Kuwait Transit Visa – Application and Documentation

Some people travel for pleasure, work, school, or official purposes. Others travel to see the world, among many other reasons, to name just a few. No matter where you’re traveling, if your flight will pass through Kuwait’s airport, you require a transit visa. While GCC nationals do not require a transit visa to enter Kuwait, this advantage does not include citizens of other countries.

Kuwait transit visa application is simple to complete. The government of Kuwait, a nation in Western Asia, has created a visa policy that’s lenient and simple for foreign nationals to access.

Nevertheless, an in-depth investigation can guarantee a stress-free visa application process. If your travel plan includes a brief stopover in Kuwait, you should read this article for more information.

Kuwait transit visa

The Kuwait transit visa is a non-immigrant license issued to foreign citizens briefly stopping in Kuwait before continuing their journey. Every foreigner about to take a trip to neighboring countries of Kuwait should check with their embassy if they need a visa for transit.

Kuwait transit visa is available for both online and offline applications. However, the transit visa must be put to use within seven days of acquisition, and failure to do so will result in a new visa application as the visa will expire. For a foreign citizen transiting through Kuwait to obtain a transit visa, you must hold a valid license for your destination country. In addition to visa ownership, you must have a confirmed onward ticket. But people who work on an airline or a ship are exempt from proof of onward travel tickets.

Moreso, International truck operators will need to obtain multiple Kuwait transit visas. That is to say that without a transit visa, a foreign citizen won’t be able to transit in Kuwait.

Exemptions to Kuwait transit visa

Despite the importance of the Kuwait transit visas for people stopping momentarily in the country before continuing their journey, there are exemptions to this visa policy.

Foreign nationals from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Qatar are eligible for visa-free entry into Kuwait. And as a result, citizens of these countries do not need a Kuwait transit visa. These countries added to Kuwait comprise the GCC ( Gulf Cooperation Council). This council aims to foster unity between these six countries based on the special relationship, geographical proximity, political and economic systems and common objectives they share.

Also, foreign nationals holding residence permits or citizenship passports in Kuwait do not need a transit visa.

Documents required for Kuwait transit visa

The most demanded documents necessary for obtaining a Kuwait transit visa include;

#1. Kuwait transit visa application form

You can apply for the Kuwait transit visa form online or physically at the Kuwait embassy in your country. Make sure to fill in your details correctly, print and submit them to the embassy.

On the other hand, minors who are below 18 years will have their parents sign their visa application form.

#2. A copy of an International passport

Your passport should still be official six months beyond the date of travel and contain at least two blank pages.

#3. Proof of visa payment fee

You must make payment for your visa application and submit the evidence of payment alongside other application documents.

#4. Travel ticket

A proven connecting flight ticket is required and considered a critically needed document for the visa application.

#5. Passport photograph

You are to provide a passport taken within the past six months. The civil passport-type photo should align with every requirement stipulated in the Kuwait visa policy. Any disparity might lead to the rejection of the application.

In addition, the passport must not display any evidence of the use of adhesive tapes or staples and should not be attached to the application form.

Other registration requirements

Even though you are stopping in Kuwait momentarily, you might need to provide additional documents. However, this is strictly on request by the Kuwait embassy in your country.

Below are the additional documents that you may need to provide;

#1. Travel health insurance

The insurance certificate accepted is one issued by an Internationally recognized insurance company. It must include minimum insurance coverage of €30,000.

#2. Proof of financial means

This proof serves as evidence that the applicant can cater for themselves.

#3. Medical Certificate

The medical certificate accepted must be signed and approved by a renowned qualified medical practitioner. This medical certificate attests to the health status of the applicant.

Kuwait transit visa application

The very first thing you should do before starting an application for a Kuwait transit visa should be to check with your country’s embassy if you need a transit visa. Once confirmed, follow the steps below.

  • Determine the Kuwait airport that you will be transiting.
  • Go to the official Kuwait immigration website and commence registration. You can decide to do your visa registration at your local consulate too.
  • You should determine the number of entries you need and indicate it on your registration form.
  • Fill in your application and select the reason for travel as “airport transit”. You can access the application online or at the embassy in your country.
  • Pay the visa application fee and submit your application. You must print a hard copy of the visa receipt. In the case of an offline application, you should collect evidence of payment and submit it along with other visa application documents.
  • After submitting your documents, you must schedule an interview with the embassy, after which you wait for a response from the embassy.

Likely reasons why you may not be issued a Kuwait Transit Visa

Notwithstanding that the Kuwait transit visa is an essential document that every foreign citizen transiting through Kuwait must have, there can be a visa refusal if you do not meet the requirements.
There are cases where the issuing body can reject your application and deny an applicant a transit visa.
Listed below are reasons why this may happen;

#1. Incomplete application

Incomplete filling in of information or a disparity in the pieces of information entered on the visa portal and the information contained in the applicant’s passport can result in visa refusal. To avert this, you should ensure every piece of information entered on the portal is correct and accurate. In addition, ensure that the information you supply is the same as the information on every other application document.

#2. Failure to pay the application fee

In the case of application fee payment, the embassy does not joke with it. Failure to pay your visa application fee, your application can be rejected.

#3. Criminal record

Individuals who have a criminal record could have their applications rejected. To avert this, the applicant must have a clean history.

#4. False information

Applicants who submit false information risk visa rejection. All applicants should ensure to send accurate information and documents.

#5. Financial Insufficiency

Not being financially sufficient also can lead to your visa rejection mail as a foreign applicant cannot work with a transit visa.

#6. Dual travel purpose

If your purpose of travel is dual, the embassy can decide to reject your application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Kuwait transit visa cost?

The fee for the Kuwait transit visa costs about $6. However, it can cost up to $85 or more depending on the applicant’s nationality or local consulate.

How long does a Kuwait transit visa last?

The validity of a Kuwait transit fee is seven days maximum. The visa expires after seven days if not utilized for travel. Notwithstanding the visa validity, a foreigner transiting in Kuwait can stay at most for 24 hours within Kuwait territory.

What is the processing time for a Kuwait transit visa?

The average time it takes to process a Kuwait transit visa is about two to ten working days to process a Kuwait transit visa. Although the visa processing time majorly depends on the embassy in your country.

Where do I apply for a Kuwait transit visa?

You can apply for a Kuwait transit visa online or physically at the Kuwait embassy in your country. However, your local consulate or the Port Authority is responsible for issuing you a transit visa. The applicant must also provide proof of onward travel before their visa processing.

Which countries can I enter with a Kuwait visa?

The Kuwait passport ranks 57th globally and grants visa-free access to about 95 countries.

Is Kuwait a Schengen Area member country?

No, Kuwait is not a member country of the Schengen Area Kuwait is a Western Asian country located at the northern edge of Eastern Arabia. Notwithstanding, the citizens of Kuwait are eligible to hold a Schengen visa.

Does Kuwait issue visas on arrival?

Yes, the Kuwait immigration service issues visas to citizens of about 54 countries on arrival. Eligible foreign citizens will have to queue at the border to complete the Kuwait visa on arrival application. More recently, the country has made provisions for online applications as an alternative to simplify and ease the stress encountered in the application process.


The Kuwait transit visa is a must-have document for every foreign traveller whose travel itinerary includes a brief stopover in Kuwait. The application process is not challenging as long as you have all requirements needed for the visa application.

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