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Ireland Investor Visa – Requirements and Application

Are you a wealthy foreign citizen and wish to obtain an Ireland investor visa? Do you have what it takes to travel to Ireland and invest your money? Would you want to know why obtaining this visa is one step away from becoming an Irish citizen?

To help foreign nationals who wish to invest in the country, the Irish Government established the Immigration Investor Program (IIP) in 2012. The aim is to offer foreign nationals outside the EU/EEA and their direct family members the opportunity to become Irish citizens. To achieve that, they will need not invest a considerable amount of money in Ireland to help in adding value to the economy. The first step to achieving that is by obtaining an Ireland investor visa. 

Would you want to know how to obtain an Ireland investor visa, including the requirements and applications? Let us help you with the relevant information as you keep reading with us.

What is an Ireland Investor Visa?

Suppose you are a foreign national who wishes to invest tremendous money in Ireland. In that case, you may be eligible for an Ireland investor visa. This visa permits you to move to Ireland to invest in the economy and become part of employers of labor. The Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service (NIS) and the Evaluation Committee must determine the kind of investment under which you can apply for immigration. 

The visa can also be called an Ireland Golden Visa. Your success in this visa application will partly depend on your employing a professional to help you take care of the investment and visa submission. You should engage an expert legal advisor to get help with the relevant documents and procedures involved in getting an Ireland investor visa.

Are you suitable for an Ireland Investment Visa?

You are eligible for the investment visa in Ireland if you are a foreign citizen outside the EU/EEA region. You must also be willing to invest up to one million euro into any of the investment selections below:

#1 Enterprise Investment

To qualify for this option, you must invest at least one million euro for a minimum of three years. Besides, the investment must be in your name, not on behalf of a company. You may choose to invest in one business or multiple businesses in Ireland. The investment must again be towards helping create or conserve jobs. One more thing, the Irish company can be a new you established or an already established business registered in the country.

#2 Investment Fund

To qualify, you must possess at least one million euro in an approved investment fund for three years. The fund must be classified under the Immigrant Investor Program. 

The Central Bank of Ireland must control the fund with its managers. Your fund manager must be an expert in managing a regulated fund.

#3 Real Estate Investment Fund (REIT)

Here, you must devote a minimum of two million euro to a real estate business under the Irish Stock Exchange. To reduce the risk, you may establish the fund into several REITs. Moreover, you must hold your total original investment for up to three years, even if the value of your shares increases beyond the original investment. 

After three years of buying the shares, you may separate at least 50 percent. You may divest an extra 35 percent of the shares in the coming year. After five years of purchasing the shares, you can fully divest them as you desire. 

#4 Endowments

This is an unswerving approach towards investment in an Irish economy. To qualify, you are to donate at least five hundred thousand euro to a venture that will help the public in the area of education, health, sports, arts, or culture in Ireland. Bear in mind that this is different from investment. It is only a donation, but you will receive your return on investment. 

You can also pair up with five people to make this donation. However, each of you must contribute at least €400 thousand to be eligible for the immigrant investor program. 

If you are uncertain about the appropriate investment, you can consult an expert in the field to help you.

What are the Requirements for an Ireland Investor Visa?

Submitting your investor visa application requires you to furnish it with your supporting documents. To know what is involved, you can consider the document checklist below:

  1. Proof of your net worth: You must boast at least two million euros to qualify for the Immigration Investor Program. 
  2. Proof of the relevant fund for investment
  3. Details of your financial activity in the last 12 months, including your income, assets, loan, etc.
  4. Proof of your source of income
  5. Verification of character from legal authorities in every country you have been for over six months in the last ten years

Additionally, the following lists are necessary for each type of investment:

#1 Enterprise Investment

  • An all-inclusive business plan of the company you are investing in. This includes the fund you are investing, how your investment will create and preserve a job, your equity in the business, and how to receive your return on investment. 

Most current audited business account if you are investing in an exiting business 

#2 Investment Fund

  • Comprehensive information on the investment fund profile includes the strategy, means of funding, investment team for the fund, the expected investment return, and employment projections of the investments under the fund.

#3 Real Estate Investment Trust

  • Proof of the availability of the necessary investment funds

#4 Endowment

  • A comprehensive business plan, you can go to the INIS’s website for a template
  • Proof of the way your donation will be beneficial to the public 

When is it appropriate for you to apply for an Ireland Investor Visa?

The portal for tendering your application is available five times a year for only a few days. The website releases the dates for application and deadlines. You can visit the website for the date.

How do you apply for an Ireland Investor Visa?

The first step to investing your money in Ireland is to apply online at the INIS website. Here are the significant steps to take:

#1 Complete the online application

Go to the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service website of the Ministry of Justice and Equity and apply for your visa. You are to print the completed form out for the next instruction. Remember, the application is delicate; hence an immigration lawyer can be helpful here.

#2 Email your documents

After completing the online application, you can submit it together with your supporting documents to the Irish Ministry of Justice via iip&[email protected]

#3 Pay the application fee

You are to pay the sum of €1,500 by electronic transfer and mail the receipt with the form printout and other documents to the immigrant investor unit of the INIS in Ireland. The fee is non-refundable, and the bank details are on their official website.

# Hold on for the application evaluation

An independent evaluation committee by the Department of Justice will assess your application. After that, the committee will give feedback on your application to the Ministry.

#5 Preapproval letter

 Suppose your investment bid was able to scale through. In that case, you will receive a preapproval letter inviting you to make your investment. When you receive it, you are to transfer the appropriate funds to them.

#6 Registration of your stay in Ireland

After finalizing your investment, you will receive a letter offering you the right to stay in the country. Together with your family, you can make an appointment for the listing of your residence in Dublin. After that, you will collect your residence permits (or Stamp 4), valid for two years. The permit is equally renewable after two years.  

In addition, with your residence permit, you can work, study or establish a business in the country without needing a different immigration permit. 

Can your Family Members join you on your Ireland Investor Visa?

You can only include your closest family members on the list. The following categories of people are eligible:

  • Your spouse or partner
  • Minor children not up to 18

In extreme conditions, your unmarried children between 18 and 24 can join you if they still depend on you financially. An instance is if they are still undergraduates.

How can you obtain an Ireland Citizenship by Investment?

Technically, the investor program does not guarantee you instant Irish citizenship. However, with your renewable residence permit, you are eligible to apply for citizenship after several years. Equally important, you must satisfy all requirements for becoming an Irish citizen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an investor visa in Ireland?

To qualify for an Irish Investment Visa, you must have at least a legally accumulated net worth of €2 million. It would help if you were of good conduct and had no criminal convictions.

How much does it cost to buy citizenship in Ireland?

Technically, you must invest a minimum of one million euro in an approved investment fund. In contrast, the investment must last for up to three years.

Can I get Irish citizenship if I buy a house?

As a non-EU citizen who invests a minimum of $595,000 in an Irish business, property, bonds, etc., you will receive residency from the Irish Government. And if you live for five years in the country, you will become a citizen of Ireland.

What is an investment visa for Ireland?

A visa permits you to move to Ireland to invest in the economy and become part of employers of labor.


An Ireland investment visa is one of the avenues to work your way into the heart of the Irish Government to become a citizen. Although the process may not be for the faint-hearted, your eligibility will determine how successful you will be. Moreover, you can start the application as soon as possible to achieve your dream.

You can also check out the Ireland working holiday visa and Ireland student visa.

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