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Kikkawa College Financial Aid and Awards In Toronto, Canada

Are you searching for information about Kikkawa College financial aid and award for international students? Worry no more as this article contains information on Kikkawa financial aids for non-Canadian students.

Kikkawa College is an ICT school that specializes in Massage Therapy Education.

The College was instituted over 30 years ago and has built a long-standing heritage as one of the best Massage Therapy higher institutions of learning in Canada.

The school makes financial aid available to its students in the form of scholarships, awards, and bursaries.

It also permits students to apply for further assistance through the Ontario Student Assistance Plan (OSAP).

ICT Kikkawa College is a part of the Kikkawa Shiatsu school Inc. alongside ICT Northumberland College, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The school is accredited by the Commission on Massage Therapy (COMTA) and remains yet the only school to be accredited by COMTA in the whole of the province of Ontario.

Teachers at Kikkawa College include therapists, skincare practitioners, and educationists who have developed a keen interest and passion for their fields and are willing to impact them on students.

The school offers a diploma program in Message Therapy that prepares students for massage, spa, and holistic therapy mechanisms.

Financial Aids and Awards at Kikkawa College, Toronto, Canada

Scholarships and other financial aids are available for students of ICT Kikkawa College annually through the ICT schools provision for financial aid and/or when they apply through the Ontario Student Assistance Plan (OSAP).

Students of ICT Northumberland College can benefit from the Nova Scotia Student Assistance Program (NSSA), The Canada Student Loans Program (CSL), and the Nova Scotia Student Loan (NSSL).

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

Students enrolled in the Massage Therapy Diploma Program at Kikkawa may be eligible and qualify for financial assistance under many of the laid out structures of the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) such as:

  • The Canada Student Loans Program (CSL)
  • The Ontario Student Loans Plan (OSL), etc.

Such financial assistance can provide for students’ tuition, academic books, and other materials, living expenses, and/or child care for students with children.

OSAP makes financial aid available to students in form of loans that students are required to pay back and grants which students are not required to refund.

Students who apply to the Province of Ontario Student Assistance Program are automatically considered for both grants and loans.

Those who do not wish to receive one of them can decline the approval when they get it.

OSAP Financial Aids Value and Duration

The limits for student loan funding through OSAP are:

  • 340 weeks of loan funding for undergraduate students
  • 400 weeks of loan funding for doctoral studies
  • 520 weeks of loan funding for students with disabilities.

The amount in grant or loan students can receive through OSAP depends on their educational expenses which are determined by the peculiarity of their programs.

The cost of educational materials and personal living expenses can be affected by location and presence or absence of a dependent child.

The value of the grant or loan received will also be determined by students’ course load (full-time or part-time) and each student’s financial situation or the ability to demonstrate financial need.

Indigenous students, members of Extended Society Care, and students with disabilities also have the opportunity to receive additional funding. Some of such additional funding are:

  • Bursary for Students with Disability
  • Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Students with Permanent Disabilities
  • Indigenous Student Bursary
  • Living and Learning Grant
  • Metis Student Bursary Program
  • Ontario Disability Support Program
  • ” ” ”  First Generation Bursary
  • ” ” ” Indigenous Travel Grant
  • Refund Application Fees
  • Severe Permanent Disability Benefit

Eligibility Requirements for the Ontario Student Assistance Program

Students who are eligible to apply for any of OSAP’s financial aids are full-time and part-time students who are Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or protected persons.

Irrespective of the citizen status they fall in, all of such students must be residents of Ontario to benefit from the provincial provision for financial aid.

Non-residents of Ontario and international students are not considered for financial aid through the Ontario Student Assistance Program.

Students with enough financial resources may not be considered for OSAP. Students’ applications may also not be approved if they provide wrong information on the situation of their income (this can be accessed through the Canada Revenue Agency), have an outstanding loan yet to be paid, or have reached the limit of their student loan funding.

