Kingswood University Scholarships For International Students

There are a large number of scholarships available to international students at Kingswood University.

International students from different countries are offered admissions into Kingswood University (KU). They are trained and certified in Kingswood University campus, which is a Bible college that helps to manifest the qualities of Jesus Christ in its students.

However, it is necessary that you learn about Kingswood University scholarships for international students in order to source financial support for your education.

Kingswood University is a Christian post-secondary institution based in Sussex, the Canadian province of New Brunswick.

More so, Kingswood University Canada is licensed by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) to issue a variety of certifications to its students.

Furthermore, Kingswood University undergraduate degree programs consist of 2-year and 4-year duration programs that involve studies in 12 areas.

Besides, Kingswood University Sussex makes provision of online degrees, which enables its students to complete a degree and get certified at their comfort zone via the internet.

Additionally, Kingswood University enrolment counselors avail spiritual aids to students and help to answers their concerns.

Why study at Kingswood University?

1. Firstly, Kingswood University campus location, Sussex, is an amazing city to work, study and live in.

2. Secondly, about 80% of Kingswood University alumni are able to secure employment after graduation.

Besides, some of its graduates rather enroll for more studies in a relevant area of concentration.

3. Thirdly, Kingswood University trains its students in a scriptural way, which keeps you closer to God through worship, prayers, as well as Bible study.

4. In addition, Kingswood University tuition fees for international students are set to be inexpensive.

5. Personalized attention between students and instructors due to the small-sized classes used at Kingswood University Sussex.

6. Attainment of knowledge from professors who are proficient in certain areas of studies.

7. Community members in Sussex are held together by social and cultural ties, which impacts the steady process of students.

8. Accessibility to several employment opportunities for students, as well as a wide range of financial aids, including scholarships.

Kingswood University Programs of Study

At Kingswood University Sussex, there is a vast selection of study programs, which includes certificates, undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, as well as online degree programs.

Below are the degree programs availed by Kingswood University Canada to its students.

  1. Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies (Online degree)
  2. ” ” ” ” General Education
  3. ” ” ” ” Evangelism & Compassion Ministry​ (Online degree)
  4. Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Christian School Education
  5. ” of Theology
  6. Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Ministry (Online degree)

Majors and Minors programs at Kingswood University Sussex.

  • Business
  • Worship Arts
  • Church Planting
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Intercultural Studies
  • Christian Counselling
  • Marketplace Ministry
  • Youth & Family Ministry
  • Children & Family Ministry
  • Evangelism & Social Justice (PRAXIS).

Besides, you also need to check Kingswood University admission requirements for international students so as to ascertain your eligibility to apply for these programs.

Kingswood University graduate degree programs

  • Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology (MAPT).

Kingswood University tuition fees for international students

Below is the estimated tuition fee for international students at Kingswood University Sussex.

International Tuition Fee Fee/Semester ($ Canadian Dollars) Per Academic Session ($ Canadian Dollars)
Tuition fee (full-time international students) 5,800 11,600
Standard Housing 1,425 2,850
21 Meal Plan fee 2,315 4,630
Spiritual Life Fee 125 250
Campus Life Fee 220 440
Aggregate fees 9,885 19,770

Kingswood University dorms fees & meal plans

As an international student at Kingswood University, there are wide-ranging accommodation options to choose from. You also need to pay for a meal plan if you decide to reside and study on-campus at Kingswood University.

More so, Kingswood University meal plans are also accessible to students who are staying outside campus.

Kingswood University scholarships for international students

There are a large number of scholarships available to international students at Kingswood University. Besides, the funds used to support Kingswood University scholarships are donated by its alumni and some other donors.

Moreover, these scholarships are offered to international students every year based on certain conditions.

Here are Kingswood University scholarships that are available to international students.

  1. Entrance Scholarships
  2. Returning Student Annual Scholarships
  3. Buckingham Leadership Scholarship
  4. Presidential Scholarships
  5. International Wesleyan Ministerial Scholarship.

Entrance Scholarships

These scholarships are availed to new Kingswood University students with consideration to particular conditions.

