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Guide on how to apply for an Israel Temporary Residence Permit

If you want to embark on a journey of becoming a citizen or resident of Israel, you may have to apply for the Israel temporary residence permit.

A temporary residence permit (TRP) in Israel allows you or other foreign nationals to live and work in the country for up to one year, after which you can renew. This permit will enable you to experience life in Israel before committing to becoming a citizen of the country.

So, In this article, we will enlighten you on what living in Isreal is like, who can apply for the temporary resident permit, the requirements for application, and how to apply for one.

Living in Israel

There are many reasons to live in Israel. First, the country is rich in culture, with a long and complex history having many different opinions. Also, Israel is a very diverse and vibrant country, with something to offer everyone, and there are plenty of opportunities to learn and experience new things.

Without a doubt, there is a lot to say about Israel! The climate is very delightful, and the scenery is beautiful. Israel is a great place to live if you’re looking for an exciting and enriching experience. So, in general, whether you’re interested in its rich culture, stunning landscapes, or delicious food, there is something for you in Israel.

Who Can Apply for the Israel Temporary Resident visa?

Undoubtedly, not all nationals of all countries can apply for the Israel temporary residence permit. The essential criteria for application are that you must be eligible for immigration under the law of return. To be eligible to reside temporarily in Israel, you must fall under any of these categories.

  • You are an official convert to Judaism.
  • You’re married to a Jew.
  • Or you are of Jewish roots.

It is noteworthy that if your parents are from Israel, you may not need to apply for a temporary resident permit.

Requirements for the Israel temporary residence permit

To stand a chance of obtaining the Israel temporary residence permit, you must meet all of the following criteria for your application.

#1. Valid international passport

A valid international passport is not negotiable to obtaining the Isreal temporary resident permit. Note that your global access must have your details correctly with at least two pages. In addition, the front page of your passport must be intact while you make it ready for the permit.

#2. Visa application form

It is noteworthy that you need to apply for the A/1 visa in your country of residence. After which, you travel to Israel to obtain a temporary residence permit. You can get the visa application form online at the official embassy of Israel in your home country. Fill in the form with your correct details, print it out, sign it and affix your picture.

#3. Passport size photographs

Getting at least two passport-size pictures is crucial for your application process. The photo must be 3×3 inches in size, and you must get your passport about three months before your application.

#4. Travel health insurance

Also, it would help if you had travel health insurance for your temporary residence permit in Israel. Since the Israel temporary residence permit is one year, your medical health insurance must be valid throughout your stay in the country.

#5. Proof of fund

Without a doubt, you need evidence of sufficient funds to obtain the permit in Israel. This proof can be in the form of your bank statement, traveler’s check, etc. If you are going with a dependent, you must also have enough funds to cater to their needs.

#6. Proof of accommodation

Significantly, it would help if you had a place to stay whenever you get to Israel. Therefore, you must submit evidence for a viable accommodation in Israel. The housing could be in a lodge, hostel, or even in a hotel in Israel. Likewise, you can submit any other proof of rental packages.

#7. Police clearance certificate

Undoubtedly, the Israeli government does not joke with matters that concern security. Therefore, it scrutinizes every immigrant or visitor visiting their country. Hence, you need to obtain a police clearance certificate from the police department in your home country that satisfies that you are not involved in any criminal activities that could threaten Israel.

#8. Medical clearance certificate

Likewise, the Israeli government will not stake its citizens’ lives by allowing individuals with infectious diseases or illnesses into the country. To be satisfied that you have no medical conditions, you must visit a certified hospital or doctor in your country to conduct a thorough check.

Steps to apply for Israel temporary residence permit

Applying for the Israel temporary residence permit is no joke. Firstly you need to meet the eligibility criteria that have been stated above before thinking of applying for this permit. Once you’re eligible, you can then follow through with these steps.

Step one: Obtain the A/1 Visa.

You will need to complete the Israel temporary residence visa application form to apply for the permit in Israel. Note that this form is available in two languages “English and Hebrew.” So, you have the opportunity to complete the form in any of the languages you prefer.

You can complete this application form with your computer and then print it out, or you can print the application form out and fill in your details with a pen. The document contains basic questions about your name, personality, surname, occupation, parents’ full names, the intended trip to Israel, etc. After the form, you must fix your photo to the space given.

Step two: Contact the Embassy.

To submit your completed application form, you must visit the proper authorities in your country for Israeli visa admission. You can see any of the following:

  • The consulate of Israel in your home country
  • Israeli embassy
  • Visa processing center where Israel has outsourced visa admission.

Importantly, you can check the visa center or embassy for added information for your application process. Also, remember to book an appointment for an interview.

Step three: Arrange your documents

You must gather all your documents, both general and specific documents you need for the visa. Ensure that you neatly pack them in a file or folder to be ready for submission on your appointment date.

Step four: Attend the visa appointment for an interview

You must meet with a consular officer to submit your documents on your appointment date. Also, you will have to attend an interview regarding your application and why you want to take a trip to Israel.

Step five: Wait for your visa processing.

It can take about five working days to process the visa, after which you will get a congratulatory message to pick up your passport.

Step six: Travel to Israel

Upon getting to Israel, you must visit the immigration authority to register for the Israel temporary residence permit. After this, you can continue to live in the country for one year. After the license expires, you may need to renew.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a temporary residency in Israel?

There are a few ways to obtain temporary residency in Israel. One way is to apply for a work visa, which will allow you to live and work in Israel for up to two years. Another way is to apply for a student visa, which will enable you to study in Israel for up to one year. Finally, you can also apply for a tourist visa, allowing you to stay in Israel for up to three months.

Is it easy to move to Israel?

To apply for a visa to Israel, you will need to submit the following documents:

  • A completed visa application form
  • Your passport, with at least six months of validity remaining
  • Two passport-sized photos
  • A letter of invitation from your host in Israel
  • Proof of travel insurance
  • A flight itinerary or other evidence of travel plans

Can I extend my visa to Israel?

Yes, you can extend your visa in Israel. However, you must go to the Ministry of Interior and fill out an application.

What is Israel’s permanent resident permit?

A permanent resident permit (PRP) is a document issued by the Israeli government to foreign nationals who have been granted permanent residency in Israel. PRPs are also known as “green cards.

How can I get a permanent visa in Israel?

Yes, it is relatively easy to move to Israel. The country has a very pro-immigration policy, and many programs and resources are in place to help immigrants settle in. That said, it’s still a good idea to do your research and prepare for the challenges of living in a new country.

Can I go to Israel without a visa?

No, you cannot go to Israel without a visa. You must have a valid passport and a visa to enter the country.


In conclusion, getting the Israel Temporary Residence Permit is an excellent move you need to take because of the numerous opportunities available for you in Isreal. Of course, the cost of living in Israel is not as expensive. So, you will get to enjoy a life of ease.

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