US Most Sought-For Jobs In Leisure And Hospitality

You might take pleasure in helping people enjoy their leisure moment, here is where you can find a ton of prospects. The leisure and hospitality sector was first among 13 national industry sectors in terms of job opportunities.

However, 31 percent of companies in some sector are arranging to hire new workers in the early months of 2018. Below are some careers that are in demand in the leisure and hospitality field which include:

1. Restaurant cook

Restaurant cooks are saddled with the responsibility of preparing food, ensure that ingredients are fresh, and keep the work area clean. They can also manage other kitchen staff and help to get customers’ orders quickly prepared efficiently. Some restaurant cooks can sometimes find new recipes and make special dishes for people who have food allergies. Those who are experienced in preparing more complex dishes to satisfy consumers’ increasing desires for healthier options will be highly sought for.

  • Total new job openings: 145,300
  • Average salary: $26,440

2. Food Preparation Worker

The basic tasks for food preparation workers include peeling vegetables, slicing protein selections, and mixing salad ingredients. The workers take directions from cooks and chefs and ensure all the components of a meal are ready when as at when they are needed. As consumers continuously request for more labor-intensive meals made from scratch, more food preparation workers will be needed to join hands in the kitchen.

  • Total new job openings: 68,600
  • Average salary: $23,900

You too can shape your future as there are lots of highly sought-for jobs which you can fall into. You can begin a training in one of these fields with high demand by enrolling into colleges and trade schools. Career colleges and trade schools provide convenient job-focused training that can get you ready for a wide range of satisfying occupations.