Name of Scholarship Scholarship Donor/Purpose Eligibility Criteria Scholarship Amount ($ Canadian Dollars)
R. H. Nicholson Memorial Entrance Scholarship Created as a memorial of Rev. R. H. Nicholson 100
Peter Corey Memorial Entrance Scholarship Serves as a commemoration of Peter Corey
Inez & Eileen Cliff Memorial Entrance Scholarship Funded by Wayne & Norma Cliff Available to students who are about to commence a full-time service in Children, Youth, Music, or Pastoral’s Ministry 400
H. E. & Annie Carson Memorial Scholarship
Created by Carson family Must have inherent abilities, and great academic achievement. 450
Price-Maxwell Memorial Entrance Scholarship Created by Allen & William Price Should be enrolled in Music Ministry Program at Kingswood University. 500
Degenhardt Scholarship Must be a new student in Kingswood University Christian Counselling program. Also, you need to maintain a minimum Grade Point Average of 3.3 to renew the scholarship
Weatherby Entrance Scholarship Should be a new Kingswood University student in Worship Leading Program
Anne Gorveatte Memorial Scholarship Can be renewed for 4 years. Moreover, you must be a new student in the Kingswood University Worship Arts program.
Kingswood University 1st Place Golf Named by Kingswood Golf Classic’s 1st place fundraising team Offered to KU students with impressive academic performance and servant leadership 3,000
Dale Saunders Memorial Entrance Scholarship Funded by Bev & Lindsey Saunders Must be about to start a full-time ministry in Kingswood University Christian Counselling program. 1,000
Kingswood University 2nd Place Golf Named by Kingswood Golf Classic’s 2nd place fundraising team Available to students who have superb academic achievements and leadership attributes 2,000
Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) Scholarship Should be recommended for the scholarship by a PAOC District Superintendent 1,000
Kingswood University 3rd Place Golf Named by Kingswood Golf Classic’s 3rd place fundraising team
Pocock-Kindley Entrance Scholarship Awarded to Kingswood University students based on academic achievement. Besides, you must be about to begin the Pastoral, Worship Leading, or Global Ministry program. 1,000 x 2
Vernon Marples Memorial Scholarship Must be a 2nd career student who is coming to Sussex for a bachelor degree program
Kingswood Board of Trustees (BOT) Scholarship Should be referred by a person among Kingswood Board of Trustees

Returning Student Annual Scholarships

There are large numbers of scholarships offered to return full-time students at Kingswood University. These scholarships are awarded to students on a yearly basis.

However, the following are Kingswood University Returning Student Annual Scholarships available to international students.

Name of Scholarship Scholarship Amount ($ Canadian Dollars)
Crosspoint Wesleyan Church Scholarship 100
Gordon & Jennie Bell Memorial Scholarship
Lulu Somers Haywood Memorial Scholarship
Beverly & Gladys Wilson Memorial Scholarship
Eva & Robert Samuel Stevens Memorial Scholarship
Lucas & Loretta Branscombe Memorial Scholarship
Tom Kent Memorial Scholarship 125
Tom Corey Memorial Scholarship
Douglas Stanley Churchill Memorial Scholarship 150
Milford & Lucy MacCallum Memorial            Scholarship
John F. McElhinney, Sr. Memorial     Scholarship
Kingswood Student Council Scholarship
Moncton Wesleyan Women Scholarship 150
Wayne Melvin Memorial Scholarship 175
Woodstock Wesleyan Church Scholarship 200
Missions Scholarship
Elaine Ingalls Hogg Memorial Scholarship 250
Gavel Honourary Scholarship
Glen McCrea Memorial Scholarship
James & Audrey Ingalls Memorial
Matthew Pass Memorial Scholarship
Rev. John A. Stevens Memorial Scholarship
Symonds/Brown Memorial Scholarship
Vivian Cowan Memorial Scholarship
Frank & Leila Pinch Memorial Scholarship 300
Gilbert & Armina Ingersoll Memorial Scholarship
Marguerite Collins & Ruth Collins Fisher Music
A. Franklin & Alice Pinch Memorial Scholarship
Kathy Backman Fancy Memorial Scholarship
Harold & Eunice Tatton Memorial Scholarship
Dr. & Mrs. H. Ralph & Kathleen Ingersoll Memorial
Mrs. Della E. Cruickshank/Bonnie Lea Scott Memorial Scholarship 400
Bernard DeMerchant Memorial Scholarship
H. E. & Annie Carson Memorial Scholarship 450 x 3
Havelock Wesleyan Church Missions Scholarship 500
Tim R. B. Mills Memorial Scholarship
Mission Legacy Scholarship
J. Eslie & Esther Long Memorial Scholarship
Aramark Scholarship
Rev. Hazen & Norma Lee Ricker Memorial Scholarship
Elizabeth Phillips Memorial Scholarship
Salt Springs Church Scholarship
Saunders Honourary Scholarship
Graham Memorial Scholarship 600
Leslie Black Memorial Scholarship
Ed & Wilma Wissbroecker Honourary Scholarship
Rev. E. W. Tokley Memorial Scholarship
Edna C. Lennox Memorial Scholarship 650
Lauretta MacCallum Memorial Scholarship
Rev. Handley C. Mullen Memorial Scholarship
Kathy Ann Hutt Honourary Scholarship 700
Junior & Marjorie Currie Memorial Scholarship
Ritenburgh Scholarship
H.K. & M.N. Sheets Memorial Scholarship 900
Donald & Marie Harding Scholarship 950
Branscombe-MacCallum Memorial Scholarship 1,000
David Boutilier Memorial Scholarship
Donald R. Moffett Memorial Scholarship
Earle Trouten Scholarship
Dr. Orval C. Butcher Memorial Scholarship
H. Boyd & Joanne Carson Scholarship 1,000 x 3
Ivan & Elaine Ricker Memorial Scholarship 1,000
Marion Trouten Scholarship
Kontrol Automation Scholarship
Nicholas Keith Memorial Scholarship
R & J Starks Women in Ministry Scholarship
Ruth Black Memorial Scholarship
Dr. B. Frank Ogden Memorial           Scholarship 2,000 x 2
Edward Rose Memorial Scholarship 2,300
Rev. Randolph Nicholson Memorial Scholarship 2,500
Dean Edgett Memorial Scholarship
Zella Blanche Silver Memorial Scholarship 3,000
Josiah Smith Memorial Scholarship 5,000
Lorne & Dorcas Pinch Memorial Scholarship 5,600 x 2

