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Kuwait Work Visa – Application and Documents Needed

Kuwait has become a popular destination for ex-pats looking to live abroad. This is because the country offers its residents a high standard of living and good quality of life. In addition to these benefits, the country provides a wide range of employment opportunities to foreigners with work visas.

Do you know Kuwaiti employers offer a variety of jobs, from teaching positions to management roles? Yes, they do! Many companies even provide housing allowances and other perks to their employees.

Likewise, for those looking for oil refinery jobs, Kuwait is also home to some of the largest companies in the Middle East. These include multinational corporations such as ExxonMobil, Total, and Shell.

However, before applying for a job in Kuwait, you should consider some important details. For example, you’ll need to apply for a Kuwait work visa before you start working. This is because the government requires foreign workers to obtain a work permit before they can legally begin working. Thus, to apply for a Kuwait Work Visa, you should prepare well ahead of time. Read this guide to get started.

Where is Kuwait?

Kuwait is an oil-rich country located on the Western coast of the Arabian Peninsula. The population is approximately 2 million people and covers an area of 83,946 square kilometers. Kuwait was formerly part of the Ottoman Empire and became a British protectorate in 1919. In 1962, Kuwait achieved independence as a result of the Arab-Israeli War. Several monarchies and republics have ruled Kuwait since independence. The current government is a constitutional monarchy headed by Queen Sheikha Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.

What is Kuwait Work Visa?

A Kuwait Work Visa is an immigration document allowing foreign workers to reside and work in Kuwait legally. The visa allows for a specific period, typically one year, and you must renew it yearly. To qualify for a Kuwait Work Visa, applicants must have a valid passport, proof of employability (a job offer from a reputable company), and good physical health. Once the applicant has been approved, they must apply for a visa at the Kuwaiti embassy or consulate in their home country.

Types of Kuwait Work Visa

There are several types of visas for Kuwait, including tourist visas, entrance visas, and others, but the residence visa is the most important for foreign workers moving to Kuwait. This visa has several subcategories, one of which is a work visa, which allows holders to stay in the country and work for extended periods.

Requirements for a work visa in Kuwait?

The requirements for a work visa in Kuwait differ depending on the type of visa sought. A foreign national who wishes to work in Kuwait must have the following documents:

  • A passport valid for at least six months beyond the intended arrival date and has two blank pages for visa stamping.
  • Form of visa application duly completed and signed
  • If the applicant is a minor, the form must be signed by the applicant’s parents/legal guardians.
  • Passport photos (40 mm x 60 mm) with a blue background.
  • Documentary about a trip.
  • Evidence of financial support
  • Evidence of accommodation
  • Return flight ticket copy
  • Documentation demonstrating the applicant’s ties to the home country.
  • Documentation proving the purpose of the trip.
  • Travel itinerary copy

Please Note: Following the submission of these documents, your employee will be issued a “No Objection Certificate” (NOC), allowing them to enter Kuwait. In addition, you will be issued a residency visa once you arrive in Kuwait. After that, within 30 days of receiving the residency visa, your employee can apply for a Kuwait Civil ID.

How to Obtain a Work Visa in Kuwait

Kuwaiti work visas are conditional on a job offer from a Kuwait-based company, so one should be prepared and made first. Once this is in place, you (the employer) will be responsible for handling your prospective employee’s a residence/work visa application.

The authorities will provide a document known as a No Objection Certificate once the application has been processed (NOC). This allows the employee to enter Kuwait, and a residence visa will be issued upon arrival.

Your employee should also apply for a Kuwaiti Civil ID in their first month. You can get more information about the process from the Ministry of Interior.

Kuwait Work Visa Fees

The visa fee in Kuwait is KD 200 for most countries, except Oman, which charges KD 100. The application fee is due at the time of submission, and you must pay it in full.

Remember that these fees are a small part of the total cost of obtaining a work visa in Kuwait. Consult an immigration lawyer if you are unsure whether a particular visa is appropriate.

What is the Duration of a Kuwait Work Visa?

A valid work visa is necessary for any foreigner who wishes to work in Kuwait. A work visa in Kuwait is typically valid for 1-6 months.

However, depending on the type of visa you apply for, and the requirements of your position, the duration of your visa may be shorter or longer. Therefore, ensure you understand your work visa’s specifics before traveling to Kuwait to avoid delays or problems upon arrival.

Top jobs in Kuwait that pay well

Are you looking for a job in Kuwait? There are some great opportunities out there, and with the correct work visa, you can easily find one that fits your needs. Here are the top jobs in Kuwait according to the website Indeed.com:

#1. Surgical professionals

Surgeons continue to be paid very well in Kuwait. Yes, they are the ones who have a critical nature in their jobs, and they also deal with a lot of risks in their overall work.

#2. Judges/Juries

In Kuwait, judges are very well compensated, though depending on the region, some may receive meager income. However, in general, this is a very well-paid job that produces extraordinary results.

#3. Attorneys

As you can see, the legal profession in Kuwait is extremely well compensated, and lawyers have a high perceived value in the eyes of their clients. That is why they have made a lot of money over the years.

#4. Executive Management

Executive Management teams are responsible for various important tasks, which is why they are among the highest paid in the country. Therefore, it is common for them to be paid well according to their duties.

#5. IT & Software Development

This is a rapidly growing industry with a high-income rate worldwide. The same can be said for Kuwait, so six-figure salaries in this field are quite common.

#6. Financial Services 

Yes, most employees in the Financial Services sector earn a good living in Kuwait. The city is prominent for its emphasis on finance. Besides, its overall growth brought many benefits, which is always a good thing to start with.

#7. Pilots

Pilots are also well compensated in Kuwait. However, their job’s nature presents challenges, demonstrating the demanding situations they face.

#8. Marketing executives

Marketing is essential for business growth. Many Kuwaiti businesses pay top dollar for marketing directors with extensive experience. It is exceptionally beneficial and conveys a sense of value unlike anything else available.

#9. Professors of higher education

While not a high-paying job in other countries, being a college professor pays well in Kuwait. It demonstrates Kuwaiti people’s appreciation for education.

#10. Consultancy and Professional Services

Consultants are paid well in Kuwait, indicating that many businesses rely on consulting services to achieve growth and outstanding results.

One thing is sure: all these jobs are well paid in Kuwait, and they continue to be the careers that people prefer. However, new career paths are emerging, adding to the uniqueness and diversity of Kuwait’s job market!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the documents required for a work visa in Kuwait?

Typically, you will need your passport, a copy of your passport photo page, your visa application form, and two recent photos to obtain a work visa in Kuwait.

What are the documents required for a work visa?

There are a few documents that are typically necessary for a work visa. These include your passport photo, visa application form, and passport. Check above in this article for complete details.

What is the cost of a Kuwait work visa?

The cost of a Kuwait work visa varies depending on the applicant’s nationality, the type of visa requested, and the processing time. Most work visas for Kuwait, however, cost around USD 160.

How long does a work visa take to process in Kuwait?

The processing time for a work visa in Kuwait can vary depending on the type of visa and the country of residence. Generally, it takes around two weeks to process a work visa.


In conclusion, if you want to work in Kuwait, you must obtain a work visa. The sponsored worker visa is the most common type of visa. In addition, you must provide documentation proving your qualifications for the position and contact information for your employer. Therefore, bring all required documents when applying for a job after obtaining a work visa.

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