliamentary republic. The topography is diverse, and many historical, religious, and tourist sites exist. On its land, several human civilizations flourished, and the Prophets and divine revelations were first transmitted. Its position is distinctive and abundant in natural and human resources, particularly metals and oil.

Iraqi Kurdistan, the autonomous area of Iraq mostly undisturbed by terrorist activity, is where the majority of religious tourism to the country is centered. As a result, different visa regulations apply to these two locations.

Visitors from specific countries can obtain visitor visas at specific airports. According to Iraqi visa regulations, citizens of nations with visa prohibitions may also enter Iraq.

Iraq Arrival Visa

From March 15, 2021, the Iraqi government will grant pre-arrival visas to citizens of 37 countries, enabling them to apply for visas at recognized ports of entry upon arrival. According to these Iraq’s visa regulations, some nations are qualified to acquire visas upon arrival. There are two ways for a citizen eligible for this sort of Visa to get a visa to Iraq. First, your destination and the airport you are utilizing will determine this. You can apply for visas at Iraqi embassies and consulates (for free). They are permitted to stay for 90 days out of 180 days. You can check their website to see if your country is eligible to do this.

The following items are needed to obtain an Iraq visa at the airport. An Iraqi visa can be obtained upon arrival. Al Najaf International Airport and Basra International Airport offer visa services for Iraq. To get a Visa, you must submit an application, passport, and round-trip tickets.

Iraqi Visa Policies

Thanks to the Iraq visa rules, you can make a planned trip to Iraq a reality. Foreign nationals may apply for short-term Iraq visas for various temporary reasons, including travel, business, culture, and religion. If you want to stay in Iraq for longer, it is also feasible to apply for a visa extension or an Iraq resident permit (education, work, etc.).

  • Children under fifteen must have a health certificate proving they have had at least five doses of the oral polio vaccination to receive an admission visa for Iraq.
  • All visitors to Iraq, except those with a tourist visa, must undergo blood tests for HIV and hepatitis within ten days of their arrival. Throughout your stay, the test must be performed every 90 days.
  • Iraq forbids the immigration of some nationals. Both Israelis and Bangladeshis are included. However, Iraqi Kurdistan is exempt from the limitations.
  • It is crucial to know that certain airlines request a transit visa for Iraq. Therefore, before making travel arrangements, be careful to verify with your airline.
  • Additionally, admission restrictions are subject to change at the discretion of the Iraqi government; thus, it is strongly encouraged to obtain accurate information from the local Iraqi diplomatic missions in your place of residency.

How to apply for an Iraq Visit visa

An Iraqi Embassy or Consulate must receive your application for a visa. To learn more about the application procedure, get in touch with the local office as it varies per nation.

People who desire to travel for religious activities or to visit holy locations are granted this Visa. There is a 30-day stay limit. You can apply at another embassy or consulate if none of your country’s embassies or consulates are close to where you live. According to Iraqi visa regulations, holders of Iraqi visas are permitted to stay in Iraq for 90 days during the 180-day term, and the Visa is valid for three months.

You can request a visa at the Iraqi embassy closest to you by filling out an application. You will have a confirmation email following the submission of the necessary paperwork and payment of the cost.

General Visa requirements for Iraq

To qualify for an Iraq visa, you must meet the following criteria:

  • A valid passport, with at least six months duration from the expiry date
  • Have filled out the application for a visa
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • Proof that you can bear the expenses during your stay in Iraq.
  • Criminal records: you cannot endanger Iraq’s “public health, security, morals, or national economy.”
  • Address of the Iraqi hotel where you will be staying.
  • A receipt for the visa cost.
  • The purpose of your visit must be verifiable. Send a letter of invitation, for instance, from a business or person in Iraq.

The Diplomatic Mission or approved visa application facilities must receive applications from applicants promptly, together with the required papers. Please be aware that depending on the length and reason for your visit and the category of your Visa, different papers may be required.

Application Process for Obtaining Iraqi Visas for Foreign Nationals

  • Fill out the Visa Application Form correctly. You are also expected to print it out thereafter.
  • Provide two recent photographs (colored.) Dimensions are 2 inches × 2 inches (5 × 5 centimeters).
  • Submit an actual and a colored copy of your passport – it must still be valid for at least six months from the visa application submission date.
  • Driver’s license (colored copy)
  • A formal letter describing the reason for visit, duration of stay, and/or a letter of invite from Iraqi authorities, the host firm, event or exhibition organizers
  • The applicants must also present a valid phone number.
  • Give at least 15 business days for the processing of your Visa. As soon as the embassy receives approval from the Iraqi authorities, applicants will be reached.
  • Approved applicants will be issued single-entry visas valid for three months from the date of issuance or a multi-entry visa for six months or a single year.
  • The applicants are also expected to send – via registered mail – their passports. This must be attached with an addressed pre-paid return envelope with enough postage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Visa needed to travel to Iraq?

In theory, in order to enter Iraq, citizens of all other nations must apply for entrance visas. However, some nationals can get visas at approved airports, including those of Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

Do I need to mail you my passport to obtain a Visa for Iraq?

Yes, you have to send across your original passport. Your passport has an Iraq visa stamp on it, which turns it into one of the pages. Your requests for a visa will be turned down if you don’t have an actual passport.

What is the Iraq Visa Types?

Ordinary visas, transit visas, transit visas without stops, diplomatic visas, service visas, emergency visas, and visit or tourist visas are the main categories of Iraqi visas, and their specifics are regulated in Iraqi Law on Foreigners Residence No. 118. Your Visa, which could have single or multiple entries, informs the expected duration of stay for the holder. Short-term multiple entrance visas can be given for three, six, or one year, while short-term single entry visas are valid for up to three months based on the stated travel dates.

How long does it take to get an Iraq Visit Visa?

An Iraqi tourist visa typically takes four to eight weeks to be approved. However, keep in mind that if a closer examination is necessary for a particular situation, the application process may take longer than it should.

Can I obtain an Iraqi Visa with multiple entries?

If the application meets the requirements, a multiple entry visa may be issued for short- or long-term visits to Iraq.

What is Iraq Visa sponsorship?

Students and others who are jobless or retired and cannot afford to pay for their trips must show that they have a sponsor who will cover all expenditures. The sponsor has a right to specific conditions. Unfortunately, the only relatives who can fill this position are those in first grade.


It makes sense that Iraq is not on many people’s trip wish lists due to the continual strife and insecurity that has been on for the past few decades. Although the war is officially over, the situation is still unstable, and casual travel is not currently safe. Hence, you will need to apply for an Iraq visa if you need to travel to Iraq for any purpose.

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