Guide on how to apply for a Kyrgyzstan Residence Permit

As one interested in obtaining a Kyrgyzstan residence permit, it is up to you to decide if you need the temporal or the permanent residence permit.

The immigration office will decide if you qualify for this position by your status and reason for entry into the country.

Furthermore, the Kyrgyzstan residence permit has a stipulated duration for the holders. For some people, it may be permanent but will have some conditions attached, while others may run for some years and stop.

More so, Kyrgyzstan’s permanent and temporary residence permits have different requirements and ways to apply for them. 

Perhaps, you are curious to know more about this country and its residence permit, and we are happy to indulge you already.

About Kyrgyzstan

Enveloped in the mountainous area of the Asian continent, Kyrgyzstan fought a ton of battles to gain its independence.

Soon, victory came knocking. On August 31st, 1991, this country declared a republic, but it gained its much-needed independence fully on December 21st, 1991.

Kyrgyzstan, a country housing six million people, share borders with other countries suffixed with “stan” as itself.

On the northern side, Kyrgyzstan shares a border with Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan on the west, Tajikistan on the southern border, and China on the east.

In continuation, despite its richness in mineral resources, the country has struggled economically. But its agricultural sector has done well for the sustenance of the country.

Tourism, until recently, has been a booming business in Kyrgyz. The government hopes to build back this aspect of the economy.

On a lighter note, the simple way of life and rich cultural heritage is beautiful to experience. 

It may interest you to know that Kyrgyzstan loves sports so much that their men won the ice hockey games in the 2011 Asian Winter Games.

Other games that interest the country are horse riding, football, boxing, and martial arts.

Education in Kyrgyzstan is mostly funded by the government. The universities and other educational institutions are about 55 in the country. 

The Russian government is doing more by building Russian-speaking schools all over the country, especially in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan’s capital city.

What is the Kyrgyzstan residence permit?

It is a document that allows nationals of other countries to reside in Kyrgyzstan permanently or temporarily. This document lets the holder move in and out of the country without applying for a visa.

Kyrgyzstan temporary residence permit

According to Kyrgyzstan law, a temporary residence permit is issued to foreign nationals for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 5 years.

But it depends on your reason for seeking a residency permit in this country if your reason made enough sense to the immigration office.

More so, you can decide to extend your permit if it expires yet; you’re not done with your mission in the country. 

You can confidently extend your permit from one year to two or five years. However, you can not extend a five-year temporary residence permit in Kyrgyzstan. It is why they call it a temporary permit.

Who needs a temporary residence from Kyrgyzstan?

  • Foreign nationals that have a mission to accomplish in the country are the ones that get this permit.
  • Students who come into the country to study
  • Employees working in the country
  • People with investment plans that will benefit the country.

Meanwhile, you must live in the country for at least six months before you can apply for this permit.

After living crime-free for six months, you can apply for your temporary permit at the office of the Department of Registration of Population in Kyrgyzstan.

It will take office one month to access and approve your term residence permit.

Requirements for Kyrgyzstan temporary residence permit

  • The residence permit application form. Filled out correctly and signed
  • Passport
  • A proof that you have lived in the country for at least five years.
  • Your employment offer letter
  • A certificate of residence in the country
  • Birth certificate
  • A proof that the person housing you agrees with you
  • A copy of their passport
  • Work permit
  • For the unemployed, a bank account or a notary public custodial obligation
  • For pensioners, evidence of their pension certificates
  • Your tax information and certificate
  • Real estate owners must show evidence of their permit from the ministry of justice in Kyrgyzstan.
  • If you are married, you must present your marriage certificate
  • Your partner’s passport copy.
  • Proof of your partner’s agreement for you to obtain a residency permit.

Kyrgyzstan permanent residence permit

This goes to foreigners who wish to live permanently in the country. 

These foreign nationals will receive a permanent residence visa if they apply the right way.

Who is eligible for the permanent residence permit?

Stateless persons or foreign nationals that qualify for this permit include

  • Foreigners that the government of Kyrgyzstan terminated their citizenship.
  • Stateless or foreign nationals who grew up in Kyrgyzstan and turned 18 years old in the country.

