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Ireland Permanent Residence: Eligibility, Requirements and Application

Getting an Ireland permanent residence permit is one of the hardest things for foreign nationals in Ireland. This is because the Irish government wants to ensure it doesn’t give criminals permanent residence permits. However, with the correct procedure and proper application, it will be easy for you to get one.

Of course, people do get this, and you can do it too. But you will have to do the right thing. For instance, you must have lived in Ireland for at least five years. But, that is not all; you must be free from criminal offenses. These and many other criteria are what you must do if you desire to live in Ireland permanently.

Hence, in this article, our team at WorkStudyVisa has gone into deep research to find out the most straightforward application process for Irish permanence residence. Secondly, we have listed all the requirements you have to meet to get this. Then, you will learn about the good things you will enjoy as a permanent resident in Ireland.

About Ireland

Ireland is one of the Islands in the continent of Europe. It is a beautiful country blessed with natural beauty. Ireland shares common borders with the following countries in Western Europe. They include Britain, the Irish sea, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and St. George’s Channel. It is regarded as the three biggest islands in Europe and the 12th in the world. It has a population of 6.6 million people. Thus, it is the 2nd most populated island in the world.

Reasons to live in Ireland

Hopefully, you have already found a reason to live in Ireland. It could be because of the quiet nature of the empire. Or the safety of the region. or even because it is an Ireland. Yes, You can decide to get Ireland permanent residence for any of these reasons. But, what if we tell you that there are many other reasons to live in this country permanently. Now, look at our top reasons to live in this cold country as a permanent resident. They include:

  • Affordable and quality healthcare
  • Get one of the best education in the world
  • Free education for your kids
  • Attend top-ranking universities in the world
  • Low tax
  • Ability to travel around Europe
  • Have access to business grants
  • has one of the least crime rates in the world
  • Friendly neighborhood
  • a good place for tourism

Eligibility for Ireland Permanent Residency

First of all, before applying for Ireland permanent residence permit, you must have lived in Ireland for at least five years. However, it would help if you met other conditions to get this. Therefore, the eligibility criteria for Ireland Permanence residence are listed below. They include:

  1. You must have been in the country for up to 5 years. Meanwhile, any time spent outside Ireland does not count.
  2. That you have a work permit to stay in Ireland for that period. The permit must also have a stamp 1 or 4 on it. Or you can apply for an Irish work permit exemption.
  3. You must have a valid work permit when applying for Ireland permanence residence.
  4. An eligible Irish employer currently employs you.
  5. Then, your character must not be questionable.
  6. Assuming your spouse holds a permanent residency, you also qualify if you have lived in Ireland for five years.

Irish temporary residence not eligible for Ireland permanent residency permit

The holders of the following residence permit in Ireland are not allowed to apply for permanent residence in Ireland. So, even if you have lived in Ireland for more than five years, still, you will not qualify for a permanent residence permit. They include:

  • International students with only a student visa
  • If you work as an Intra-company Transferee
  • Employees of embassies in Ireland
  • If you live and work in Canada under the Working Holiday Visa Scheme
  • Holders of a green card
  • When you live in Ireland with Business permission
  • Turkish nationals living under the Turkish Agreement
  • Immigrants who are in the country for humanitarian reasons
  • Refugees in the country
  • Foreign nationals in Ireland under the Irish Born Child schemes.

Required documents for Ireland Permanent Residency

Meeting the conditions to apply for Ireland permanence residence is not enough. In addition to that, you must also have certain documents. These documents will help to verify your identity. Also, it will authenticate your eligibility to become a permanent resident in Ireland. Therefore, you must have the following documents while applying to live in Ireland permanently. they include:

  1. Your work permit copy
  2. Irish Residence permit copy or GNID card
  3. Copies of passport with all stamps
  4. Your details

 Important information about Ireland Permanent Residency

The following information is essential as you plan to apply for Ireland permanent residence. So, it would be best if you kept them in mind. They include:

Processing time for Ireland Permanent Residency

Technically, it takes around six to eight months to process your Ireland Permanent Resident. However, it can take longer than usual when circumstances don’t allow it. Moreover, if your documents are incomplete, they will likely take more time to process. Therefore, you must make sure that you bring all the necessary documents.

Ireland Permanent Residency Renewal

You can renew your permanent residence in Ireland upon its expiration. But this time, you may not submit another application. Instead, you will only visit the immigration office near you. Once you do this, they will renew your permit for another five years.

Fee for Ireland Permanent Residency

The processing fee for Ireland permanent residence is 500 euros. You must pay this fee once you receive a letter confirming your application is approved.

Steps to apply for Ireland Permanent Residency

Though it may be hard to get an Ireland Permanent residence permit, still, you can get it by doing the right thing. Following the steps below will help you apply for a permanent residence permit in Ireland. They include:

Step 1. Gather your documents

The first step is to assemble all the necessary documents. This is because you will need them while submitting your application. Moreover, your application will not be processed if any document is missing. Or it may be delayed. Therefore, you must gather before taking other steps.

Step 2. Apply through mail

So, we believe you have gathered all the documents, including the application form. So, it is time to send a mail to the Long Term Residency Division of the Irish Naturalization and Immigration (INIS). This mail must contain your application for Ireland Permanent Residence.

Step 3. Submit your documents for Ireland Permanent residency

After sending your application, then, you need to submit your documents. Then, immigration officers will check if you meet the requirements. If you do not fulfill the condition, you will receive a notification in a week. However, if you are qualified, your application will be processed.

Step 4. Wait for processing

The processing period takes about 6 to 8 months. So, you will patiently wait for the officials to process your application. Once that happens, you will get a notification to pay for your permanent residence.

Step 5. Pay your Ireland Permanent Residence fee

The next action is to pay the cost of your permanent residence in Ireland. The cost is 500 euros. And you must pay within 28 days of receiving a notification. Otherwise, your application will be canceled. You can pay the fee using the following means. They include:

  1. Bank draft
  2. Postal order to the Secretary-General of the Department of Justice and Equality.

Step 6. Receive your Ireland permanent Residence

Once they confirm your payment, you will receive a letter from INIS. This letter will grant you your Ireland Permanence Residence Permit. It will be valid for years. After five years, you can renew it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can you get an Irish permanent residency?

Generally, you must live in Ireland for at least five years to get an Ireland Permanent residence. However, it would help if you met other eligibility criteria to become a permanent resident in Ireland.

Is it difficult to immigrate to Ireland?

For most people, it is hard to immigrate to Ireland. However, nationals of EU countries and non-EU countries who are exempt from Ireland visas can immigrate to Ireland easily. Meanwhile, once you meet the requirements, you can immigrate to Ireland easily.

Is it difficult to immigrate to Ireland?

Yes, Ireland allows dual citizenship for a spouse of an Irish from another country. However, you must live in Ireland for at least three years to apply for your citizenship in Ireland.

Is moving to Ireland a good idea?

Yes, it is a good idea to move to Ireland. However, your reason for moving to Ireland will determine if the country is the best for you. First, Ireland is one of the best options if you want to study. Secondly, tourists find the island as a haven for the summer holidays.


Finally, coming to Ireland may be the best decision of your life. This is because you will have access to quality public healthcare and have access to the best education. In addition, once you have lived in the country for up to five years, you can apply for an Ireland permanence residence.

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