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Israel US Investor Visa – Documentation and Requirements 

Are you an investor or Entrepreneur looking for where to invest? If yes, then Israel US Investor Visa is just a perfect match to achieve your dreams. But, of course, you must obtain yours as soon as possible.

An Israeli investor visa (B-5) allows foreign nationals from the US who invest at least $1 million into a company or project in Israel to obtain permanent residency. The visa also provides access to social benefits such as health care and education.

Interestingly, Israel is now considered one of the leading countries for attracting foreign investments. The country offers investors various benefits such as a highly skilled workforce, low taxes, and a stable economy. Therefore, avail yourself of the information below and learn more about the documentation and requirements for an Israel US Investor Visa.

Location of Israel 

Israel is a small country located in the Middle East. Meanwhile, it is bordered by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. Israel is a very diverse country with a population of over 8 million people. However, the climate in Israel ranges from hot and dry to cold and snowy. Israel is home to many historical and religious sites, including the Western Wall, the Temple Mount, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

What is Israel’s US Investor Visa?

An Israeli investor visa (B-5) is a special visa that allows foreign nationals from the US who invest at least $1 million into a company or project located in Israel to obtain permanent residency status. However, the visa also provides access to social benefits such as health care and education.

To be eligible for the visa, applicants must invest a minimum of $100,000 in an Israeli business. The visa has successfully attracted foreign investment and stimulated the Israeli economy.

Nevertheless, the Israel Investor Visa (B 5 visa) for US citizens has become official (May 1, 2019). The Israeli Minister of Interior first released the legislation regulating this new visa on September 11, 2014.

Then, Non-Jews from the United States can now live and work in the country. But only if they invest in an Israeli company and proceed to reside in Israel, where they’ll be able to run the concern. The B 5 Investor Visa allows the investor and several enterprise workers and their households to live in the area.

Who can apply for Israel US Investor Visa?

The US Investor Visa is available to foreign investors who wish to invest in Israel. However, a few requirements must be met to be eligible for this visa. Most importantly, the applicant must have a valid passport, have a minimum investment of USD 100,000, and have no criminal record. This visa allows the investor to live and work in Israel for up to five years. After five years. Also, the investor may apply for permanent residency.

Requirements to obtain the Israel US Investor Visa

The amount required for a B-1 Visa and to pay for the rent or lease of a business premise is determined case-by-case basis. In the US, expect to seek to have more than $100,000, but the investment level depends on the business’s value or the cost to occupy the property.

The Investor Visa to Israel applicant who is applying must comply with the following conditions for obtaining the visa:

  1. Investing a considerable amount of his funds into new or existing Israeli businesses
  2. Owning at least 50 of the business
  3. The business must be for-profit
  4. The business must generate income significantly more than what is needed to provide the investor and his family’s livelihood
  5. The business must have a plan of action to employ Israeli workers.

How to apply for Israel US Investor Visa (B-5)

The process for applying for an Israel US Investor Visa (B-5) is relatively simple and can be completed in a few easy steps. First, potential investors must have a valid passport and submit an application form. Second, they must provide proof of investment funds and a business plan. Finally, they must attend an interview at the US Embassy in Israel. After completing these steps, investors will be able to obtain their visas and begin starting a business in Israel.

What next after arriving in Israel?

Attorney costs and government fees for the equivalent visa in the United States are from $5,000 to $7,000 and take one to three months to process. Therefore, the business will need to open a membership with the Republic of Israel. Set up bank accounts, transfer assets into the accounts, lease or purchase sublease or office space for business purposes. Then, accomplish the tasks.

Moreover, complete the forms and supply detailed documentation to prove the firm can employ Israelis and contribute to the Israeli economy in the States. However, for the E 2 visa, a file typically requires over 250 pages.

It takes longer to process the Israel US Investor Visa (B-5)?

Obtaining a US investor visa (B-5) can be lengthy and difficult. However, several requirements are necessary for the visa. Also, the application process can take several months to complete. In addition, once the visa is ready, there is a mandatory waiting period of at least six months before the applicant can enter Israel.

How much do I need to apply for the Israel US Investor Visa (B-5)?

The Israel US Investor Visa (B-5) allows foreign investors to enter Isreal to develop and direct their business enterprise. However, The minimum investment is $1,000,000. Meanwhile, this can be in the form of cash, equipment, or property.

Other Information about the Israel US Investor Visa (B-5)

The United States visa policy grants kneeling provisions for two-year visas. These visas are renewable as long as the business chooses and promotes economic success. The investor’s spouse and children will also be issued visas, in addition to vital team members in the company. The Israeli policy enables an investor’s spouse to work in another company.

Benefits of obtaining the Israel US Investor Visa (B-5)

The US Investor Visa (B-5) provides many benefits for those looking to invest in Israel. For starters, it offers a fast and easy way to obtain a visa. However, there is no need to go through the lengthy and difficult process of obtaining a regular visa.

Secondly, the Isreal US Investor Visa. Also, this allows for multiple entries into Israel, which is ideal for those who want to make frequent investments. Also, who has business interests in the country? Additionally, the visa gives holders access to several tax benefits, including exemption from capital gains tax. However, this makes investing in Israel an even more attractive proposition.

Finally, the Isreal US Investor Visa comes with several other benefits, such as access to healthcare and education. It makes it an ideal option for those looking to relocate to Israel.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much money do I need to invest in the US with a nonimmigrant visa?

Suppose you want to invest in the United States with a nonimmigrant visa. There is no set amount of money that you need to have. However, you must prove that you have enough money to support yourself and your investment. In addition, you will need to show that your investment is legal and that you are not a threat to national security.

Is there any investor visa in the United States?

Yes, there are two types of investor visas: the EB-5 visa and the E-2 visa. The EB-5 visa is available to foreign investors who want to invest significantly in a new commercial enterprise in the United States. At the same time, the E-2 visa is available to foreign investors who want to make a smaller investment in an existing US business.

Does an Israeli citizen need a US visa? 

No, an Israeli citizen does not need a US visa. Israeli citizens are eligible for the Visa Waiver Program. However, this allows them to travel to the United States for business or pleasure for up to 90 days without a visa. Though, they must have a valid passport and meet other requirements.

Can a US citizen live in Israel?

Yes, a United States citizen can live in Israel. To do so, they must obtain a visa from the Israeli government. However, obtaining a visa is relatively simple and can be done through the Israeli embassy or consulate in the United States. Once the visa is ready, the United States citizen can apply for a residence permit from the Israeli Ministry of Interior.

Does Israel give citizenship to foreigners?

No, Israel does not give citizenship to foreigners. According to the Law of Return, only Jews are eligible to immigrate to Israel and receive citizenship. Meanwhile, this law was enacted in 1950, shortly after establishing the State of Israel. Therefore, non-Jews are not eligible for Israeli citizenship, even if they have lived in Israel for many years.


In conclusion, the Israel US Investor Visa is an excellent way for entrepreneurs to start their businesses in the United States. The requirements are not too difficult to meet, and the process is relatively straightforward. Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur looking to start a business in Isreal, the Israel US Investor Visa is a great option.

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