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Guide on how to apply for a Japan Residence Permit

The best way to apply for a Japan residence permit is to follow the slated process accurately.

This is because not too long ago, the Japanese government updated the requirements needed for foreign nationals to make Japan their home permanently.

These requirements may require you to bring different documents and exercise a lot of patience as the immigration office process your application.

However, it’s for the best because there are many things you stand to gain as a Japanese permanent resident permit holder. 

So, when you finally cross that path, you will get a reconfirmation that all the stress of applying was worth it.

Perhaps, applying for this residency permit sounds like your next line of plan. Let’s find out what you need to know.

About Japan

Japan is a highly developed, densely-populated, beautiful Island country set in the eastern part of Asia. It is among the oldest country in the world and has been inhabited since 30,000 BC.

Though this country has several large commercial cities, Tokyo, the capital, stands out conspicuously as the largest city in Japan.

Speaking of economy, Japan has the third-largest economy in the world. A country that holds the torch for others in electronics, robotics, and other technologies.

Furthermore, Japan has earned the respect of other countries as it is one of the world powers. That is, from owning one of the world’s strongest military forces to having a strong security alliance with other known world powers.

Another obvious fact about Japan is its transportation system. It is so elaborate and well-organized that it makes trade and business in the country more ideal.

What makes you eligible for a Japan residence permit?

You see, living permanently in Japan is your wish but achieving this feat comes with some requirements. So, if you have the requirements listed below, you can begin your application.

#1. Residing in Japan for years

This requirement has a lot to do with what first brought you into the country. Your residence permit application requires you to stay in the country for a period. However, your status in the country will decide how your application can go.

For example, a skilled worker permit holder needs to stay in Japan for three years if they fall between 70-80 score Evaluation points.

One year, for a skilled worker permit holder with an 80 or above on the evaluation score.

#2. Married to a Japanese or a permanent resident in Japan.

As a partner of a permanent resident holder in Japan or partner to a citizen, you can get a resident permit after one year. However, you and your partner must have stayed married for at least three years.

#3. A child of a citizen or permanent resident of Japan

Kids of Japanese permanent residents or citizens can obtain a PR after staying one year in Japan.

#4. Resided in Japan for ten years

Foreign nationals that moved to Japan to live and work successfully for ten years can apply for a residence permit. You must have a clean record devoid of any form of criminality or unlawful act.

#5. Make a good contribution to Japan.

Foreigners who have lived in Japan for five years and contributed positively to its growth can obtain a PR.

#6. Salary earners

Nationals from other countries living, working, and earning a salary in Japan can apply for a PR. That is not all; your salary must be at least three million in Japanese currency.

Is there a Japanese residency permit application fee?

Yes. To apply for PR in Japan, you must pay 8,000 yen. Without this, you can not complete the application process.

What documents do I need to process my permanent residence in Japan?

Against the old way of doing this, the government of Japan switched up things a few years ago. Please, note that all your documents must be in Japanese, or you have a translator at hand. 

So, what you require to have in your file include:

  • The Japanese permanent residency permit form is correctly filled out and signed.
  • Evidence of your tax statement
  • Bank statements for a year
  • 4cmx3cm Passport photographs in white background
  • Evidence that you are gainfully employed in Japan and certificates to go with it.
  • Certificate of residence
  • Marriage certificates for spouses of Japanese citizens or residents
  • A letter from your spouse
  • Family registry
  • For those with family members in the country, their proof of residence
  • A support letter from your partner if you are unemployed and you depend on them.

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How do I apply for a PR in Japan?

When you get to this point of officially applying for your PR, you have to be meticulous. 

Additionally, you have to follow all instructions and include any extra documents if they require them.

For a successful application, you must:

First, submit your documents to the immigration office near you in japan.

It is advisable to submit your documents by yourself. However, you can use a third party like; a legal practitioner or a sponsor to submit these documents on your behalf.

The next step is the waiting process. While waiting, your application and documents will go through an intensive evaluation before the immigration office makes a final decision. 

Therefore, be sure you submitted authentic documents and filled out correct information, then keep your fingers crossed.

Finally, if your application comes out approved, congratulations are in order. Your honesty and resilience paid off. The next step is to quickly locate the nearest ward office near you in Japan and exchange the visa you have with the new permanent resident permit card.

How long does it take for me to process my Japan residence permit?

No one can pinpoint a date for you because a lot of things could affect the process and the duration.

But in the books, the process from the time you applied till it is approved takes up to six months or more. So, you have to begin the process even before your visa expiration date gets down to six months.

Peradventure, your visa expires while your application is still delayed, or you forgot to start the process before your visa expired. 

Your next step at this point is to apply for a visa extension. That is the only way you can stay back and complete your PR application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have dual citizenship in Japan?

The government of Japan does not accept dual citizenship in their country because it operates a single citizenship rule.

Therefore, children with dual citizenship in Japan must choose a nationality once they become 18 years old. The same goes for adults who obtained dual citizenship. They must make a nationality choice after two years.

What happens when you give birth to a child in Japan as a foreigner?

A pregnant foreigner who gives birth in Japan must report the delivery to their country’s embassy located in Japan. That way, the child gets maternal citizenship.

Giving birth to a child in Japan as a foreigner will not make your baby a Japanese citizen. Only if you are married to a Japanese citizen.

Can I adopt a Japanese name as a non-Japanese?

If you are confident enough to bear a Japanese name, why not? Only that you have to grow a thick skin for when you may face mockery or get ridiculed for it.

How many children can you give birth to in Japan?

While other countries allow their citizen or residents to have children as many as they desire, the government of Japan does not support that school of thought.

The Japanese government has a policy that binds every family to have just two children. If there are more children, the benefits from the government will only be the first two.

Therefore, if you plan to move to Japan, reside permanently, and raise a family, keep this policy in your mind.

Is living in Japan hard?

Japan is well developed and advanced in almost everything. As a new person in the country, you may struggle briefly before you finally adapt. 

But after a while, you will begin to enjoy the country, its food, culture, way of life, and everything that makes Japan a happy place.

Can you move to Japan from America?

American citizens can travel to Japan and live so long they have the appropriate visa that will help them travel successfully.

Can you automatically become Japanese by marriage?

No. Getting married to a Japanese citizen or a resident permit holder will not automatically turn you into a citizen of Japan.

Though marriage makes the process easier, still, you must apply with relevant documents like; a marriage certificate, a letter from your spouse with details about your relationship, and staying married for up to three years.

Can I get citizenship in Japan as a foreigner?

Yes, you can. Firstly, there are rules guiding this process. The Rule that tops the list is that you must have lived in Japan for several years.

Secondly, the main reason that took you to the country will determine how you will proceed further.

Can a foreigner buy landed property in Japan?

Foreigners are allowed to buy properties in Japan. Though, the cost of purchasing a property can be costly. But if you have the money and wish to buy, you will not be breaking any law.

Which country has the easiest passport?

The easiest passport you can go for now is the Vanuatu passport. The country makes it very easy for foreigners to obtain their passports as fast as a month after applying.

However, you only have to pay $130,000 as an investment in the country. This one-time investment fund will cover the entire family with children under 25 years of age.

Which country gives you citizenship by marriage immediately?

Tying the Conjugal knots with a Cape Verde citizen guarantees a Cape Verde citizenship immediately.


As we conclude, you ought to know that processing your permanent resident permit in Japan makes more sense and is less stressful if you have lived in Japan for at least a few years.

You will have more knowledge of the benefits you stand to enjoy and the doors that will open up to you because you now wield this country’s permanent residence permit card.

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