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Guide on How to Apply for a Kosovo Permanent Residency

If you seek how to live permanently in Kosovo, a Kosovo Permanent Residency Permit is the document that can help you fulfill your desire.

Citizens of different countries love to stay in Kosovo permanently with their families. The reason is that the Republic of Kosovo has several features that would make you want to retain your stay in the country. Such features include Kosovo’s natural values, friendly community members, delicious foods, great coffee, and summer festivals.

By obtaining a Kosovo Permanent Residency Permit, you have nothing to worry about in renewing your residence permit yearly. Your permanent residency permit is enough to let you stay legally in Kosovo for as long as you desire.

We urge you to continue reading about Kosovo Permanent Residency Permit, including its eligibility criteria, requirements, fees, application procedures, etc.

Reasons to Live in Kosovo

The following are some reasons to consider living in the Republic of Kosovo.

  • Kosovo has a spectacular nature that is very pleasing to the eyes.
  • The coffee brewed in Kosovo is exceptional and quite affordable.
  • There are many attractions where you can have fun in the Republic of Kosovo. These include Nebeske Stolice Archaeological Site, Bjeshkët e Nemuna – National Park, Gazivoda Lake, Pancic’s peak, and Mali i Zhlebit Mountain.
  • The way of life in the Republic of Kosovo involves no stress compared to most European countries.
  • Kosovan residents welcome guests from different parts of the world without discrimination.
  • Kosovo is close to Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, and North Macedonia.
  • Kosovo has several nightlife spots for young people. As such, you can hang out in the evening with your friends in any country’s bars, pubs, or nightclubs.
  • You would not have to worry about getting good food in Kosovo. The reason is that almost all restaurants in Kosovo offer excellent and inexpensive eats.

What is Kosovo Permanent Residency Permit?

A Kosovan Permanent Residency Permit is a document that allows foreign nationals to become permanent residents of the Republic of Kosovo.

Guidelines on applying for a Kosovo Permanent Residency Permit

Foreign nationals who want to become permanent residents of Kosovo must follow set procedures and consider some critical things during the application process.

These include:

  • Your passport must be valid before commencing the Kosovo Permanent Residency Permit application process.
  • You must ensure that you have initially lived legally in the Republic of Kosovo.
  • Be sure that you have resided in Kosovo for up to five years consecutively,
  • You must be a regular taxpayer in the Republic of Kosovo.
  • You have to pay Kosovo PR application fee when submitting your application.
  • You must also submit your PR application only to Kosovo’s Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Eligibility Criteria for Kosovo Permanent Residency

To qualify for Kosovo’s permanent residency, you must meet one of the following requirements.

  • You must have continuously lived in Kosovo for five years. This requires you to hold a valid Kosovan temporary residence permit.
  • Your spouse must be a Kosovan citizen or a foreign national who is now a permanent resident of Kosovo. It is equally important that your marriage has lasted a minimum of three years.
  • As a minor, you are eligible to apply for Kosovo Permanent Residency as long as one of your parents is a Kosovan permanent resident. However, the second parent needs to show their consent towards you becoming a Kosovo permanent resident.

Kosovo Permanent Residency Permit Requirements

To become a permanent resident of Kosovo, you have to possess the following documents, as they will facilitate your application processing.

  • A valid passport
  • Valid health insurance
  • Proof of marital status, such as your marriage certificate
  • Evidence of accommodation set aside and prepaid in Kosovo
  • Police clearance certificate to prove that Kosovo’s police force is not undergoing any investigation on you. The document must also show that you are not an ex-con.
  • Proof of fund documents to show that you are financially able to cater to your needs in Kosovo
  • A tax certificate that hasn’t exceeded the last three (3) months. You can get this document from the Tax Administration-Regional Office in the Republic of Kosovo.

Kosovo Permanent Residency Fees

While applying to become a permanent resident of Kosovo, you must pay a fee, which varies depending on your case.

A permanent residency permit for employment costs €100, while the one for family unification costs €70. Supposing you misplaced or damaged your permanent residence permit, you can apply for its replacement for €10.

