Is Canada The Most Welcoming Countries In The World?

Is Canada The Most Welcoming Countries In The World? Canada claims the top position as the country with the friendliest attitude towards foreign residents and this may be due to the fact that it’s a country founded by immigrants.

Immigration has always been critical to Canada’s economic prosperity. In fact, Canada has the highest per capita rate of immigration in the world. A migration expert from France, for example, describes Canadians as “open-minded, tolerant, and benevolent”.

More than half of immigrants (65%) says they could stay indefinitely and are committed to building a life in Canada. This could be due, among other reasons, to Canadians’ friendly nature towards immigrants, which is rated positively by 81 per cent of experts, far above the global average (67%).

Canada has continued to be a safe haven for different ethnicities, race and religion. In Canada, you will come to find the traditions of old flourishing as they intertwine with new ones created by the finely knit weave of a colourful mosaic created by the intermingling of different cultures under the same sky.

The future smiles upon Canada, as it opens its embraces all those who wish to enter a place where talent, creativity and hard work are rewarded by citizenship in what has come to be known as the most welcoming country in the world.

What Makes Canada The Best Place To Live In The World?

But why is Canada the best most welcoming place to live in the world? The following criteria will shed more light on these.

Economic Stability

Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto are ranked among the top five livable cities in the world because of its economic stability.

Unlike the other cities in different parts of Europe and North America, these three (3) cities have been unaffected by terrorism and other factors that can lead to an economic downturn. It has occupied the same spot for Five years in a row.


Another factor that has contributed to the top rankings of these three cities is the healthcare sector. Their Health System is comparatively better than most cities in Europe. Aside from that, people can readily have access to public health care and health insurance options.

Culture and environment

With beautiful landscapes, exquisite culture and a peaceful environment, these Canadian cities, when compared with other European cities are among the best. No wonder tourists love to explore this place.


The 2017 Global Livability Ranking reports, reveals Toronto as the best in the education sector. In comparison to other cities, in the area of education, stability and healthcare, Toronto remains the best city in the world.


Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto are cities that harbour multinationals and unique infrastructure. These cosmopolitan cities are lively with a diverse and rich culture.

A Glimpse Into The Ranking Of Major Cities In Canada

Vienna and Melbourne occupy the top two positions of the most livable cities in the world. Third in the ranking is Vancouver, followed by Toronto in the fourth place in the list of livable cities. While Calgary tops the list as the Fifth among other cities in the world.

Some of the other cities that occupy topmost positions are Auckland (Sixth), Perth (Seventh), Hamburg (8th) and Helsinki(10th).

Cities ranked according to CRS point system

These reports reveal the CRS point for Vancouver and Melbourne with a difference of 0.2%. Toronto is on the third spot in the list as it has a difference of 0.3%.

Reports on world’s least livable cities

It could be argued that the crime rates in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto are on the rise, but the EIU notes that they still continue to show lower rates of violent crimes and terrorism compared to the rest of the world.

The report also ranked the world’s least livable cities. These include Algiers, Algeria; Douala, Cameroon; Tripoli, Libya; Dakar, Senegal; Harare, Zimbabwe; Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea; Lagos, Nigeria; Dhaka, Bangladesh; Karachi, Pakistan; and Damascus, Syria.