Laurentian University Scholarships for International Students

Laurentian University provides ranging scholarships to its students on the basis of academic excellence, among other criteria.

As a non-Canadian student, you may be eligible to derive benefit from the wide-ranging Laurentian University scholarships for international students.

Established in 1960, Laurentian University is a top-notch educational institution located in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

Besides, Laurentian University Sudbury is among the leading public Canadian post-secondary institution for undergraduate students.

Laurentian University was founded due to the collaborations of the University of Sudbury, as well as representatives of the Anglican Church of Canada and the United Church of Canada.

Additionally, the Laurentian University campus is sited on 765+ acres of land.

More so, their campus harbors and trains students from different parts of the world. Laurentian University enables its students to inspire globally via a wide range of programs.

Furthermore, classrooms at Laurentian University Sudbury are small-sized, which fosters active participation during learning.

The Sudbury-based University also provides a variety of campus services through the collective efforts of its committed, amiable and adept staff.

Ultimately, the majority of Laurentian University graduates get hired by employers soon after graduation.

For up to eight (8) years, graduates of Laurentian University Sudbury get the most employment in the Canadian province of Ontario.

Laurentian University faculties of study

Below are the faculties of study at Laurentian University Sudbury.

  1. Faculty of Management
  2. ” ”  Arts
  3. ”  ”  Science, Engineering, and Architecture
  4. ” ”  Health
  5. ”  ” Education.

Laurentian University programs for undergraduate students

As an undergraduate student, you can enroll in your preferred program out of the numerous available programs at Laurentian University.

Hence, Laurentian University offers several English and French undergraduate programs under different faculties of study.

The following are programs availed at Laurentian University.

Laurentian University Faculty of Management

  • Business Administration: Accounting
  • ” ”: Finance
  • ” ”: (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  • ” ”: Online Bachelor of Business Administration
  • ” ”: Marketing
  • ” ”: Human Resources Management
  • Sports Administration
  • Administration des affaires (French program)
  • ” ” ”: Comptabilité (French program)
  • ” ” ”: Entrepreneuriat (French program)
  • ” ” ”: Finance (French program)
  • ” ” ”: Gestion internationale (French program)

Laurentian University Faculty of Arts

  • History
  • Criminology
  • Law and Justice
  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Equity, Diversity, and Human Rights
  • Psychology
  • Criminologie (French program)
  • Droit et justice (French program)
  • Équité, diversité et droits de la personne (French program)
  • Études interdisciplinaires (French program)
  • Français langue seconde (French program)
  • LPsychologie (French program)
  • Sociologie (French program)
  • English Literature, Media, and Writing
  • Interdisciplinary Studies

Laurentian University Faculty of Science, Engineering, and Architecture

  • Biology
  • Zoology
  • Computer Science
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Biochemistry
  • Biomedical Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Mining Engineering
  • Earth Sciences
  • Forensic Identification
  • ” Science
  • Interdisciplinary Science
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Biochimie (French program)
  • Biologie (French program)
  • ” Biomédicale (French program)
  • Sciences pluridisciplinaires (French program)
  • Architectural Studies English with French options

Laurentian University Faculty of Health

  • Nursing
  • Social Work
  • Gerontology
  • Kinesiology
  • Health Promotion
  • Indigenous Social Work
  • School of Kinesiology and Health Sciences
  • Outdoor Adventure Leadership
  • Sport and Physical Education
  • ” ” ” Psychology
  • Éducation physique et santé (French program)
  • Kinésiologie (French program)
  • Orthophonie (French program)
  • Bilingual SLP: Là tu parles!
  • Psychologie du sport (French program)
  • Sciences de l’activité physique (French program)
  • ” ” ” infirmières (French program)
  • Service social (French program)

Laurentian University Faculty of Education

  • Bachelor of Education (French program)
  • Éducation – concomitante (French program)
  • Education (Concurrent Bachelor of Education).

