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Latvian Embassy in Canada – Top 5 Services

There is a Latvian embassy in Canada for citizens who seek assistance with passport applications, Latvian citizenship, as well as with visa applications.

Before you can go in person to the Latvian embassy in Canada, you need to schedule an appointment, which is a measure to control the spread of COVID-19.

Hence, reading this post will also let you know the general contact information of the Latvian embassy in Canada, the Canadian consulate in Latvian, and many more.

What is an Embassy?

Majorly, an embassy can be referred to as the headquarters of a particular country in another country. It is where the affairs of the citizen of a foreign country are attended to.

Hence, Latvian Embassy in Canada is the headquarters for Latvian government representatives serving in Canada.

Importantly, an ambassador who stands in the gap for the Latvian president in Canada heads the embassy.

Oftentimes, an embassy is located in the capital city of a country while the consulate is located in some major cities in that country.

About Latvia

Latvian, officially known as the Republic of Latvia is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe and is bordered by Estonia to the north, Lithuania to the south, Russia to the east, Belarus to the southeast, and shares a maritime border with Sweden to the west.

Approximately half of Latvia’s territory is covered by forests, offering many nature trails and parks. Latvia offers excellent transport and cultural links with both Western Europe and Russia.

Latvia covers an area of 64,589 km2 (24,938 sq mi), with a population of over 1.9 million.

Known for its rich heritage, incredible local cuisine, and stunning mix of art nouveau and medieval architecture, Latvia attracts visitors from all over the globe.

The official language is Latvian, but Russian is also widely spoken by most of the population.

Riga is the cosmopolitan capital and largest city of Latvia. Moreover, it is the political, economic, and cultural center of this small but proud country.

Today, more than a third of the country’s population lives and works in Riga. In 2007, Latvia joined Europe’s Schengen Area, which brought significant benefits to the country’s citizens and residents.

Citizenship in Latvia

After five years, the holder of a temporary residence permit may apply for permanent residence.

To qualify for a permanent residence permit, the candidate must physically reside in Latvia for four out of the prior five-year period and successfully pass the language proficiency examination.

Citizenship can be obtained after five years of legal residence in Latvia if the applicant has been a permanent resident for the five years preceding the date of submission of their application.

To qualify for citizenship, the applicant must physically reside in Latvia for at least four out of the last five years.

Addresses of Latvian Embassy in Canada

Most times, embassies are found in the capital cities of a country. Hence, the Latvian Embassy in Canada is located in Ottawa. In addition to Latvia’s embassy in Ottawa, Latvia has four other representations in Canada.

These representations include consulates in Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, and Vancouver. However, the address and contact details are given below

1. Latvian Embassy in Ottawa, Canada

Address: 350 Sparks Street, Suite 1200 Ottawa, ON K1P 5G8, Canada

Telephone: (+1) (613) 238 60 14

Fax: (+1) (613) 238 70 44

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.mfa.gov.lv/en/ottawa

Office hours: By appointment

Head of mission: Mr Karlis Eihenbaums, Ambassador

2. Latvian Honorary Consulate in Edmonton, Canada

Address: 9308 – 82 Street NW Edmonton, AB T6C 4G0 Canada.

Telephone: (+1) 780 468 2728

Email: [email protected]

Office hours: By appointment

Head of mission: Ms Ena Agnes Rudovics, Honorary Consul

3. Latvian Honorary Consulate in Halifax, Canada

Address: 525 Tower Road Halifax, NS B3H 2X4 Canada

Telephone: (+1) (902) 425-0415

Email: [email protected]

Office hours: By appointment

Head of mission: Dr Ingrida Selga Sketris, Honorary Consul

4. Latvian Honorary Consulate in Montreal, Canada

Address: c/o Montreal Latvian Centre # 3955 Provost Lachine Montreal, QC H8T 1M1 Canada

Telephone: (+1) (514) 422-0562

Email: [email protected]

Office hours: By appointment

Head of mission: Mr Roberts Klaise, Honorary Consul

Supervising authority: Embassy of Latvia in Ottawa

5. Latvian Honorary Consulate in Vancouver, Canada

Address: 830 Kenwood Road West Vancouver, BC V7S 1S9 Canada

Telephone: (+1) 604 764 6110

Email: [email protected]

Office hours: By appointment

Head of mission: Mr Eric Savics, Honorary Consul

Contact details and Address of Canadian Consular in Latvia

Likewise, if you’re a Canadian citizen who wishes to go to Latvia, you may like to visit and contact the Canadian Embassy in Latvia. We have the address and contact details given below for you.