How to Get a Kosovo Permanent Residency

Here are a few steps to take to become a Kosovo permanent resident.

  1. Confirm for eligibility to become a Kosovan permanent resident
  2. Put together all relevant supporting documents
  3. Apply and supporting documents
  4. Pay the Kosovo permanent residency application fee
  5. Give time for decision

Step 1: Confirm for eligibility to become a Kosovan permanent resident

The first step in becoming a Kosovan permanent resident involves confirming whether you are eligible or not.

If you discover you’re eligible, you can move to Step Two.

Step 2: Put together all relevant supporting documents

Next, you must put together all documents needed to support your permanent residency application. Then, ensure that you make them ready for submission.

Step 3: Apply and supporting documents

The third step in applying for Kosovo’s permanent residency permit is to submit your application, including your supporting documents. You have to do this on time.

Step 4: Pay the Kosovo permanent residency application fee

Afterward, you have to pay an application fee ranging from €70 to €100 depending on your reason for an extended stay in Kosovo.

Step 5: Give time for decision

Lastly, you have to wait until a decision is made on your Kosovan permanent residency application.

Where do I submit my Kosovo Permanent Residency Application?

All foreign nationals applying for their Kosovan Permanent Residency Permit must submit their application to the country’s Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Below is its full contact information.

  • The Republic of Kosovo Ministry of Internal Affairs addresses: “Luan Haradinaj” n.n. 10000 Pristina, Kosovo

Phone Number: +383 38 521 033

Email: [email protected]

The office is usually open Mondays to Fridays from 8 am to 4 pm. However, remember that you can’t visit Kosovo’s Ministry of Internal Affairs on weekends as it will be closed to visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs a Kosovo Permanent Residency Permit?

A Kosovan permanent residency permit is required by foreigners who intend to live in Kosovo for a relatively long period. The permit allows its holders to live and work anywhere in the country without a visa.

How much does it cost to get Kosovo Permanent Residency Permit?

The cost of getting a permanent residency permit in Kosovo ranges from €70 to €100. You have to initiate the fee payment while submitting your PR application.

Who accepts Kosovo Permanent Residency Permit applications?

The Republic of Kosovo’s Ministry of Internal Affairs accepts applications for permanent residence permits.

How long does it take to get a Kosovo Permanent Residency Permit?

Getting a Kosovan permanent residency permit typically takes a few months. Applicants must first hold a temporary residence permit, which takes up to 5 weeks for processing. After possessing your Kosovan temporary residence permit, you can submit your PR application.

Is it easy to obtain a Kosovo Permanent Residency Permit?

Yes, it is pretty easy to obtain a Kosovo Permanent Residency Permit. The first step involves getting a temporary residency permit, which requires submitting certain documents to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Such documents include:

  • A valid passport.
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • Proof of funds.
  • Valid evidence of health insurance.
  • Proof of criminal record.

After consecutively maintaining your temporary resident status for five (5) years, you can apply for your permanent residency permit.

Do I need a lawyer to get a Kosovo Permanent Residency Permit?

No, you don’t need a lawyer to get a Kosovo Permanent Residency Permit. The reason is that its application process is straightforward. However, it is advisable to hire a lawyer to assist you with the entire process.

Is Kosovo in Schengen?

No, the Republic of Kosovo is not located in Schengen Area. This implies that Kosovo is not among the 26 European countries comprised of the Schengen Area.

Can my Kosovo Permanent Residency Permit application be rejected?

Yes, your application for a Kosovan Permanent Residency Permit can be rejected. A primary reason for rejection could be that you do not satisfy the permit’s eligibility criteria. Hence, you must ensure that you fulfill all the requirements and submit all supporting documents properly. This will help in increasing your chances of becoming a Kosovan permanent resident.


In summary, becoming a Kosovo permanent resident involves a process that is accomplishable by acting following the proper steps. By doing so, you will be opportune to work, live and move freely in any part of the country.

We trust that this blog post will help you obtain your Kosovo Permanent Residency Permit easily.

Thanks for reading!

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