Laurentian University programs for graduate Students

Faculty of Management

  • Business Administration (Laurentian University MBA)

Faculty of Arts

  • Psychology (MA)
  • Human Studies and Interdisciplinarity (Ph.d)
  • Sciences humaines et interdisciplinarité (Ph.D.) French program

Faculty of Science, Engineering, and Architecture

  • Geology (M.Sc.)
  • Chemical Sciences (M.Sc.)
  • Forensic Sciences (MFS)
  • Biology (M.Sc.)
  • Boreal Ecology (Ph.D.)
  • Computational Sciences (M.Sc.)
  • Materials Science (Ph.D.)
  • Mineral Deposits and Precambrian Geology (Ph.D.)
  • Architecture (M.Arch.)
  • Biomolecular Sciences (Ph.D.)
  • Engineering Science (M.A.Sc., M.Eng., Ph.D.)
  • Science Communication (M.Sc.Com. or G.Dip.)

Faculty of Health

  • Nurse Practitioner (G.Dip.)
  • Social Work (MSW)
  • Human Kinetics (Ph.D.)
  • Indigenous Relations (MIR)
  • Nursing (MScN)
  • Rural and Northern Health (Ph.D.)
  • Interdisciplinary Health (MA or M.Sc.)
  • Master’s in Human Kinetics (MHK)
  • Infirmières et infirmiers praticiens en soins de santé primaire (G.Dip) French program
  • Kinésie humaine (MKH) French program
  • Orthophonie (M.Sc.S.) French program
  • Santé Interdisciplinaire Bilingual program
  • Sciences infirmières (M.Sc.Inf.) French program
  • Service social (M.S.S.) French program.

Laurentian University scholarships for international students

You are likely not to run into financial issues when you study at Laurentian University. This is because Laurentian University avails a vast number of financial aids, including scholarships, bursaries, etc.

In addition, these scholarships serve as financial aid to students at Laurentian University on the basis of their academic merit.

However, Laurentian University provides ranging scholarships to its students on the basis of academic excellence, among other criteria.

Below are available Laurentian University scholarships for international students

  1. Academic Excellence Scholarships
  2. Dean’s Entrance Scholarship
  3. OGS
  4. Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs).

Academic Excellence Scholarships

Laurentian University students with superb academic achievements may deserve a scholarship. Academic Excellence Scholarships are available to entering international students at Laurentian University.

Moreover, Academic Excellence Scholarships are renewable for not more than four (4) years.

Besides, each student’s Admissions Average is automatically evaluated using its equivalent Grade Point Average with respect to World Education Services (WES) tables.

Hence, you can determine your eligibility and scholarship amount via the table below.

Admissions Average


The scholarship amount for each year

($ Canadian Dollars)

Maximum Scholarship Amount upon Renewal for 4 years

($ Canadian Dollars)

90 to 100 15,000 60,000
80 to 89.9 10,000 40,000

Additionally, new students with Admissions Average ranging from 80 to 89.9% are worthy to receive a funding of $10,000 Canadian Dollars via Academic Excellence Scholarships.

More so, you may be eligible for a maximum scholarship amount of $40,000 Canadian Dollars when it’s renewed for 4 years. This is only possible if you are able to maintain the same average till graduation.

Furthermore, entering international students that got higher Admissions Average ranging from 90 to 100% are subject to an increased scholarship amount of $15,000 Canadian Dollars yearly.

However, your estimated scholarship amount will be $60,000 Canadian Dollars if you were able to maintain the average for an optimal period of 4 years.

Eligibility requirements of Laurentian University Academic Excellence Scholarships for international students

  • First of all, you must be a new Laurentian University student who is enrolled in any of its full-time undergraduate programs

More so, you cannot benefit from this scholarship if you’re registered in certain undergraduate programs at Laurentian University.

Examples of these programs include Social Work and Sports Administration, Human Kinetics, Nursing, Education, Orthophonie, Radiation Therapy, Forensic Science, Midwifery, Architecture, as well as Mechanical Engineering.

