Lethbridge College Scholarships And Awards, Canada

Over 4,000 students per time study at the Lethbridge College, Alberta. Every year, college students receive more than $1 million in scholarships and awards. With a single online application, students can apply for all of the Lethbridge College Scholarships and awards they qualify for.

Lethbridge College is the first-ever publicly funded community college in Canada and was established in 1957. The college is a member of the Alberta Rural Development Network and has served to empower both indigenous and international students by offering them high educational standards through on-site and online programs

Lethbridge College offers preparatory studies, vocational training, and university transfer programs in 50 career fields. The programs include one-year certificates, two-year diplomas, apprenticeships, and bachelor’s degrees.

The school also provides advanced bachelor’s degrees and has transfer agreements with the University of Alberta, Athabasca University, University of Calgary, and the University of Lethbridge for students who are interested in transferring and/or furthering their studies in the school.

Some of the programs available at Lethbridge College are:

  • Agriculture Sciences
  • Agriculture and Heavy Equipment Technician
  • Applied Science
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Business Administration
  • Civil Engineering Technology
  • Correctional Studies
  • Culinary Careers
  • Digital Communications and Media
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Ecosystem Management
  • Engineering Design Technology
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Interior Design Technology
  • Massage Therapy
  • Multimedia Production
  • Natural Resource Compliance
  • Renewable Resource Management
  • Therapeutic Recreation (Gerontology)
  • Welder Apprenticeship
  • Wing Turbine Technician

Scholarships and Awards at Lethbridge College, Canada

Lethbridge College has different scholarship options for continuing students, entrance students, international students, and international entrance students.

A single application online will cover all scholarships options each student is eligible for that academic year. The application deadline for the scholarships may however vary.

Students are therefore advised to begin research on the scholarships they are eligible for and ensure their application is submitted before the deadline for all of them arrives. Some of the scholarships and awards at the college are:

1975 Canada Winter Games Entrance Scholarship

The Winter Games Entrance Scholarship is awarded to a student who attended the Southern Alberta High School and is entering Lethbridge College for a full-time program.

Such students must have displayed excellent athletic performance while at the Southern Alberta High School. The selected student will receive $350 as value for the scholarship.

Alberta Blue Cross 50th Anniversary Entrance Award

The $1000 award is granted to a resident of Alberta entering for a full-time diploma or degree program at the college. The selected student is one who must have demonstrated exceptional academic performance at his/her high school and has also been able to demonstrate financial need.

Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association (ARHCA) Civil Engineering Entrance Award

A student entering Lethbridge College for a full-time program in Civil Engineering Technology will be selected for this award. The student to be selected must have demonstrated financial need and will receive a sum of $1000 as an award.

B’nai Brith Trades Apprenticeship Scholarship

This award is granted to the best apprentice graduating from a particular apprenticeship trade. The award rotates across programs every session. The student who is selected from the chosen prog in one session will receive $500.

Brian Kaltenbrunner Memorial Tool Award

This award is granted to one apprenticeship student in the automotive service technician department. The student to be awarded must have completed his/her third year with high scores in the practice coursework.

The student must have also been committed to the trade, has a desire for excellence, and should have demonstrated financial need.

The recipient of the Brian Kaltenbrunner Memorial Tool Award will receive a Snap-On Tools gift card worth $2,500.

Calgary Flames Leadership Award

A male and female student who are both Kodiak athletes receive the Calgary Flames Leadership Award every year. The students selected are those who demonstrate excellent leadership skills, community participation, active volunteerism, and credible academic performance.

One student will be selected from the Kodiak athlete male team and another from the female team. Each selected student will receive an award of $1,500.

Claresholm Fish & Game Association Ron Beck Memorial Entrance Scholarship

A student of Environmental Science from Southern Alberta entering into Lethbridge College for a full-time Ecosystems Management applied for degree program benefits from this award. The student will receive $325 as a scholarship during his/her first year in the college.

The student to be selected for this scholarship must have demonstrated experience in Fish and Wildlife or other related areas.

Fire Safety Services Ltd. Award

This is awarded to a post-secondary student of Lethbridge College who is also a member of the Kodiak Cross County Running Team.

The student to be selected must display excellence in academics and should be preferably one that participates in the running team during both fall and winter.

The student will receive the award of $900 in cheque and may receive a second disbursement if he/she displays consistency in meeting up with the eligibility criteria.

General Financial Need Entrance Award

The award is given to a new student entering full-time into the college for a post-secondary program. A student who is able to demonstrate financial need will be selected to receive $1050.

Guy Marcy Rocky Cross DKI Award

The Guy Marcy Rocky Cross DKI Award is granted to a third-year continuing student in carpentry apprentice. The student to be awarded must have shown outstanding performance.

Indigenous Careers Award

Indigenous students who take credit programs can apply for the Indigenous Careers Award. Students who benefit from this award will receive $2000 per term. Students can submit applications for both terms before the deadline.

The eligibility requirement for this award may vary based on the number of award slots available and the number of students who applied.

Students can visit the Indigenous Services center for updates on the application deadlines, award requirements, and other vital information needed.

International Entrance Scholarships

International students who are just admitted into Lethbridge College can qualify for international scholarships just by applying for admission. After completing one year of study at the college, international students with exceptional academic performance may become qualified to apply for the continuing awards.

Judy Furukawa Entrance Award

This is awarded to a student who has taken English as a Second Language for at least one semester. The student will be selected based on outstanding academic performance.

LCSA – Cheryl Dick Leadership Award

The leadership award goes to a student who has completed a minimum of one year in a Diploma program. The following criteria are used to select students for the award:

  • A significant contribution to the LCSA
  • A display of commendable character
  • A minimum GPA of 2.0

The award is valued at $500. Application procedures and deadlines are announced by the LCSA.

Lethbridge College Alumni Legacy Entrance Award

This is awarded to a graduating student of high school whose parents are alumni of Lethbridge College. The student, who will be selected based on financial need will receive $1000.

Lillian Parry Nursing Entrance Award

One student entering the Nursing Program full-time benefits from this award. Such students must show excellent academic performance and require financial assistance.

Meszaros International Entrance Award

The Meszaros International Entrance Award is granted to an international entrance student who meets the following criteria:

  • A permanent resident status
  • Admission for a full-time program at Lethbridge College
  • Excellent academic performance
  • Demonstration of financial need

Students who had to overcome peculiar challenges related to immigration to Canada will be granted preference.

Outstanding Achievement in Baking Award by Dan and Linda Wester

A continuing student in the Baker Apprenticeship Program with exceptional academic performance and a passion to advance in baking as a career will be awarded the Outstanding Achievement in Baking Award.

For a list of many other scholarships available, students can visit the Lethbridge College, Canada website for comprehensive information which will also include eligibility requirements and updated application deadlines.

Provincial Awards

Lethbridge College students who are residents of Alberta can apply for the financial aid made available by the provincial government through Student Aid Alberta.

When students submit applications to the Student Aid Alberta, they may receive grants, loans, or both. A grant does not require students to repay while loans are to be repaid by students after their programs.

Students of the college are also nominated by the school for the Jason Lang and Louise McKinney Scholarships under the Student Aid Alberta program.

Students can monitor their status for scholarships and other awards by constantly checking their @lethbridgecollege.ca email accounts.

When students are filling the application information for scholarships, they should ensure their details are properly filled in order not to hinder their eligibility for the school’s scholarships or nominations for other financial aid available with the provincial government of Canada.