Ireland Work Visa – Eligibility Requirements And Application

Ireland is a lovely destination you wouldn’t only need to visit; you can also work here. The truth is that Irish companies routinely look for foreigners to employ. So if you have the skills that will get you into the Irish workforce, you should give it a shot. As a citizen of the European Union, EEA, or Swiss Country, you can work in Ireland without needing a permit. But, if you are outside these countries, you would need a work visa to work in Ireland.

So if you are looking for a professional job, career-building opportunities, or casual employment to facilitate your travel to Ireland. You will first need a work visa if you are outside EU countries. You will start by finding a job in Ireland, and then your following line of action should be getting an Ireland-to-work visa to enable you to travel. Getting an Ireland work visa is easy when you can fulfill all the requirements if you are outside EU countries.

This post will give you all the information; you need to know about traveling with an Ireland work visa to start a job.

What is Ireland work visa?

An Irish work visa is permission that one gets to be able to gain entrance into Ireland. At the Irish embassy, you would be asked why you want to stay in Ireland; if your reason is work-related, then you need a visa. It is after getting the work visa, a document you would present at the port of entry. That is when you can go ahead and seek an Ireland work permit. The Ireland work visa is only demanded from nationals that are subjected to Irish visas.

Ireland word visa is a visa that gives you the power to enter Ireland if you are thinking of staying more than three months. This visa is just a pre-entry requirement that one needs to meet to gain entry. So it gives you the lead way to get to the country’s port of entry, whether by sea or air. In addition, the visa helps you go through border control. With the Ireland work visa, you only get reviewed by the immigration officers at the port of entry to determine eligibility.

Bottom-line is that if you are not a national of the EU or EEA countries, you need permission to enter Ireland. You would also need to go through border control with the immigration officers to gain entrance. So you need to get your work visa to ease things for you.

Types Of Ireland Work Visas

Working holiday visa:

This is a visa that is applied for those going on a one-year holiday in Ireland. If you plan to work while holidaying in Ireland, you can apply for this visa. Those eligible for this visa must be between 18 and 30. This visa is only available for those from the United States, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, and Hong Kong

Intra-company transfer visa

The Intra company transfer visa is mostly requested by nationals of other countries coming to work in a branch of Ireland. This kind of visa is mostly for multinational company employees. The Intra company transfer visa eligibility depends on the salary and duration of work.

Reactivation visa:

This kind of visa will be issued to employees of companies that didn’t complete a program in Ireland. Those that are eligible for this permit are those that had a previous Ireland work visa. The eligibility status will be on employees that aren’t of a domestic setting job. This means that the employee is a professional from a formal setting.

Dependent and spouse visa                                              

As the name implies, a Dependent and spouse visa is obtained by a dependent under 18 years or a spouse. To be eligible for this visa, the people involved must have a critical skills employment permit.

Critical skills employment visa:

Critical skills employment visa is the most applied for by nationals. This visa is available for workers that have gotten a job with Irish organizations. This should be for jobs that pay up to 4,00 euros yearly or at least 32 Euros per year. The job needs to be highly skilled, so you are good to go if you meet the requirement.

General employment visa

The general employment visa is the kind of visa that those that do not qualify for a critical skills visa obtain. This visa can be obtained under any profession, as there’s no list of eligibility under it. But if your profession is under ineligible categories visas, then you can’t apply for it.

Required Documents for Ireland Work Visa

It is simple to obtain your Ireland Visa, but this will only be possible if you have the right documents. The documents you would submit must all be original copies. Allow the documents to be translated into English before submission. If you are translating, then attach the original before translation to your document.

The embassy requests you make copies of all the documents you submit. Some documents will be returned to you. You would then need to include with the document a return envelope to get back your original documents. You must attach the documents below to your online application when obtaining your visa. They are:

  • A prepaid enveloped addressed to you which will contain the following
  • Confirmation of being employed with details of your employment and duties to be done
  • Evidence of employment permit from dept. of jobs, enterprise, and innovation
  • The details of the work contract and job offer
  • Proof of the salary you would be getting
  • Passport copy of yourself showing your details, picture, and signature
  • A signed copy of your work contract, which might be from you or your Boss
  • information showing your work details; like your duties, duration, salary, and responsibilities
  • Show that you have enough funds in your amount, preferably a bank statement. The bank statement should date back for about months. The statement should be on the bank letterhead paper. It should indicate your account type, number, name, and address. Then it should show transactions that were ongoing in the last six months.
  • If applicable, you need to show details of past visas
  • Proof to indicate accommodation made already in Ireland( Accommodation that an employer pays should be stated)
  • There should be strong ties to your country, proof of returning to your host country
  • Evidence of educational certificates and other qualifications
  • Show proof of past job experience
  • Show proof of private insurance that will be at least 25,000 Euros for health issues of hospitalization or accidents
  • Paid work visa fees proof
  • A proof of letter showing that your aim of traveling is for employment

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I submit my application online?

You would submit via AVATS: This is the Irish online visa application facility.

What is Ireland’s work visa processing time?

It is at most eight weeks; however, it might take a long time during the peak period. Therefore, the best bet is to apply ahead of time, at least three months before the date of departure.

Do I need an Ireland work visa to work in the country?

Yes, you would need an Ireland work visa to gain entry into the country. This is when you are not an Eu OR EEA citizen. But if you are a Swiss, EU, or EEA National, you need no visa; you can freely gain entry into the country for employment.

Who should submit an application for your work visa?

You or your employer can submit it. However, it will be better for your employer to apply if you need an Intra company transfer visa.

What countries can and cannot gain entry into Ireland without a work visa?

Countries that will need Ireland’s work visa to work include Ecuador, Ethiopia, Gambia, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Libya, Nigeria, Palau, Saudi Arabia, the state of Palestine, Togo, Ukraine, Uganda, etc. Countries exempted from Ireland work visas are any national from the EU states and any national from the EEA states. Others are Singapore, Tonga, the USA, Vanuatu, Panama, Japan, Malaysia, etc.

What’s the valid duration for Ireland work visa?

The maximum number of valid days for an Ireland work visa is 90 days.

Can I go the route of an Ireland work visa to permanent residency?

You would have to live in Ireland with your work visa and live for about years. Afterward, you can apply for permanent residency, but you must meet all requirements.


If you think of working in Ireland, you must go ahead with your plan. It is easy to get your work visa to work in Ireland. All you would need to do is to meet all their requirements for an Ireland work visa, and you are done. You have been provided with all the information you need to know so that you can begin the process now. Hopefully, you will find this guide useful and worthy of sharing with your friends who might need it for the same purpose.

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