Kuwaiti Embassy in Canada – 4 Consular Services

Learn more about the Kuwaiti embassy in Canada, including its services, location, etc.

Without doubt, there is a Kuwaiti embassy in Canada for citizens who seek assistance with passport application, Kuwait citizenship, as well as with visa application.

Before you can go in person to the Kuwaiti embassy in Canada, you need to book an appointment, which is a measure to limit the spread of COVID-19.

With this in mind, this post contains a wide range of information, which include on the consular services you can get at the Kuwaiti embassy in Canada, steps for Kuwaiti passport application, etc.

Reading this post will also let you know the general contact information of the Kuwaiti embassy in Canada, Canadian consulate in Kuwait, and many more.

What is an embassy?

An embassy is a diplomatic mission consisting of a group of a country’s representatives in another country.

Of course, embassies are created for the main purpose of providing a variety of services, including consular services to citizens of a country who are abroad for any reason.

As a matter of fact, Iran was the first country globally to set up an embassy in another country.

Undoubtedly, there has been a longstanding diplomatic relationship between Kuwait and Canada since 1965.

This enables Kuwait to have an embassy in Canada, which is widely known as the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Ottawa-Canada.

Canada also possesses her own embassy in Kuwait City, Kuwait.

About Kuwait

Kuwait is a Western Asian country that is officially renowned as the State of Kuwait. Besides, the total land area of Kuwait is 17,818 square kilometer (km2).

Indeed, Kuwait is located on the northern boundary of Eastern Arabia at the extreme end of the Persian Gulf. Her largest and capital city is Kuwait City.

Moreover, the State of Kuwait shares border with different countries such as Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Additionally, the population of Kuwait residents amounted to 4,420,110 as a result of an estimate in 2019.

More than half of Kuwait populations are non-citizens from more than 100 countries of the world.

Address of Kuwaiti embassy in Canada

Indeed, the Kuwaiti embassy in Canada is located in Ottawa, province of Ontario. It opens on Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 3pm.

Thus, here is the address of the Kuwaiti embassy in Ottawa, Canada.

  • Kuwaiti embassy in Canada office address: 333 Sussex Dr, Ottawa,

ON K1N 1J9, Canada

Kuwaiti embassy in Canada contact details

The Kuwaiti embassy in Ottawa, Canadian province of Ontario allows citizens to get in touch with them via phone and internet.

Therefore, the following are the telephone number, fax, email, as well as website of the Kuwaiti embassy in Canada.

Phone number: +1 (613) 780-9999

Fax: +1 (613) 780 9905

Email addresses:-


Address of Canadian consular in Kuwait

Canadian citizens in the State of Kuwait are able to access passport and citizenship services at the Canadian consular in Kuwait, which is particularly located in Kuwait City.

Besides, the office of the Canadian consular in Kuwait opens on Sundays to Thursdays from 8am to 1pm, 1:30pm to 4pm.

Hence, below are the address, and other contact information of the Canadian consular in Kuwait.

  • Canadian consular in Kuwait City address: Da’iya, Block 4, Al-Mutawakkel Street, Villa 24,

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Mailing address: P.O. Box 25281, Safat 13113, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Phone number: (965) 2256 3025

Fax: (965) 2256 0173

Top 4 services provided by Kuwaiti embassy in Canada

Emphatically, the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Ottawa-Canada ensures provision of premium consular services to Kuwaiti citizens in Canada.

Hence, the following are the top four (4) consular services offered to citizens by the Kuwaiti embassy in Canada.

  1. Kuwait citizen services
  2. Visa application services
  3. Legalization services
  4. Good conduct certificate from Kuwait
  1. Kuwait citizen services

Without doubt, the Kuwaiti embassy in Canada provides citizens with an emergency travel document for a Kuwaiti newborn, as well as for lost and expired Kuwaiti passports.

Of course, you have to pay a fee of CAD $60 in order to process and obtain your emergency travel document at the Kuwaiti embassy.

  1. Visa application services

You can surely contact the Kuwaiti embassy in Canada if you need to enter Kuwait through a Kuwaiti work visa, visit visa or diplomat/special visa.

  1. Legalization services

The Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Ottawa-Canada also assists citizens in legalizing some trade or business documents.

Besides, the trade or business document needs to possess certification of a notary public or attorney, Global Affairs Canada, Local Canadian Board of Trade or Local Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

  1. Good conduct certificate from Kuwait

The Kuwaiti embassy in Ottawa is helpful in procuring a good conduct certificate from Kuwait.

Indeed, this process requires you to scan and submit some documents, which include a passport-sized photograph, as well as a Canadian bank draft or money order of CAD $120.

The payment should be payable to the embassy of Kuwait.

Public holidays taken into consideration by the Kuwaiti embassy in Canada

The Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Ottawa-Canada will unquestionably not open on all Canadian public days.

Hence, the following are list of holidays that the Kuwaiti embassy in Ottawa will consider for year 2022.

  • New Year – 1 January, 2022
  • Good Friday – 15 April, 2022
  • Easter Monday – 18 April, 2022
  • Victoria day – 23 May, 2022
  • Canada day – 1 July, 2022
  • Civic day – 1 August, 2022
  • Labour day – 5 September, 2022
  • Thanksgiving day – 10 October, 2022
  • Christmas Day – 25 December, 2022
  • Boxing Day – 27 December, 2022
  • New Year’s Eve – 31 December, 2022
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are listings of frequently asked questions with answers about the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Ottawa-Canada.

Is it necessary to schedule an appointment to visit the Kuwaiti embassy in Canada?

Yes, appointments are vitally important to visit the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Ottawa-Canada.

What are work visa requirements at the Kuwaiti embassy in Canada?

  • Valid Canadian passport (original)
  • One (1) Kuwaiti visa application form that has been duly filled out and signed in (PDF)
  • A passport-sized photograph
  • Health certificate stamped by a physician to prove your good state of health (Original copy)
  • Police clearance certificate from Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), featuring your photo and fingerprints


The Kuwaiti embassy in Canada will surely be of help inasmuch as your desired service is among their list of available consular services.

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