Registered students of Kikkawa College who wish to apply for OSAP can seek professional advice through the office of the Registrar before submitting applications.

How to Apply for Kikkawa College Financial Aid through the OSAP

Full-time students applying for financial aid through OSAP will be required to complete an interactive module containing key information about OSAP before commencing their application process.

Students who have completed the module can begin the application by registering online. Students who are yet to have an OSAP account are to create one by filling in their personal information as required.

To create your OSAP account, students will need to provide information on their name, gender, date of birth, contact information, Social Insurance Number (SIN), and their Ontario Education Number or any other identification numbers they possess.

Students who have completed the online registration will receive an OSAP Access Number (OAN) which will become their means of identification and logging into the OSAP website.

After receiving an OAN, students of Kikkawa College can then go ahead to apply for OSAP. The application submitted will cover loans, grants, and all other financial aids and bursaries students can receive through the Ontario Student Assistance Program.

Full-time students and part-time students of Kikkawa College whose period of study is 21 weeks or more are to submit their applications before 60 days to the end of their program of study.

Part-time students with 20 weeks or less as their program duration are to submit their OSAP application no later than 40 days before the end of their program of study.

Other important information about Kikkawa College Financial Aid 

Students are to provide information about their school and the program they are taking, their tax information, and the tax information of their parents or spouses in the application form to be submitted.

Students should expect feedback 3 to 6 weeks after submitting their applications.

Any update about the application will be included in each student’s OSAP account and can be accessed online when students put in their OSAP Access Number (OAN) on the website.

Students can also receive their application status update through email by allowing for email notification and providing their email address on their account page.

Students who are selected for financial aid by OSAP will receive it in two installments: during the beginning of their study period or a new session and halfway through the session.

Students may either receive the funds directly in their accounts or through their school.

Bursaries at Kikkawa College

The ICT schools have a bursary program that serves to provide financial assistance to full-time students of the Massage Therapy Diploma Program who merit the assistance and truly demonstrate a need for financial support.

Therefore, the eligibility criteria for partaking in a bursary at Kikkawa College are excellent academic performance, a high level of interest in the program, and the ability to demonstrate financial need.

Students who wish to apply for bursaries can obtain application forms through the office of the Registrar before their stipulated deadlines.

All other information needed on deadline and application requirements and procedures can also be gotten from the office of the Registrar.

Bursaries, when received will be considered part of the students’ taxable income for the year and are not to be returned or paid back to the school.

Students who are to receive bursaries greater than $500 will be required to fill a T4A form.

Scholarships at Kikkawa College

Through the ICT Schools Scholarship Program, students of Kikkawa College with commendable academic performance and/or excellent leadership skills and community participation can benefit from scholarships.

Various scholarships exist at Kikkawa College such as the Entrance Scholarships which are available for newly admitted candidates into the school who demonstrate excellent performance in their previous schools or certain test required of them.

Scholarships are also available for second-year, full-time students of the Massage Therapy Diploma Program who demonstrate excellent academic performance in the first year of their program.

Scholarships are awarded strictly based on merit and students do not need to apply to become beneficiaries.

Students who benefit from scholarships will receive them by cheque once their tuition has been paid in full. Students who are to receive scholarships greater than $500 in value are also required to fill a T4A form.

ICT Schools Payment Plan

Students of Kikkawa College who qualify may also benefit from an interest-free tuition payment plan at the school.

Diverse payment plan options are available and students can receive relevant information on the plans from the office of the Registrar.

Students can receive further information on financial aids, bursaries, awards, and admission processes at ICT Kikkawa College by contacting the office of the registrar or mailing the school at:

The Crossways Mall

2340 Dundas ST.

W., Unit G-04 Toronto,

ON M6P 4A9

Telephone: 416-762-4857 EXT. 235

Toll-Free: 1-888-890-5888 EXT. 235

Fax: (416) 762-5733

Email: [email protected]

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