Latest US Job Openings And Their Salaries

Most of the US job openings run between the range of health-related jobs to service positions and to computer science careers. They all have a unison of large job openings which needs to be filled. The top US jobs in demand include:

1. Personal Care Aide

The highest US job opening is Personal Care Aide. Hundreds of thousands of Care aides are needed to assist people with daily living tasks such as bathing, brushing teeth, or using the bathroom. They also handle light housekeeping tasks such as preparing meals, washing dishes, and changing sheets. You do not need any formal educational requirement, but a patient care technician training can help. The Job qualities include being: compassionate, dependable, and trustworthy.

  • Total job openings: 777,600
  • Average salary: $24,100

2. Fast Food Preparation and Serving Worker

As people get more hands-tight from job demands, they opt for the fast food meals or fast-service restaurants, there is a large demand for workers to meet customer service; take orders, get beverages, heat food items, and process payments. You will require good communication and customer service skills for this job, answer menu items questions and keep work areas clean.

  • Total job openings: 579,900
  • Average salary: $21,230

3. Registered Nurse (RN)

Registered nurses are in high demand to provide quality health care. Nurses basically work in hospitals, doctors’ offices, or specialized clinics. RNs evaluate patient symptoms, run diagnostic tests, administer medications and treatments, and guide patients on how to manage illness. All registered nurses need to be a licensed graduate from an approved nursing program.

  • Total job openings: 438,100
  • Average salary: $73,550

4. Home Health Aide

Similar to personal care aides, health aides assist people with daily living responsibilities and housekeeping duties. What differs is that home health aides can also provide basic health services such as vital signs checking, administer medication, or help with simple exercises with the supervision of a nurse. Getting patient care technician training is a good foundation for this career. or pass a certified standard test to work for a certified home health or hospice agency.

  • Total job openings: 431,200
  • Average salary: $24,280

5. Applications Software Developer

The sky-rocket rate at which people use new apps on mobile devices makes application software developer one of the top careers in demand in 2018. These professionals design, test, and fix the software that phone users need, which range from simple mobile games to complex accounting programs. Qualities needed is analytical and problem-solving skills to thrive in this job.

  • Total job openings: 255,400
  • Average salary: $106,710