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Kosovo Short term Visa – Types, Application, validity, and fees

Do you want a trip to the Republic of Kosovo for a period? Then you would need to get a Kosovo short-term visa. You will also need a visa if you want to visit a friend, take a short business trip, or transit to another country. It is always good to live and work legally in a country, and you can enjoy this in Kosovo with a Kosovo short-term visa.

Kosovo is one place with untouched natural jewels that foreigners want to enjoy. There’s a ski resort, alpine-style accommodation, breathtaking mountains, and photogenic Bistrica lakes. All you need to enjoy all this is a short stay, and you can explore them all. There’s a visa for about 90 days which is the Kosovo short-term visa.

You would need to know all about the Kosovo short-term visa to be sure you are eligible for it. So this article is here to furnish you with all the information on Kosovo short-term visas: Types, Applications, validity, and fees. You will get all the right information below:

Kosovo short-term visa

Kosovo short-term visa, otherwise known as Visa C, is a permit to gain access to Kosovo. It is usually stamped on one’s passport to show one has the legal right to Kosovo. This visa is issued by the representation authorities that are abroad in Kosovo. If you need ee a friend in Kosovo, you want to go on sightseeing, or want on-term work; then you should get Kosovo short-term visa.

Also, if you want to do a short exchange program or take a short-term education or business trip, you would need this visa. The maximum period or duration for the Kosovo short-term visa is 90 days. Therefore, with Kosovo short-term visa, you are at liberty to have two single and multiple entries.

Countries that would need Kosovo short-term visa to gain entry

Chad, Cape Verde, Burkina Faso, Benin, Indonesia, Iran, and Iraq.Jamaica.Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kiribati, North Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Lao People’s Democratic Republon, Liberia, Libya, Madagascar, Mali, and Mauritania. Mongolia, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation, Rwanda

Kosovo short-term visa documents are needed

To get your application for Kosovo short-term visa approved, you would need to provide the documents alongside your application form:

  • Fully completed application form: you would need to date and sign the form if you are an adult. But for minors, it should be done by both parents.
  • Your traveling passport should be valid for at least three months before departure. The passport should not be more than ten years. It would help if you had undamaged pictures affixed.
  • New photo: your photo should not be more than six months; it should have a frontal view of 70 or 80 percent. The background should be white and uniform. Make sure it has clear facial features of you. Lastly, it should be 3.5×4.5 in size.
  • Valid ID card: you would need a valid ID card copy for about three months. It should be more than the departure period.
  • Have the visa copy or residence permit: this only applies if your resident country and citizenship are not the same. The validity should be three months above the time of departure.
  • Photocopies of your visa for the final destination, previous visas, and the main page of your passport.
  • Evidence of travel itinerary: Get your flight reservation, hotel accommodation, and booking reservation. Give full information like zip code, street, city, name, and contact information.
  • Sponsor and local employer letter; this is to show proof of occupation; the letter should provide your name, telephone no, and address of the sponsors. Also include their position at work, employment status, and salary. Lastly, show the duration of the work left, expected entry and exit, and the purpose of travel.

Other documents include;

  • Evidence to show financial stability: you would need to present your bank statement at least in the last three months. Show the credit card, the cash movement, traveler’s cheques, pay slips, proof of employment, proof of prepaid accommodation, document about accommodation in private, and proof of prepaid transport.
  • Proof of health travel insurance: this should cover the duration of stay in Kosovo. The medical provider should be about 30,000 Euros.
  • If you are traveling for tourism, you need hotel confirmation proof, same for contract or rental.
  • For sports or business, you would show the invitation letter and confirmation of accommodation.
  • For a private visit, you would need to show evidence of invitation by the inviting person, evidence of the resident of the party, and the person’s residence permit.
  • If you are going for a short study, you would need to present the invitation letter sent by the school in Kosovo; you would show evidence of the acceptance letter, same with accommodation confirmation.
  • If you are traveling for employment, you would need to present a letter of invitation from the employed company in Kosovo. You would also need to preset the confirmation of the accommodation bookings in Kosovo.
  • For minors: the English translation of the child’s custody decree or adoption is the same as the child’s birth certificate. Then a permit letter from the parents if the child is traveling alone.

Kosovo short-term visa fees

You would have to pay the processing fees to get your Kosovo short-term visa processed and approved. The fee for Kosovo short-term visa is only 40 Euros for a single entry. But for multiple entries, it differs from country to country. This can be found at the embassy before making payment. Another payment you may need to make depends on the embassy. But you would pay other fees like service fees and courier fees.

Where to apply for Kosovo short-term visa

For Kosovo short-term visas, you can apply in Kosovo embassies or the consulates. But if you don’t have one in your country of residence, you need to use the one nearest to your country. You can also use any consulate near your country. But know that if you are exempted from getting a Kosovo short-term visa but need to stay longer, then you would need to get a long-stay visa. You would need to do this before arriving in Kosovo.

This is in case you want to apply for a residence permit afterward. This document will enable you to stay legally in Kosovo while preparing for residency.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What’s Kosovo’s short-term visa processing time?

Kosovo’sshort-term visa processing time is 15-30 calendar days on average. The duration solely depends on the embassy you are processing your visa.

Who is exempted from Kosovo short-term visa?

One with a valid Schengen multi-entry visa or one with a biometric valid residence permit. These categories of people can enter Kosovo for about 15 days. They can also remain or transit in the territory of the country.

What is the visa volatility period of Kosovo’sshort-term visa?

It is a maximum of 90 days, i.e., about three months.

What are the requirements for those that don’t need Kosovo short-term visa?

You would still need to be able to show proof of accommodation, the purpose of the visit, and be able to finance your stay. In addition, your passport should be valid for about three months, proof of your flight tickets, and not a threat to the country.

How do I handle my Kosovo short-term visa application rejection?

If your Kosovo short-term visa application is rejected, you will first be alerted by the Kosovo mission. Then, the reasons for the rejection will be stated in the mail. You would then be expected to appeal it in the next four weeks via writing them. After that, if you are reconsidered, you can apply again for the visa. But you would need to appeal first.

Will my Kosovo short-term visa fees be returned in case of rejection?

No, your Kosovo short-term visa fee is non-refundable. So it simply means that there will be no refunds when you are unsuccessful with the application approval.

Do I have to appear in person to apply for my Kosovo short-term visa?

These wills depend on your home country’s embassy or consulate. So you need to confirm first though some people are allowed via courier.


The Republic of Kosovo is one unexplored gem place that, when explored, will leave one in awe. The land is blessed with top attractions like fascinating natural pristine, charming atmosphere, and bustling cities. You can take a quick trip here to take in all the fantastic scenery of the country. All you need is the Kosovo short-term visa. If you want to know about its short-term visa, application, fees, and duration, then the above information is all you need.

The above information will guide you to get it right as you attempt a trip to Kosovo on a short stay.

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