IRCC Designated Bodies For Educational Credentials Assessments

Aside from age, education, work experience and language abilities, another key factor in determining your ranking in Express Entry application for permanent residence is your education.

In order for IRCC, to assess and evaluate the validity of your foreign diploma, degree or certificate, you will have to submit to an Educational Credential Assessment, or ECA.

There are different bodies designated and authorized by IRCC to provide assessments for foreign certificates or degrees gotten outside of Canada and the United States. This article lists IRCC designated bodies for educational credentials assessments.

IRCC Designated Bodies for Educational Credentials Assessments

There are authorized bodies currently designated by IRCC to provide ECA report services.

World Education Services (WES)

The World Educational Services (WES) is the most popular and well-recognized organization authorized by IRCC to provide ECA reports.

You can access them via phone if you reside in Canada or contacted electronically by filling out the appropriate online forms at their website and by mail when you, or your educational institution, send them the application packages with the appropriate official documents or credentials. Click here to know how to apply for ECA through WES!

Comparative Education Service (CES)

CES is based in Toronto, Canada. It was designated by IRCC on April 17, 2013 to provide educational credentials assessments reports. That means any ECA done by CES after this date are accepted by IRCC. You can reach them physically or contact them at:

158 St. George Street, Toronto, Ontario
[email protected]
416 – 978 – 2400
416 – 978 – 6666 Fax

International Credential Assessment Service of Canada (ICAS)

ICAS is another well recognised designated organization for ECA. it has been providing credential assessment services since 1993 and they are located at:

Ontario AgriCentre
100 Stone Road West, Suite 102
Guelph ON N1G 5L3
[email protected]
519 – 763 – 7282
519 – 763 – 6964 Fax

International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES)

ICES services are provided by the British Columbia Institute of Technology based in British Columbia province of Canada. ICES does not recognise diplomas or degree certificates taken at non-recognized institutions. ICES was designated in August 2015, That means any ECA done by ICES before this date will need to be updated. They are located at:

International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES)
3700 Willingdon Avenue
Burnaby, British Columbia
[email protected]

International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS)

IQAS is the Alberta government’s ECA service, approved and designated by IRCC in August 2015.

International Qualifications Assessment Service
9th floor, 9942 108 Street
Edmonton, AB T5K 2J5

Assessing your Post-secondary educational certificate is a must in order to build a successful Express Entry online profile and be nominated to apply for permanent residence. Therefore, getting your ECA report to ensure your education counts towards your Express Entry application is very important.