Kyrgyzstan Business Visa – Requirements, Validity and Fees.

Are you an entrepreneur or a foreign businessman? Do you wish to travel to Kyrgyzstan for business? Do you need a business visa for Kyrgyzstan? What are the requirements for a Kyrgyzstan business visa?

Whether you are looking to invest in Kyrgyzstan or take a trip there for business, you will need to obtain a business visa. The good news is that there are three different ways that you can apply.

Discover the most convenient ways to obtain a Kyrgyzstan business visa within 72 hours or wait up to ten days.

 In this article, you will find out about the Kyrgyzstan business visa, its requirements, validity, fees, and how to apply.

About Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan’s economy is increasing, largely thanks to investments from foreign businesspeople and entrepreneurs. These investors are attracted to Kyrgyzstan’s many growths and development opportunities and its favorable business climate.

Meanwhile, Kyrgyzstan is quickly becoming an investment destination for many foreigners. With its strong economic prospects and welcoming business environment.

In addition, foreign business owners in Kyrgyzstan must obtain legal entry into the country before they can operate. Also, all visitors who plan to engage in business activities in the country must obtain a business visa.

Hence, a Kyrgyzstan business visa is an entry visa requirement for foreigners who wish to the Kyrgyz Republic for business-related purposes.

 About Kyrgyzstan Business Visa

A Kyrgyzstan business visa is one of the Kyrgyzstan visa types. It benefits foreigners or anyone who is not a citizen of Kyrgyzstan. The Kyrgyzstan business visa allows the bearer to stay in the country for up to 90 days while engaging in business activities such as conferences, signing business deals, etc.

While a Kyrgyzstan business visa allows you to stay in Kyrgyzstan for up to 90 days, it’s important to note that it does not allow you to work in Krygyzstan. If you want to work in Kyrgyzstan, you will need to apply for a work permit, known as the Kyrgyzstan work visa.

However, it is necessary to have all the required documents before beginning the application process.

Do You Need a Visa to Kyrgyzstan?

Depending on your nationality, you may need to apply for a Kyrgyzstan business visa to stay up to 90 days. However, if you are not from these visa-free entry countries, you will need a visa to Kyrgyzstan.

So, If you are planning to apply for a Kyrgyzstan visa, first, you must know the requirements and process for applying for a business visa.

What to do Before You Apply for a Kyrgyzstan Business Visa

Consider Your Eligibility Status for a Visa

Find out whether you need a business visa to travel to Kyrgyzstan for your intended purpose of stay. You will need a business visa if you visit Kyrgyzstan for business purposes, such as attending meetings or conferences, conducting negotiations, or signing contracts.

Kyrgyzstan Business Visa is Required Only if:

  • You are not from countries with visa-free access to Kyrgyzstan.
  • And you plan to travel to Kyrgyzstan for business-related purposes such as businesses meeting, conferences, exhibitions, etc.

Qualify for All the Eligibility Conditions

You are qualified for a Kyrgyzstan business visa application when you meet the following conditions:

  • You must have proof of your business ties to Kyrgyzstan, such as an invitation from a Kyrgyz company or organization.
  • Are a legal citizen of a foreign country.
  • Have a travel passport that is valid for at least six months.
  • Your reason for visiting Kyrgyzstan is business related, such as; business meetings with clients, signing a business deal, or exhibitions.  
  •  Provide evidence of your financial means, such as bank statements.
  •  Have an authorization letter or invitation letter from your host or company.
  • Have booked your travel itinerary and hotel reservations.
  • Be in good health and have no medical conditions that would make it unsafe for you to travel.

 Prepare the required documents for a Kyrgyzstan business visa

Applying for a business visa to Kyrgyzstan is a simple process. Meanwhile, there are documents you need to submit during the application process. They are as follows;

Documents Declaring the Purpose of the Visit

#1 An invitation letter

When applying for a business visa to Kyrgyzstan, you need to submit an invitation letter from a business partner in Kyrgyzstan. The letter must have the company’s letterhead and state the nature of the business relationship and the dates of the proposed visits. And the name and contact information of the inviting company representative.

#2 Visa support

Provide visa support from a local tour operator or travel agency registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan. This support can take the form of a letter or telegram confirming that you have been granted a business visa and outlining the purpose of your visit.

However, visa support may not be necessary if you apply for an evisa for Kyrgyzstan or a visa on arrival.

