Is Health Insurance Free In Canada?

It has been observed that lots of people planning on migrating to Canada have been told that Health Insurance is free. True or false? Fotawala is among those who have heard that Canada provides free Health Insurance. Now he wants explanations on how health insurance works in Canada. Because some random person recently told him that it’s not true. He would like to also know the input fee of employer-provided insurance; so that he will know what benefit he will enjoy if unemployed and on PR status.

First of all, we shall always assure that the federal government of Canada does not provide each individual health insurance for free. What Fotawala heard was merely rumours. For further peruse

Some provinces charge per month or quarterly fee based upon income. Some roll it into taxes based upon income. As they say, “Nothing is ever free, you gotta pay for it somewhere”. It may not be perfect, but it gets the job done in times of need.

You would have to search online for how each province handles their medical care. However just because you are unemployed does not mean your healthcare coverage is cut off. You can be unemployed for one year. Your healthcare may continue. But, when your job stops, that also means your prescription/dental coverage stops. You will personally have to pay for any prescription you had to get during that period. There would be nothing paid by your insurance provider connected to your job you may have lost

Applying for government insurance usually takes about 3 months to get a card. Some have modest premiums and the price varies; for example, MSP cost is 37.50 CAD a month for residents of British Columbia. To be covered during the 3months waiting period, I recommend you to get a private insurance plan.

There are many things that are not covered under healthcare plans including medication, dental, vision, physiotherapy, and many medicals. There are also residency requirements that you need to fulfill to qualify or you could be asked to pay back. When settling in Canada the residency requirements make it difficult to switch provinces in the year that you land, especially the first 6 months.

Also, people try to find jobs with benefits even if it means being paid less especially in a family. Having at least one parent with insurance is a very good idea. There is a whole list of things that are covered on top of this like a semi-private or private room in the hospital versus wardroom just to name another one.