Kuwait Business Visa – Requirements, Validity and Fees

A foreign national who wishes to conduct any legal business within the borders of Kuwait must possess a Kuwait business visa. The country’s geopolitical position in the Northern Arabian Gulf presents an ideal market entry in many directions of the world, including Eastern Asia, Turkey, and Eastern and Central Europe. Due to its favorable business policy, Kuwait is an attractive place for foreign investment.

Not only is Kuwait a desirable business location, but it also offers a refreshing, entrepreneur-friendly climatic environment. This city, which has the sixth-largest oil reserves in the world, gets extremely hot throughout the summer. Kuwait has a history of long summers and short winters attributed to its scorching desert climate.

Kuwait offers all-inclusive benefits to foreigners. You may maintain a successful business while taking advantage of their rich historical and cultural legacy. Are you prepared for this all-inclusive experience? This article contains all the details about Kuwait business visas and the criteria for applying for them.

Kuwait Business Visa

The government of Kuwait issues the Kuwait business visa to foreign citizens to allow them to engage in business activities within the state. For this reason, any foreigners visiting the country for business must submit a permit before entry.

Even if your visit extends from attending business meetings or conferences or conducting business training, the visa caters for it. In addition, conducting internal business audits and performing equipment installations or other temporary services for business clients or the branch office of the company you work with are included in the business activities that the visa permits.

Furthermore, although Kuwait comprises a small land mass, it is among the biggest exporters and oil-producing states. Because of its business-friendly policies, the demand for the Kuwait business visa is increasing. Despite the increase in demand, the Kuwait visa is not for everybody.

Who is eligible for a Kuwait business visa?

Apart from the citizens of GCC member countries, every other non-Kuwaitan citizen cannot enter the territory visa-free. Not just that, before issuing you a Kuwait business visa, the Kuwait embassy in your country must screen you and confirm your eligibility using stipulated eligibility criteria.

Below are the eligibility criteria you must satisfy before receiving a Kuwait business visa;

  • Your intention must relate to any of the business activities or business-related activities that the visa allows.
  • Your business client or partner must be a citizen of Kuwait and located in Kuwait too. If not a citizen of Kuwait, your business client or partner must have permanent residency in Kuwait.
  • The invitation letter given to you by your client must be valid. Valid in the sense that it must have the letterhead of the inviting company and a stamp of the Kuwait immigration.
  • The company or individual inviting you must be financially sufficient and capable. To prove this, they should submit proof of financial strength to the Kuwait embassy in the country.
  • You must return to your home country after the business negotiations and assignments. To prove your willingness to return, You should provide proof of strong ties in your home.
  • You must not show signs of an underlying health condition or should you have an underlying health condition.

What are the application requirements for a Kuwait business visa?

To get a Kuwait business visa, below are the documents you must submit to your local consulate;

#1. Kuwait business visa application form

This form can be filled out online or obtained from the Kuwait embassy in your country.
All information entered in the application must align with the information in other documents. You should print a copy of the form, sign it and submit it with other documents at the embassy.

#2. Copy of passport-type photo

A recent passport photograph taken within six months and against a white background is acceptable. The face of the applicant must be 80% visible and have a neutral facial expression. Headgears should not be in the passport image except for religious reasons. It must also be a coloured photograph.

Furthermore, you must avoid using cloth colours matching the background and ensure to look straight at the camera.

#3. A copy of an International passport with the main page

Submit the original copy of your passport as well as one photocopy. The photocopy must capture the main page and the biodata page. A passport valid for a minimum of six months beyond the travel and having two blank pages is acceptable. Moreover, no tear or damage should be on the civil passport.

Without a copy of your passport, you cannot cross international boundaries.

#4. Proof of Accommodation

A copy of hotel booking/reservation, realty document, letter from your host or any documents generally accepted for proof of accommodation.

Every piece of information must align with your travel and biodata information. You will need to submit a copy of the host’s residence card in case of staying at a private house. Submit both the front and backside of the card and fill out the address in the visa application form.

#5. Invitation Letter

The travel sponsor or the business partner must write an invitation letter which the applicant submits to the embassy. The letter must also capture the business purpose and their travel information.

#6. A receipt for visa fee payment

When you pay your visa fee after applying, you should print a confirmation of the visa payment and submit it to the embassy.

#7. Proof of financial sufficiency

The acceptable proof includes; a bank statement of the sponsor, payment slip, realty document or a bank statement from your bank. The bank statement should show the account balance and the date issued.

Additional Kuwait business visa application requirements

#1. A copy of an Identification card

An identification card from your country of citizenship or residency is acceptable.

#2. Proof of sponsor’s business registration

The sponsor must submit their business registration certificate.

#3. Proof of negative criminal record

The only proof of a clear criminal record globally acceptable is a police clearance certificate signed and stamped by the national police unit of your country of residence.

#4. Health travel Insurance certificate

A health travel insurance certificate issued by an Internationally distinguished insurance company is the ideal certification. It should include minimum insurance coverage of €30,000.

#5. Travel itinerary

All plans made for the trip must include flight reservation tickets (entry and exit). The travel ticket must clearly and boldly show your travel details.

Applying for a Kuwait business visa

For Kuwait business visa application, follow the below steps;

  • Contact the Kuwait embassy in your country to find out about the application requirements.
  • Collect the essential documents and put them together for the application.
  • Download the visa application form online or collect one from the Kuwait consulate in your country.
  • Register and enter the information required of you correctly.
  • Hit the submit button on your computer to submit your application in the case of an online application. However, in the case of an offline application, you should submit your application form with the required documents.
  • Proceed to pay your visa application fee and print the confirmation. Ensure to submit the proof of payment at the embassy.
  • Schedule an interview with the embassy. It is a finishing step and a critical application phase. Failure to attend the interview might result in your application disqualification.
  • Wait for the application approval. Immediately after the application is approved and processed, the embassy will contact you for collection.


Submit a functional electronic address because the embassy will communicate with you through email.

Why you should consider doing business in Kuwait

Below are four reasons why you need to do business in Kuwait

  • The country has a hospitable culture. The population is young and has more consumers who are very fond of foreign products and high technology.
  • There is the availability of power, water, land, and labour. The government provides up to 80% subsidy for power tariffs.
  • Kuwait operates a regulatory banking system that is supportive of production and businesses. The regulatory banking policy of Kuwait makes it one of the most stable banking markets in the Middle East and North Asian region.
  • The country has shown a competent, strong business capacity and commercial mindset- the reason many leading businesses in the world pitch their tents in the country.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is the cost of the Kuwait business visa fee?

Generally, it costs between 10-340 USD to acquire a Kuwait business visa. However, fees may vary depending on nationality and the country of citizenship.

What is the processing time for a Kuwait business visa?

Processing a Kuwait business visa takes about two to ten working days. But it can be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. And this differs from one local consulate to another.

Where can I apply for a Kuwait business visa?

In most cases, your sponsor obtains the Kuwait business visa from their country of residence and sends it to you. However, in some cases, you have to make the application by yourself. And in this case, you will make the application at the Kuwait embassy in your country.

If there is no embassy in your country, you will have to apply at the nearest consulate to your location.

Can I extend my Kuwait business visa?

Yes, you can. However, you can only make your request at the expiration of your current visa. Your permit does not have to expire before you begin the extension process. You can commence the visa extension process latest 1- 2 months before your visa expiration date.


It is only a matter of minutes to hours to complete the Kuwait visa application. You only need to know what to submit and how to do it. This article covers everything you should know about applying for a Kuwait business visa.

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