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Guide On How To Apply For A Jordan Residence Permit

Life in Jordan can be fun and comfortable for many reasons. From beautiful cities to the best beaches to becoming one of the best economies in the world, Jordan is a good destination for foreigners. No wonder many ex-pats desire to get Jordan Residence Permit.

However, getting a residence permit may not be easy as it depends on many factors. For instance, getting married to a Jordan spouse, living in the country for a long time, and investing hugely in the economy can earn you the right to live in Jordan.

Find out what it takes to acquire residence status in Jordan in a few steps. You will also find out the requirements to live in the country as a resident.

Jordan Residence Permit

Jordan Residence Permit allows a foreigner to live in the country legally and without restrictions. Thus, the person has the right to study, work and perform other takes in Jordan like Jordan citizens. However, the holder cannot enjoy the same rights as nationals of the country.

Conditions for obtaining Jordan Residence Permit

Obtaining a Jordan Residence Permit depends on the reason and condition for applying for it. You can apply for residence status under the following circumstances. They include:

  1. Family/Follower Residency
  2. Workless Residency with Bank Deposit
  3. Study Residency
  4. Work Residency
  5. Transfer Residency

Jordan Residence Status by purchasing real estate

Investors can obtain a permit to live in Jordan by purchasing real estate in the country. To qualify, you must buy one or more properties worth 200,000 JOD or $282,000.

A residence permit obtained by investing in Jordan is usually valid for five years. During this period, the property will belong to the resident. Therefore, it can not be sold, mortgaged or demolished.

You must not live in Jordan before or after obtaining residence status in the country. Thus, you can stay anywhere you like with the option of coming to Jordan anytime.

Requirements for Jordan residence Permit

The requirements for a Jordan Residence Permit depend on the condition for applying for a permit. However, there are some general requirements for every applicant.

Therefore, you must meet the general and specific requirements to apply for residence status in the country. Moreover, you must also meet the Jordan visa requirements to enter Jordan.

General requirements for a Jordan Residence Permit

The documents you need to obtain a residence permit in Jordan include the following:

  1. Application form for Jordan Residence Permit
  2. Copy of the passport
  3. Bank statement
  4. Proof of accommodation in Jordan
  5. Cover letter
  6. Proof of payment

#1. Application form for Jordan residence Permit

The first document you need is the application form for your residence permit in Jordan. You must complete it with the correct details. Then, you will send it to the Jordan embassy in your country of origin or residence.

#2. Passport

You will also need a valid passport to apply for residence status in Jordan. It must have a validity period of at least six months. Plus, it must be in good condition.

#3. Bank statement

Another document you need is a bank statement for the last six months. The minimum amount for a residence permit in Jordan is 20,000 JOD if you have no deed of residence in Jordan.

#4. Proof of accommodation in Jordan

You must prove that you have a place to live in Jordan. To do this, you must provide a deed of residence in the country. You can also bring proof of apartment in Jordan.

#5. Cover letter

A cover letter will contain the reason for applying for residence status in Jordan. It must also have details like your name, nationality, place of birth and time of travel to Jordan.

#6. Proof of payment

In addition to other documents, you must provide proof of payment for residence status in Jordan.

Specific Requirements

In addition to the requirements above, you will need the following documents according to the conditions for applying for Jordan Residence Status. They include:

 Requirements for Jordan Student Residency

In addition to the requirements, students will need the following documents. They include:

  1. Student Proof for the current semester
  2. Paid fees from the registration Dept.
  3. A copy of the residency card from your country of residence
  4. Acceptance letter from a Jordan university

Requirements for Jordan Work Residency

International workers looking for residency status in Jordan will need the documents below. They include:

  1. Employment contract from an employer in Jordan.
  2. Address of your employer in Jordan

Requirements for Jordan residency based on marriage

When applying for a Jordan Residence permit based on marriage to a Jordan spouse. You will bring the following documents. They include:

  1. Your birth certificate
  2. Marriage certificate
  3. The address of your spouse in Jordan.

Application process for Jordan Residence Permit

All applications for a Jordan Residence Permit must be outside the country. Applicants can apply online using the Ministry of Interior website.

You can apply for a Jordan Residence Permit using the steps below. They include:

Step 1. Get a valid email to apply online

Step 2. Select the type of residence you need based on your condition.

Step 3. Upload the necessary documents

Step 4. Pay your residence fee online or at an embassy

Step 5. Wait for processing

Step 6. Receive your residence status from the Jordan embassy in your country of residence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the validity of the Jordan Residence Permit?

A residence permit for all residents in Jordan is valid for one year. However, you can extend your status annually once you meet the requirements.

On the contrary, applicants for a residence permit based on investment can live in the country for up to five years.

How can I apply for residence status in Jordan?

All applications for Jordan Residence Status must be online and outside the kingdom. Applicants can apply using the following kinds of registration. They include:

  • Individually
  • By Companies
  • Educational institutions
  • Diplomatic missions

Is Jordan good for foreigners?

Jordan is a good place for foreigners for many reasons. The kingdom offers good living conditions to its residents. In addition, there are many opportunities for workers who come to the country to look for jobs. In addition, you can live peacefully in Jordan with your family.

What is the processing time for residence status in Jordan?

Getting a residence permit to travel to Jordan can take up to seven days. However, you must apply for the status at least two weeks from your departure date. It will give the Jordan authorities time to process your application.


Choosing Jordan as your country of residence is worth it. The country offers better living conditions to immigrants. Thus, you will get the same standard of living as citizens. However, you will not enjoy some rights that the nationals get.

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