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Kosovo Visa Requirements – Who can apply, Fees and Exemptions

Are you planning on traveling to the beautiful country of Kosovo? If yes, you may wonder what it will take to acquire a visa for your trip.

Kosovo is a great place to travel! The people are friendly and welcoming, and there is a lot to see and do. If you are a citizen of a country that does not require a visa to enter Kosovo, you may stay in the country for up to 90 days. But if otherwise, this content is for you.

In this article, we will open your mind to everything you need to know about the Kosovo visa and its requirements! Don’t miss a sentence; there is a lot to learn.

Kosovo Visa

The Kosovo Visa is a document that allows citizens of certain countries to travel to Kosovo for a specific purpose. These purposes may encompass tourism, business, or study. However, when applying for the visa, you need to be straightforward to apply for the visa type that aligns with your purpose for traveling to Kosovo.

For instance, if you are traveling to Kosovo for study purposes, you must obtain a Kosovo Study visa. For tourism, you can obtain the Kosovo tourist visa; for business, you can get the Kosovo business visa, and so on. More so, you must meet the visa requirements specific to the visa type you are going for.

Who can apply for the Kosovo visa?

Without a doubt, a Kosovo visa is a Schengen visa. It is a type of visa that allows you to travel freely within the Schengen Area. The Schengen Area includes 26 European countries that have agreed to allow free movement of their citizens within the states. Hence, you might not need to know about the Kosovo visa requirements if you are part of this country.

Kosovo visa exemption

Visitors or foreign nationals are sometimes exempt from obtaining a Kosovo visa. Hence, they will not require a visa for Kosovo. Check below for this category.

  • Individuals with a valid biometric residence permit issued by a single member country are allowed into Kosovo without a visa for 15 days.
  • Visitors with Schengen visas (multiple entries) can stay in Kosovo for about two weeks.
  • If you have a diplomatic or service passport issued by Ukraine, China, Egypt, Indonesia, or Russia, you will be allowed to stay in Kosovo for two weeks without a visa.
  • Also, if Taiwan authenticates your travel document, you will be allowed to remain in Kosovo for 15 days. However, you should notify the consular mission in Kosovo before visitation.
  • If your documents are issued by the United States of America, Schengen state, European Union member states, Japan, Canada, and Australia based on refugee status, you can travel to Kosovo without a visa for 2 weeks.
  • If you have your documents issued by the special administrative regions of Hong Kong, the people’s Republic of China, and Marco, you have the Express opportunity to travel to Kosovo.
  • Likewise, if you hold Laissez-Passer passes issued by NATO, the United Nations organizations, OSCE, the European Union, and the council of Europe, you are exempted from getting a visa. Hence, you don’t need to meet the visa requirement for Kosovo.

Kosovo visa requirements

Without a doubt, to successfully apply and obtain the Kosovo visa, you must meet the following requirements and submit an authentic document of each of them. Note that you must prepare these documents in two copies.

#1. Visa application form

You must obtain the Kosovo visa application form and fill it out with your information. Also, do not forget to print it out and append your signature.

#2. Travel documents

You need a copy of your travel document, such as a passport, Laissez-Passer, etc. Importantly, it must have two spaces where you can attach your visa. And yes, its validity must be beyond three months before you leave for Kosovo.

#3. Passport photo

The passport photo is one of the critical Kosovo visa requirements you must submit for your application. Note that the passport must be recently taken and in line with the Schengen rule for passport photographs.

#4. Personal statement

Without a doubt, you must submit a cover letter that state your reason for visiting Kosovo, the duration of your return, and other evidence that satisfies that you will return to your country once your trip to Kosovo is achieved.

These documents can include a reserved flight ticket, a letter from your employer (if you’re employed), or a letter that states that you have a business you can fall back to in your country.

#5. Financial proof

Not only must you assure the embassy that you have enough money to travel to Kosovo, but also submit official proof that satisfies your claim.

#6. Health insurance

You must have travel health insurance for your visit to Kosovo. Plus, your insurance must be able to cover your medical expenses in case you come across a medical issue in Kosovo.

#7. Proof of accommodation

In this case, you need evidence that you have a place to stay in Kosovo. This proof can be in the form of a private housing, rental agreement, or hotel booking.

#8. Payment of visa fee

Importantly, you must tender evidence that you have paid the application fee attached to your visa.

Most importantly, all your documents must be in either English, Serbian, or Albanian. If you have documents in other languages, you should get them translated by a translator (verified translator).

Cost of Kosovo visa

To apply for the Kosovo visa, you must be prepared to pay €40 as the application fee. This is a critical Kosovo visa requirement, without which you cannot get your visa authenticated.

However, some people do not need to pay for this visa, regardless of nationality. They are:

  • Children under the age of 6.
  • Any visitor that holds a diplomatic passport.
  • Also, children of visitors, as well as teachers on educational trips.

Consular fees at the Kosovo embassy

Suppose you need some documents for your application. In that case, you can visit the Kosovo Embassy near you to obtain some of these documents. Here is the application fee for each specific documents:

  • Identification card: To get an identification card, you need to pay the sum of 40€.
  • A travel document for return: To get a return travel document, you need to pay the sum of 30€.
  • Travel pass for deceased: You will need the sum of 20€ for a travel pass for the deceased.
  • Passport for the first time: If you are more than 18 years, obtaining a passport for the first time, you can get it at 100€.
  • Lost/damaged/renewed passport: The consular fee for a lost, damaged, or renewed passport is about 85€.
  • Passport for children up to 3 years: Children under the age of 3 can get a passport for 30€.
  • Passport for children (from 3-18 years): Without a doubt, children between the years of 3 and 18 can obtain an international passport for the sum of 70€.
  • Registration of birth: The consular fee to register the birth of a child is about 20€.
  • Registration of marriage: Also, to register for marriage at the Kosovo consulate, you must pay the sum of 20€
  • Registration of death: However, the registration of death is about 20€.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it essential to meet the visa requirements for Kosovo?

Yes, it is important to meet the visa requirements for Kosovo. However, the process is relatively simple, and you can find all the information you need on the website of the Embassy of Kosovo.

How can I get permanent residency in Kosovo?

There are a few ways to get permanent residency in Kosovo. One way is to be born in Kosovo and have at least one parent who is a Kosovar citizen. Another way is to marry a Kosovar citizen. You can also get permanent residency through investment or work in a high-skilled profession.

Is Kosovo in Schengen?

Yes, Kosovo is in Schengen.

Is travel to Kosovo safe?

Yes, travel to Kosovo is safe. However, as with any destination, it is important to take precautions and be aware of your surroundings. There is some political unrest in Kosovo, so visitors should avoid any large gatherings or protests. In addition, petty crime does occur in certain areas, so be sure to keep your belongings secure. Overall, however, Kosovo is a safe and welcoming place to visit.

Is Kosovo an excellent place to live?

Kosovo is an excellent place to live. The people are friendly, and the scenery is beautiful. There are many things to do in Kosovo, and the cost of living is low.


Assuredly, you need to meet all debit visa requirements to enter beautiful Kosovo country. We have provided these requirements and the fees for each category of people. Also, if you need to get some other documents at the Kosovo Embassy in your own country, we have listed the consular fees you should prepare for your application.

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