#3 Exhibition pass

Provide an exhibition pass if you wish to attend an exhibition or sports events during your Kyrgyzstan. You can ask the exhibition organizers or sports events for a pass.

 Documents Declaring Your Identity

  • Provide a valid passport with two blank pages.
  • Provide two recent colored passport photographs that meet the photo requirements set forth by the Kyrgyz government in the case.

 Documents Declaring Financial Stability

Provide bank statements for the last three months. And pay slips may be required to demonstrate your steady source of income.

 Documents Declaring Your Medical Conditions.

  •  Provide medical insurance coverage if required by the embassy or consulate.
  • In addition, if you have health conditions or any medical history that is not an airborne disease, you will need to provide additional documentation from your doctor.

 Proof of Travel Itineraries: Onward and Return Flight Tickets.

This show you are ready to return to your country of residence.

Keep in mind: that all documents provided must be translated into Kyrgyz by an authorized translator. Also, provide duplicated copies if necessary.

 Application Processes for Kyrgyzstan Business Visa

There are three routes to obtain a Kyrgyzstan business visa. The first route is to apply for a Kyrgyzstan business visa online through the Electronic Visa(evisa). The second is on arrival, and the Third is through the Embassy or Consulate of Kyrgyzstan. 

All three options have their set requirements, so you should research each before deciding which route you are eligible for and which will be convenient for you.

Either way, you can apply for a Kyrgyzstan business visa.

How to apply online(evisa)

The online application is the most convenient option; it can be done from the comfort of your home and doesn’t require making a trip to the Kyrgyzstan consulate. However, not everyone has the eligibility for Kyrgyzstan evisa.

  • All you need is a valid passport and an internet connection.
  • Then log on to the official government of Kyrgyzstan website to asses the evisa
  • Confirm your eligibility for Kyrgyzstan evisa.
  • Follow through the entire process step-by-step.
  • Upload the soft copy of the required documents.
  • And you can pay the fee using a credit card.
  • It takes about 72 hours (3 business days) to get your Kyrgyzstan evisa. So, you should receive an evisa confirmation through email.

You may not be eligible if you cannot apply for a visa online. Just visit the nearest Kyrgyzstan Consulate to apply.

 How to Apply through the Embassy or Consulate of Kyrgyzstan

Alternatively, you can apply for a Kyrgyzstan business visa through the Consulate of Kyrgyzstan. The processes are similar to the online application process. But you need to submit your documents in person. Applying for a visa through the embassy may cause you some stress. You may require an authorization letter and a completed application form. And the downside is that it can take up to seven to ten days to process the visa. 

 A Kyrgyzstan Business Visa on Arrival at the Mana International Airport

 This option is convenient if you’re already in Kyrgyzstan or planning to enter by land from another country. However, you need to arrange the documents before applying. And enough cash to pay for the visa fees.

How Much Does Kyrgyzstan Business Visa Cost?

For US citizens, Kyrgyzstan business evisa for single entries valid for 30 days will cost you 60 USD. While the multiple entries issued for 60 days will cost you 70 USD.

Validity of Kyrgyzstan business visa.

A Kyrgyzstan business visa is issued for 90 days, which means you can enter the country and stay for up to 30 days.

Keep in mind: The validity of a Kyrgyzstan business visa may be affected by factors like the purpose of your visit and your country of citizenship.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to apply for a Kyrgyzstan tourist visa?

The cost of obtaining a Kyrgyzstan business visa varies depending on your nationality, the means of application, and the number of entries the Kyrgyzstan visa is valid.

For instance, a single entry business visa for an American citizen costs $60, while a multiple entry business visa costs $70. The cost is also different if you apply for the visa online or through a Kyrgyzstan consulate. Applying for a Kyrgyzstan business visa through a consulate may cost more or less when compared to an online application.

In addition, the number of entries also affects the visa cost, with multiple entry visas costing more than single entry visas.

 How long can it take to process Kyrgyzstan evisa?

You can expect the process to take about 72 hours for evisa and up to seven to ten days. You can check on the status of your application online or by contacting the embassy directly.

Can I get a multiple entry tourist visa for Kyrgyzstan?

Yes, you can get multiple entry business visas for Kyrgyzstan. The tourist visas are issued for a 30-day single entry and a 90-day validity of multiple entries.


In conclusion, getting a business visa for Kyrgyzstan is a straightforward process that will allow you to stay in the country for up to 90 days. With this visa, I should be able to engage in business activities such as attending meetings, conferences, or signing contracts.

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