  • Secondly, you are expected to attain a minimum average of 80%, which is the same as a Grade Point Average of 7.5.
  • Furthermore, you are not eligible for this scholarship if you’ve previously completed a degree program in any post-secondary institution.

NOTE: Entering students at Laurentian University are required to fill out specific details in the Academic Excellence Scholarships form. This form is used to instantly apply for the scholarship.

Thus, you need to input several details like your First Name, Last Name, Email, Country of Residence, as well as your Grade Point Average (GPA).

Dean’s Entrance Scholarship

This scholarship is open to international students with exemption to Master in Business Administration students.

Besides, Dean’s Entrance Scholarship cannot be renewed and is only issued to its awardees at once.

More so, eligible student of Dean’s Entrance Scholarship includes Master’s students who just began their post-graduate studies at Laurentian University. Dean’s Entrance Scholarship usually funds its recipient with $1,500 Canadian Dollars.

Additionally, if your Entrance Average is above 90%, you’ll be funded with $3,000 Canadian Dollars, which is non-renewable as well.


This scholarship is available to international students at Laurentian University Sudbury.

Moreover, OGS requires Laurentian University students to apply a year before when they want the scholarship to begin.

Hence, you can apply for OGS even when you are yet to fill out the Laurentian University application form for admissions.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs)

This is a means of financial aid to both Canadian and international students at Laurentian University.

Besides, Graduate Teaching Assistantships are awarded to its recipients partly as employment and the remaining part as a fellowship.

Additionally, If you are considered for Graduate Teaching Assistantships,.you’re authorized to work as a teaching assistant at Laurentian University for up to 10 hours weekly.

Eligibility criteria of Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs)

  • Firstly, you must be a full-time Masters or Ph.D. student at Laurentian University
  • Moreover, your average mustn’t be less than 75% or it’s equivalent.

Also, note that the award amount for Graduate Teaching Assistantships is reviewed on a yearly basis.

Laurentian University tuition fees for international students

The table below demonstrates the tuition and other relevant fees pertaining to international students at Laurentian University.

Here are the tuition fees applicable to full-time international students at Laurentian University under a variety of undergraduate programs.

Laurentian University Sudbury campus

(Full-time undergraduate programs)

Tuition Fees

($ CAD)

Incidental & SGA Association Fees

($ CAD)

Tuition +

Incidental +


($ CAD)

Incidental &  AEF Association Fees

($ CAD)

Tuition +

Incidental + AEF + UHIP

($ CAD)

All Programs (with exceptions as indicated below)  
30 credits 25,960.00 1,360.38 28,076.38 1,019.95 27,735.95
Engineering Programs  
36 credits 35,453.25 37,569.63 37,229.20
Business Administration Programs  
30 credits 27,839.70 29,056.08 29,615.65
Architecture Programs  
30 credits 32,578.40 34,694.38 34,353.95
Computer Science Programs  
30 credits 27,258.00 34,618.68 34,278.25

However, Laurentian University mandates its international students to register for University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP). More so, the payment for this health insurance coverage costs $756 Canadian Dollars for each student. The premium covers the student from the 1st of September to the 31st of August.

FAQ’s about Laurentian University scholarships for international students

Q. Where is Laurentian University located?

Ans – 935 Ramsey Lake Road. Sudbury, ON P3E 2C6.

Laurentian University phone number: +1 (800) 263-4188

Email: [email protected]

Q. How do I get counseling about Laurentian University Sudbury?

Ans – Phone Number 1: (800) 263-4188

Phone Number 2: (705) 673-6594

Email: [email protected]

Q. When does an academic year run at Laurentian University Sudbury?

Ans – An academic year at Laurentian University runs from May to April of the subsequent year.

Q. How do I know if I’m eligible for Laurentian University Graduate Teaching Assistantships?

Ans – It will be emphasized on your Letter of Acceptance if you were able to satisfy the eligibility criteria for Graduate Teaching Assistantships.

Q. What is the Laurentian University’s application fee?

Ans – $100 Canadian Dollars.