Buckingham Leadership Scholarship

This scholarship funds Kingswood University students with $1,000 Canadian Dollars. Moreover, the Buckingham Leadership Scholarship is awarded yearly to ten (10) KU students who possess excellent leadership skills.

Furthermore, recipients of the Buckingham Leadership Scholarship are counseled by Dr. Buckingham every month on how to contribute to the growth of their leadership skills.

Presidential Scholarships

These scholarships are made up of three (3) president scholarships for Kingswood University students. Besides, the award amounts of these scholarships range from $1,000 to $4,000 Canadian Dollars.

More so, Presidential Scholarships are offered to full-time students at Kingswood University based on their academic performance. Awardees are able to renew their scholarship each year by maintaining a certain CGPA.

Thus, below are Kingswood University Presidential Scholarships for international students.

Name of Scholarship Required Entrance Average or GPA CGPA for Scholarship Renewal Award amount  per year ($ Canadian Dollars)
President’s Scholarship of Merit 75 to 79.9%/3.30 to 3.69 3.5 1,000
” ” ” ” Scholarship of Excellence 80 to 89.9%/ 3.7 to 3.89 3.7 2,000
President’s Scholarship of Distinction 90% or 3.90 3.9 4,000

International Wesleyan Ministerial Scholarship

This scholarship avails full funding to its recipients. Moreover, International Wesleyan Ministerial Scholarship can be renewed every year inasmuch as a minimum CGPA of 3.0 is maintained by its recipients.

Additionally, International Wesleyan Ministerial Scholarship is awarded to Kingswood University students who are from countries experiencing a recession.

Eligibility requirement/criteria of International Wesleyan Ministerial Scholarship

  • Firstly, you must be enrolled in a full-time degree program at Kingswood University and should be residing in Canada.
  • Secondly, you‘re expected to be a member of Wesleyan Church.
  • Thirdly, you must be proficient in the English language. However, this can be proven via a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) PBT score of 550 or (CBT) score of 80.
  • More so, you must be recommended via self conversance by a missionary, general, district or field superintendent.
  • Ultimately, you’re mandated to provide a letter of intent that entails your dedication to go back to your country of origin in order to serve a Wesleyan Church/Wesleyan Holiness Church/Wesleyan Methodist Church.

FAQs about Kingswood University scholarships for international students

Q. Where is Kingswood University located?

Ans – Kingswood University address: 26 Western St, Sussex, NB E4E 1E6, Canada.

Q. How do I contact the Kingswood University enrolment team?

Ans – Phone Number: (506) 432-4422

Toll-Free Number: (888) 432-4422 (for North America residents)

Email: [email protected]

Q. Are there Kingswood University job opportunities?

Ans – Yes, Kingswood University makes provision of some career opportunities, which include positions for director of marketing, maintenance facilitator, etc.