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Ireland Family Visa – Eligibility, Requirements and Application

Ireland is a beautiful country where students, friends, families and others flock in at Intervals for different reasons. The Country has different visas which are connected to reasons and duration of visit to the country.

However, Ireland Family Visa is the best shot if you’re planning to join a resident family member in Ireland.

Basically, Ireland Visas have common requirements but some eligibility criteria and documents are specific to the type of Visa application.

It is important to note that Ireland is a European country and a member of Schengen Countries. Citizens from these countries won’t need Ireland family visa or other Visas to enter and stay in the country for up to 90 days.

Apparently, Ireland has amazing landscapes, relaxation zone and lots of interesting activities that keeps the brain refreshing.

The Green mountains, crystal clear water, and lush, green forests make up the Emerald Isle are better seen than imagined.

What is Ireland Family Visa?

Ireland Family Visa is a visa that enables you to immigrate to Ireland and join a family member for reunion purpose. Undoubtedly, you must meet certain qualifications and requirements in order to be eligible for this visa

Ireland Family Visa Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Ireland Visa application you must be either a/an:

  • Immediate family members: that is a biological, adopted or step child under 18 years and a spouse (wife or husband).
  • De Facto partner: in this case a partner or spouse that you are not legally married to but in a relationship that is above two years.
  • Spouse must not be less than 18 years of age though the Irish authority is pushing for  21 years but not yet approved
  • Parents: This can be your immediate parent, foster parents or grandparents though this category is not encouraged by Irish immigration authority. This is because of the financial implications of managing the elderly parents.

Eligible Sponsor of Ireland Family Visa 

Certainly not everyone can sponsor Ireland Family Visa because the Irish authority has strict rules guide this Visa type. The category of people listed below can easily sponsor Ireland Family Visa provided they’re financially capable and willing.

  • An Irish citizen
  • EU/EEA citizen
  • Green Card holders
  • Investors
  • Business permission holders
  • A non-EU/EEA national, who is a resident of Ireland with a valid work permit.
  • Immigrant in Ireland on a Stamp 4 or stamp 5.
  • Researcher under a Hosting Agreement.
  • PhD student, enrolled in an Irish academic Institutions.
  • Religion Leader with immigration Stamp 3.

When to apply for Ireland Family Visa

The time to apply for this Visa depends on your sponsor’s nationality and the type of permit he or she holds.

If your sponsor fall under any of the categories listed below, you can apply for the Visa immediately on arrival to Ireland. The category includes:

  • Irish/EEA citizen
  • Critical Skills Employment Permit Holder
  • Investor in Ireland
  • Business Permit Holder
  • Entrepreneur in Ireland
  • Researcher under a Hosting Agreement
  • Intra Corporate Transferee
  • Scholarship students under an INIS-approved Scholarship Program, such as KASP.
  • students in Ireland
  • Full time non-locum doctors.

In a situation your sponsor is a non Iris/EEA and fall under the listed categories below. The sponsor has to spend at least a year before applying or a family applying to join him or her. The Categories include:

  • Ireland Employment Permits holders like work visa.
  • Religious Leaders.

Note, if the religious leaders responsibility is taking care by the religious Institutions like a church. Then Ireland family Visa can apply immediately.

Ireland Family Visa Application required Documents 

Generally, when applying for Ireland family Visa you will need to provide the followings documents for your application to be considered.

  • A completed form that is signed and stamped
  • Travelling Passport
  • Copies of your old travelling passports in case you have one or more
  • Two copies of your recent passport photographs.
  • An application letter providing the details like your vital information, Convincing reasons of travelling to Ireland. Detailed information of your relative/family in Ireland and other EU Nations should also be included.
  • Proof your family member is eligible to sponsor you.
  • Provide copy of Irish passport proof and any other documents if your family member is Irish citizen.
  • Provide proof for a family member that is a non-EU/EEA citizen, proofs like:
  • Copy of all pages of their passport.
  • Copy of Ireland registration document.
  • Evidence of work permit or other documents like resident permit in Ireland.

Proof of your family relationship

 These documents are provided as proof of family status according the categories of family members eligible to apply for visa.

