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Steps on how to apply for a Jamaica Short Stay Visa

For starters, tourism has worked well in this Caribbean nation. Jamaica is a place to visit with all the lovely tropical fruits, the many beautiful resorts, and the world’s best coffees. But before you visit the country, you need to know the steps to apply for a Jamaica Short Stay Visa.

Like any other developing country, Jamaica has its fair share of problems. However, the country is naturally endowed with mountain ranges and beautiful beaches. One of the many wonders of this country is that it sits on top of a vast underwater mountain!

If you want to experience the sights and sounds of Jamaica, you should plan a short visit to this fascinating country. There are short-stay visas that permit foreign nationals to stay in Jamaica for a period as long as 90 days. In this article, we will discover steps on how to apply for a Jamaica Short Stay Visa.

About Jamaica Short Stay Visas

A Jamaica Short-Stay Visa allows its holder to visit and stay in the country for between one to three months, with a validity period of 6 months. This means that although the visa can be used for 180 days, you cannot stay in Jamaica for as long as 180 days. You can only stay from 30 to 90 days out of this period. The short-stay visa is issued for short stays like tourism, business visits, or other short programs.

Types of Jamaica Short Stay Visas

There are different types of short stay visas to Jamaica, depending on the purpose of your visit.

Jamaica Tourist Visa

A Jamaica Tourist Visa is an official document issued to a foreign national to travel to Jamaica for tourism or leisure. Usually, a tourist visa grants its holder permission to visit a country for about 30 days.

Jamaica Business Visa

A business visa to Jamaica permits a holder to visit the country to conduct business there. For example, it could be for a business meeting, a seminar, a conference, etc. For this purpose, the holder must obtain a letter of invitation from the Jamaican organization hosting the event.

Jamaica Medical Visa

This is for foreign nationals who want to visit Jamaica to receive medical attention. In this case, the applicant must show proof of communication from the Jamaican medical institution confirming the visit.

Jamaica Family Reunion Visa

This is a short-term visa for an applicant who wants to reunite with family in Jamaica. For this purpose, an applicant should provide proof of a family relationship and an invitation letter from the family in Jamaica.

Requirements for a Jamaica Short Stay Visa

Here is a list of documents you must provide before you can obtain a Jamaica Short Stay Visa

  1. A Valid Passport

This is first on the list, no matter who you are or what country you are applying from. A valid passport is evidence of your nationality. It must be valid for at least three months after you return from Jamaica to your country of residence. Your passport must be in good condition and include copies of previous visas.

#1 Two passport-sized photos.

Your passport-sized photos should be recent and identical. They must be color photos taken against a light-colored background. You must ensure that your features are clearly defined and that your facial expression is neutral.

#2 A Jamaica Visa Application Form

You must complete and sign the visa application form. Ensure that you do not leave any field unfilled. If the question is irrelevant to your situation, indicate with N/A (not applicable). It would be best to answer each question truthfully and accurately because failure to do so can lead to your application being denied.

#3 Evidence of visa fee payment

You must pay your visa fee when submitting other documents at the Jamaica embassy or consulate. The visa fee for a first-time application is JM$10,000.00 or USD$64.54.

#4 Health Insurance

You need a valid health insurance cover to take care of any medical emergency that may arise during your visit to Jamaica.

#5 Bank Statement

You must prove that you are financially responsible for your stay while you are in Jamaica. To do this, you must provide your recent bank statement.

#6 Proof of Good Behavior

You must prove that you will not be a threat to the Republic of Jamaica by providing a clean criminal record from your country’s police. This will show that you have not been convicted of any crime in your country of residence.

#7 Proof of Accommodation

You must prove that you have a place to stay during your visit to Jamaica. This can be a hotel reservation, a rental agreement, or even a letter of invitation if someone or an organization is inviting you to Jamaica.

#8 Letter of Invitation

If you have family in Jamaica or some friends are inviting you, they should issue a letter of invitation to prove that you have a place in Jamaica to stay for the duration of your visit.

#9 Flight Itinerary

This document will indicate your travel date, including your return date. This evidence can be your airplane return tickets or the name of the airline company you have made reservations with.

#10 Proof of employment

If you are employed, provide proof of your pay stubs or employment letter. You may also need to provide a letter from your employer stating that they know the trip you are planning to embark on.

#11 For minors

Provide the minor’s birth certificate and a letter of consent if any or both parents will not join the minor on the trip. Also, provide proof of your relationship with the minor.

Steps on how to apply for a Jamaica Short Stay Visa

You must take the following steps to apply for a Jamaica Short Stay Visa:

Step 1. Book an appointment

You can contact the nearest Jamaican embassy or consulate in your country of residence to book a visa appointment.

Step 2. Fill out the visa application form

If you filled out your application form online, you must print it out to submit it at the embassy. If you cannot access an online copy, obtain the application form at the Jamaican embassy. Ensure that you complete the application. Do not leave any field blank.

Step 3. Attend the appointment

You have an appointment to keep with the Jamaican embassy. Be sure to get there early and dress responsibly. Submit the required documents at the embassy. Some embassies may prefer that you submit the documents by mail. Find out what the embassy prefers.

Step 4. Wait for a response

It takes about five to ten working days to receive a response from the Jamaican embassy or consulate. If it takes a bit longer, don’t panic. It could be a busy period for the embassy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the processing fee for a Jamaica Short Stay Visa?

The fee for processing a Jamaica Short Stay Visa is JM$10,000 or US$64. However, this is for a single entry. Multiple entries attract higher fees. Contact the Jamaican embassy or consulate near you for more details.

What is the validity period of a Jamaica Short Stay Visa?

The visa is valid for 180 days, but you are not permitted to stay longer than 90 days in most cases. However, the validity period means that you can enter and leave Jamaica anytime within 180 days. Remember that the visa officer has the right to decide how long your stay in the country will be.

How long does it take to process a Jamaica Short Stay Visa application?

It takes five to ten working days to process a short-stay visa to Jamaica. This would depend on the time of your application and the documents required. After submitting the general required documents, your visa officer may contact you to request additional documents. This would delay the response time further.

Can you get a residence permit with a Jamaica Short Stay Visa?

You cannot get a residence permit with a Jamaica Short Stay Visa. This is because short-stay visas do not permit you to stay long enough to request a permit to reside in the country. Therefore, if you require a residence permit for Jamaica, you must apply for a long-stay visa.

Is Jamaica a safe place to visit?

Jamaica is protective of its visitors. While the country is not 100% safe, the natives do not go out of their way to harm visitors. Like every other country, Jamaica has its fair share of crimes and fatalities, but a visitor who stays within the tourist zones has nothing to fear.



You see all those stories you hear about Jamaica being exotically beautiful? They’re all correct. Jamaica is all that and more. With a short stay visa to this beautiful country, you can explore as much as you like. You can learn about some tourist attractions to visit while you’re in Jamaica. Enjoy your stay!

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