The holders of this permit do not hold it after their passport expires or they turn 45 years for the valid period of their passports.

Furthermore, it takes up to one year for the Department of Registration of Population to review your application and reply accordingly.

Requirements for a permanent residence permit in Kyrgyzstan

For you to apply for a PR in this country, all your documents must be in two. However, unlike the single documents you provided for the temporary residence permit.

  • Two copies of correctly filled out and signed application letters
  • Evidence to show that you have lived in Kyrgyzstan for five years. Two copies.
  • Proof of residence. Two copies
  • For pensioners, evidence of their pension certificates. Two copies
  • Letter of an employment offer. Two copies
  • Two copies of your birth certificate
  • Your work permit
  • If you are married, you must present your marriage certificate
  • Your spouse’s passport. Two copies
  • Proof of your spouse’s agreement for you to obtain a residency permit. Two copies
  • Two copies of the tax inspection certificate
  • Estate owners must show copies of their permit from the ministry of justice of Kyrgyzstan

Note that the Department of Registration of Population may ask you for more documents if they need to.

Therefore, be patient and provide all they ask from you without hesitation. Remember, it is for your good, and if all things stay equal, you will get a permanent resident permit.

What happens when you get your residence permit?

The Department of Registration of Population will notify you that your application was successful. After that, you will return to the Department office to collect your residence permit.

Now, as a foreigner or stateless, you must return to the Department of Registration and Population when you receive your residence permit within the first five days. While at it, you must register your place of living.

You have the equal right to enjoy and fully live your life at this juncture.

As a permanent residence permit holder, you can enjoy health care and all other amenities enjoyed by others. However, almost everything that affects the citizens will affect you too. Like, as paying taxes, court, social securities, and other things.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of visas does Kyrgyzstan have?

Traveling to Kyrgyzstan may require you to apply for a visa or not. There are nationals from countries who must apply for a visa before they can make their trip. 

For you to travel successfully, your aim for traveling must match the visa you want to apply for. This is because the country has a visa for almost everything you could travel for.

So, when it comes to visas for Kyrgyzstan, you can choose from 

  • Tourist visa
  • Work visa
  • Study visa
  • Long-term visa
  • Transit visa
  • Business visa
  • Embassy or Consular visa
  • Religious visa

Does Kyrgyzstan have an eVisa?

Yes, there is an evisa for all nationals eligible to apply for any Kyrgyzstan visa.

The electronic visa is for visitors who wish to apply online. All you need is to sit in your comfort zone, open a device and apply online.

Moreover, about 120 countries can access the Kyrgyzstan electronic visa and apply via the internet.

This method has saved many people from the stress of searching around for an Embassy or consulate. And also the stress of physical application.

Finally, the electronic visa has its perks too. Like the option of multiple entries for the ‘Guest visas.’

Can I use the visa on arrival in Kyrgyzstan?

The visa-on-arrival policy is fully functional in Kyrgyzstan. 

Before you take this route for your travel, be sure that your country of origin is among the 20 countries where their nationals are eligible to use this service.

Through this route, you can travel to Kyrgyzstan and stay for 30 to 60 days without interruption.

Also, there are specific borders you must arrive at and obtain your visa before moving into the country. These borders may be airports, seaports, or land borders.

With the visa on arrival, you can not enter the country from just anywhere.

What is the Embassy or Consular visa?

This is the visa that serves the diplomatic people. This particular visa is also called a Consular visa. A consular visa can morph into any visa for its holder.

What is the C3 visa in Kyrgyzstan?

It is a single-entry visa. It allows the holder to stay in Kyrgyzstan for up to 90 days. Some holders can use it for multiple entries for up to three months, while some can use theirs for three years.

Is Kyrgyzstan a good place to live?

Firstly, this country is relatively safe to live in. Crimes are low, but not that they are not existing.

All you have to do as a newbie is to be observant of your environment and never walk alone at night or in lonely areas.

Also, protect your belongings and never show off unnecessarily.


In summary, Kyrgyzstan is small that is still finding its feet. Though it is not as rich as other powerful countries, it is perfect enough for whoever wants to lead a quiet life.

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