  • Spouse Category:
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Attach evidence of your relationship history, like visas, pictures, correspondence etc if you and your partner have not lived together after marriage
  • Children under 18 Category:
  • Birth certificate/adoption papers.
  • Custody papers,
  • Consent form if shared custody exist between parents
  • De Facto partners Category:
  • Evidence of shared ownership/tenancy.
  • Mail communication history to show the span of your relationship.

Proof of sufficient financial requirements

Irish Authority is mostly concerned if the sponsor of Ireland family visa is financially buoyant to move in Family member. Possibly if the immigrating family is also financially capable to be independent so there is need to provide proof. The series of financial proof are:

  • Bank statements not older than six months for both you and your sponsor.
  • Evidence that your sponsor fulfill he least income requirements such as:
  • Copies of very recent income slips like 3 months away.
  • At least a year old job contract which shows your sponsor’s income. Self employed sponsor should attach notices of Assessment of income

Ireland Family Visa Financial Requirements

Most importantly, both the Irish and non-Irish sponsors must meet the minimum financial requirement to move in family members. An Irish citizen sponsor must have income not less €40,000 three years prior to visa application permission. A non-EU/EEA national sponsor doesn’t need to show any proof but meet the requirements of their permission.

How to apply for Ireland family visa

Firstly, your sponsor will write an application to INIS through the Family Reunification Unit. The essence of the application is to get permission for Ireland family visa. The letter to be written must contain:

  • Applicant’s name, personal ID, and Addresses (contact and email).
  • Detailed Information about individual family member you intend to move in with. Details like name, birthday, address, nationality, and your relationship status.

Once the application is received by INIS, a questionnaire will sent to your sponsor alongside required documents. The questionnaire should be completed and returned with the requested documents.

Eventually the Reunification Unit approves the request then the visa application can be done smoothly.

Secondly, proceed to apply for Ireland Family visa online through the official website fill all the relevant sections. Once you are done click on submit, every other guidelines will follow. This includes where to submit the printed forms, other documents and when to submit them. The form must be printed stamped and signed.

Thirdly, submit the forms, other documents and your passport. It is likely you will submit them in Ireland Embassy or Consulate in your country. Consular officer will contact if you are successful.

Lastly, if you’re successful with your visa application, border control for Ireland will be the next. At the point all immigrants including the ones from Visa Exempt Countries will apply for permission to stay. If all your supporting documents convinced the immigration officer you will be granted a stamped resident permit.  It is a document that permits you to stay in the country within stipulated number of days in it.

Ireland family visa processing time and Cost

The processing time for this visa application depends on Nationality of the Sponsors.

  • Applicants with Irish Citizens as sponsor get their Visas processed within six months after submission.
  • Applicants which their sponsor are non-EU or EEA but have the privilege to move their family in immediately. Also get their Visas processed six months after all documents has been submitted.
  • The applicant with non EU/EEA sponsor that have to spend at least a year in Ireland before moving in family. The process time is one year after every document has been submitted.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I submit my supporting documents in my language?

Nope, documents to be submitted must be in English language. If your documents are not in English they should be translated and notarized.

What other things should I attach to the completed forms and other documents?

Self-addressed envelope should be attached so that documents that need to be returned will be enclosed there.

 What are the conditions of Irish Family visa?

The conditions are listed below:

  • Irish citizen sponsorship enables the family member to secure a stamp 4 permit. This allows him or her to work in Ireland without applying for another work permit.
  • Critical Skills Employment Permit holder’s sponsorship permits the family to work in all profession in Ireland without another employment permit.
  • General Work Permit holder sponsorship will require that the family member apply for work permit differently.
  • Older parents of Irish citizen receives stamp 0 of Ireland permit so the child will have to provide full support.

Do I need I health insurance fund to apply for Ireland Family visa?

It is better to have and hold incase Ireland Border Control officers demand for it. What kind of evidence can I show that I am dependent on my sponsor and


In conclusion, Ireland family visa is not an easy one to get especially for non-Irish citizen family member. Financial strength is a top notch factor to securing this type of visa. Hopefully, this guide provides you all the details you need in this type of visa application.

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