Landing With Pets In Canada (at YVR)

Landing With Pets In Canada isn’t a cumbersome arrangement but you just have to follow all necessary requirements.

You probably may be going to be landing in Vancouver Airport (YVR) at the end of this month or any other time and will have your cat or dog or any kind of pets with you. Then would want to learn about other people experiences with going through the landing procedure with their pets accompanying them.

First of all, you should understand that traveling with your pet is not that complicated, provided you have the right paperwork to accompany the pet. Your pet will require a “Pet Passport” which should include information about vaccinations and identifications. However, if you’re flying from the US, you will only need the rabies vaccination and vet paperwork.

It is expected that your local vet and state vet should be able to help you with that, though if you have not already dealt with that, chances are you may run into some trouble with the airport Security Officers. Some of the requirements usually take months to set up. Hope you quickly get it figured out.

Also, you should remember that you will probably be asked to dispose of any dog food or treats you have with you at the airport as they may likely contain banned substances such as meat etc. depending also from where you are traveling from. Provided you have the right paperwork, this will be just a breeze. You will have nothing to worry about.