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Kuwait Residence Permit: Guide on how to apply for it

Are you anxious to reside and work comfortably in Kuwait? Then you need to know how to apply for a Kuwait Residence Permit. It can be daunting, as the Kuwaiti government has strict regulations for who can and cannot obtain a residency permit. However, getting a Kuwait residency permit is relatively simple with the proper knowledge and paperwork.

Once you acquire this type of Kuwait visa, you’ll get the chance to enjoy some specific benefits. For example, Kuwait is the fourth most prosperous country globally in terms of GDP per capita and the only country with a sea border with Iraq.

Kuwait is a Middle Eastern country. The residency permit process in Kuwait is relatively simple, and there are many benefits to having a residence permit. This article will guide you through applying for a Kuwait Residence Permit.

About the Kuwait Residence Permit

The Kuwait Residence Permit, also known as Iqama, is an authorization given to foreigners to reside in Kuwait. Please note that you’ll need this type of visa if you are not a GCC (member of the Gulf Cooperation Council) national. The validity of a residence visa in Kuwait is ten years. Most importantly, it would help if you had a sponsor to acquire it.

Types of Kuwait Residence Permit

There are three categories of Residence visas for Kuwait. These include domestic permits, work visas, and dependent visas. As stated earlier, you need a sponsor for all three types of Kuwait Residence Visa. Foreign nationals with ample resources and who have lived in Kuwait for a long time have the privilege to sponsor their residents. It’s not even necessary whether they have permission to gain employment.

Domestic Visa

The Domestic Residence Permit is for a resident expatriate’s full-time domestic helper employed or sourced from a country outside Kuwait. Since foreigners can bring a full-time domestic helper to Kuwait, hence the existence of this visa. It’s suitable for domestic helpers between the ages of 20 to 50 years.

Male applicants acting as sponsors should have a wife to hire a female domestic helper. This Kuwait residence visa costs KD200.00 for the first year and KD10.00 for the succeeding years. Plus, the helper should pay for it.

Work Visa

The Kuwait work residence visa is suitable for private or public sector employees, according to articles 17 and 18 of the immigration regulations. To start applying, you must possess an accepted employment offer of the employee. The applicant should be a Kuwaiti employer sponsor, and the application filing will be from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour. Furthermore, the sponsor must obtain a NOC or No Objection Certificate from the General Administration of Criminal Investigation at the Ministry of Interior.

Assuming the employee is already working in the country on a visit visa, the employee must leave and enter for the residence permit to be invoked. The reason is that the expatriate must return to their country for medical tests and the country’s Kuwait Embassy endorsement.

Dependent Visa

The Dependent Visa, also known as a family visa, permits an employed person in Kuwait to bring their family to reside in Kuwait. Holders of this Kuwait Residence visa can bring their wives and children to the country. However, a wife can’t sponsor her husband and sons above age 21. Please note that the dependent family members can’t work in Kuwait unless they obtain a Kuwait Work Visa.

It’s essential for applicants working in the public sector to be earning 450KD monthly ($1496) before applying for this type of visa. In contrast, applicants working in the private sector must make 650KD monthly ($2160). Finally, parents wishing to sponsor their wards must work and earn in Kuwait with a combined salary exceeding 350KD monthly ($1163).

Requirements for Kuwait Residence Permit

The General Department of Residency is in charge of granting residency for expatriates that want to enter Kuwait. Foreign nationals must meet the following requirements if they apply for a Kuwait Residence Permit.

#1. Residence Application Form

You can download the Residence Application form from the State of Kuwait Ministry of Interior’s website. It must be signed by the sponsor for a dependent or an employee to be eligible for the residence visa. Therefore, it will help if you input all the necessary information before the sponsor signs it. Please note that the application form will be in Arabic, and if you’re not proficient in the language, you can hire a bilingual typist to do it for you.

#2. Passport photograph

Two passport photographs are part of Kuwait residence visa requirements. It should be recent photographs of 4 by 6 inches in a colored format. The applicant must take it on a blue background, visibly shot without having a face cap or headgear.

#3. Valid international passport

An Iqama applicant should possess an international travel document valid for six months from when you intend to return to her home country. There should be a minimum of two unfilled pages for the visa stamp. Please note that you’ll need a copy of it also.

#4. Travel health insurance

Part of Kuwait residence visa rules is that applicants should provide proof of health insurance from a public or private insurance company to cover their health pending the time they will stay in Kuwait. It’ll help applicants get medical attention in emergencies in the country.

#5. Medical Certificate

Furthermore, the applicant must provide a medical certificate issued by an embassy-accredited clinic. It’ll help to ensure that you have no illness that will threaten the citizens or residents of Kuwait. But, most importantly, you will have to undergo another round of local medical tests when you enter Kuwait.

#6. Police clearance certificate

Similarly, a Police clearance certificate is a vital Kuwait residence visa requirement. Please note that some foreign nationals must provide a good conduct certificate to obtain this document.

#7. Civil Certificate

Dependents that want to sponsor family members should provide a marriage or birth certificate. The certificate will be authenticated by the sponsor’s embassy in their home country.

#8. Fingerprint Certificate

The last document is the fingerprint certificate that the applicants will use to process the Kuwait residence visa completely.

How to apply for a Kuwait Residence Permit

Applying for a Kuwait Residence Permit is a straightforward process. Here are the following steps you need to take:

Step one: Decide on the Kuwait residence visa you need

Firstly, you must decide the type of Kuwait residence visa to obtain based on the purpose you have in mind. Then, you can check the above for the three categories of Kuwait residence permits.

Step two: Contact the Kuwait embassy.

Secondly, the type of residence visa you want to obtain will determine if your sponsor can apply for you at Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior. If there is a Kuwaiti Embassy in the employee’s country, the applicant should contact them before booking the interview date.

Step three: Prepare your document.

Check those documents mentioned above for your visa application. Then gather them and prepare them for submission at the consulate.

Step four: Book an interview with the embassy

It’s essential to book an interview with the Kuwait embassy before visiting the consulate for an interview. Then, the applicant can call for the meeting online via the official website and plan to attend.

Step five: Wait for your visa approval.

The last step is to wait for your visa approval within two weeks. Please note that you can check your Kuwait residence permit status on the official website by entering your internal reference number.

Applying for an extension of residence permit

You can apply for the extension of your residence permit on the Ministry of Home Affairs website. In addition, the sponsor or the company representative can apply for the renewal of the Kuwait residence permit online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum salary for a family visa in Kuwait?

The minimum salary for a Kuwaiti resident applying for a family visa is 500 KD ($1,646) per month.

Is it easy to secure a job in Kuwait?

Kuwait is one of the most accessible places to get a job. The nation is proud of having one of the lowest unemployment rates globally, with no personal income taxes. Please note that you must obtain a work permit to work in Kuwait. There are several attractive job opportunities in Kuwait. Expatriates can get oil production, marketing, sales, and finance jobs.

Is Kuwait issuing a new work visa?

Yes, Kuwait is issuing new work visas. The best part is that the government is gearing towards e-government, and you can apply for it online. Workers in the private sector can take advantage of it. However, they must first apply for a residence visa.

What is a golden visa in Kuwait?

The Kuwait golden visa is suitable for investors who want to put their funds into a commercial operation in Kuwait. This type of visa is legal for six months from the date of issue.


In conclusion, follow the proper steps and gather the required documents to apply for a Kuwait Residence Permit. First, ensure your application is complete and correct to avoid delays or issues. Then, submit your application and wait for approval so you can start enjoying your life in Kuwait.

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