Canadian Embassy in Riga, Latvia

The embassy of Canada in Riga is located at Baznicas iela 20/22, 6th Floor. You can contact them via telephone on 678 139 45 as well as by email [email protected].

In addition, The consular section shares location as well as telephone number and email address with the embassy.

Opening hours

The embassy is open Mondays to Thursdays between 08:30am – 17:00pm and Fridays between 08:30am and 14:00pm. The offices of the embassy may not open during Latvian and Canadian public holidays.

Top 5 Services Provided by Latvian Embassy in Canada

The Latvian Embassy in Ottawa provides a range of Embassy and Consular services to Latvian, Canadian and international citizens in Canada needing services related to Latvia

The Latvian Embassy in Ottawa, Canada provides services for:

  • General or specific information regarding the Latvian economy, culture, sports and education.
  • Latvian Citizenship Information

This includes the documentation requirements, the process and the timeframe for obtaining Latvian Citizenship.

However, this may be for people of Latvian Descent or for children born overseas as well as situations such as immigration and adoption. The embassy can answer you directly or advise you on what you need to do.

  • Specific contacts and information in Latvia: such as contacts for doing business in Latvia or Government departments in Latvia to help you with your specific requirements.
  • Latvian Visas: The Embassy takes applications and processes visa applications for Canadians and International citizens wishing to visit, do business in or live permanently in Latvia
  • Latvian Passports: The Latvian takes applications for and delivers Latvian passports for Latvian applicants.

Documents required to apply for a Latvian visa

  1. Passport or other travel documents:
  • The date of issuance should be within the past ten years;
  • Be valid at least three months beyond the date on which you intend to leave the Schengen territory.
  • Containing at least two empty pages on which visas can be affixed.
  1. visa application form completed and signed by the applicant
  2. One color photograph (35mm x 45mm) Requirements for the quality of face photograph required for visa.
  3. Travel medical insurance policy valid for all of the Schengen Member States and covering the entire period of the foreign national’s intended visit in the Schengen area
  4. visa fee for processing the visa application.

Supporting documents:

  1. Documents indicating the purpose of the journey.
  2. Proof of sufficient means to cover accommodation expenses.
  3. Documents showing your accommodation in Latvia or offering.
  4.  Proof of sufficient means to cover accommodation expenses.
  5. Information that enables assessment of the applicant’s intention to leave the territory of the Schengen states before the expiry of their visa.

Embassy is closed on the following holidays of Latvia

  • 1 Jan –  New Year’s Day
  • 15 April – Good Friday
  • 18 April – Easter Monday
  • 1 May – Labour Day
  • 4 May – Independence Restoration Day
  • 23 June – Midsummer’s Eve
  • 24 June – St John’s Day
  • 18 November – Independence Day
  • 24 December – Christmas Eve
  • 25 December – Christmas Day
  • 26 December – 2nd Day of Christmas
  • 31 December – New Year’s Eve
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Frequently Asked Questions

If I am from Latvia, Do I need a visa to travel to Canada?  

No, you don’t need a visa, what you require is an ETA, which is a document that allows you to enter Canada by filling in an online form.

What are the requirements?

The first thing you have to do before you apply for a Canada ETA is to make sure that you have everything necessary for the application process. Below, you will find a list of what you need:

  • Valid passport
  • E-mail address
  • Payment Methods: an online application process requires that you make the payment online too.

How many times can I enter Canada?

As we already mentioned above, you will have a Multiple Entries while you have valid your ETA.


We believe that the information given above has certified your curiosity about the Latvian Embassy in Canada. You can check back for more information.

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