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Life in Airdrie for Immigrants – Pros and Cons

Life in Airdrie for immigrants comes with many opportunities, benefits, and attractive access to nature. Despite starting as a railway town to facilitate Calgary, Airdrie has now become its own charming and quaint city.

It is considered a suburban city due to its slow-paced family-friendly life. The city’s many advantages are affordable housing, good education, close proximity to larger cities, and great communities.

Moving from one city to another is difficult, either for work or with your family. However, this decision can be less intimidating if you have all the information about where you are moving.

Every city has its list of pros and cons that you should know before relocating, so you can prepare accordingly. However, life in Airdrie is affordable and easygoing.

This article will provide a detailed review of the Pros and Cons of living in Airdrie, Alberta.

Where is Airdrie

The city of Airdrie is located within the Calgary – Edmonton region. The city was built in 1889 as a railway town during the construction of the bigger cities of Calgary and Edmonton. But since the city has expanded and is now recognized independently.

Airdrie is a city under the province of Alberta; Alberta is a prominent province in Canada. It is situated in the western part of the country with a total area of 661,848 km².

Alberta is famous because it is surrounded by the famous Rocky Mountains of Canada and lush green forests. This beautiful landscape and scenery adorn all the cities in the province.

Population of Airdrie

Airdrie continues to be one of the fastest-growing communities in Alberta and Canada. Over the past five years, Airdrie has experienced an average annual growth rate of 5.16 percent. The city has a total area of 84.57 km2, with a population of around 61,581 people.

Weather in Airdrie

In Airdrie, the summers are comfortable, the winters are freezing and snowy, and it is a partly cloudy year round. Over the year, the temperature typically varies from 9°F to 74°F and is rarely below -15°F or above 84°F.

If you do not enjoy the winter season, there may be better places than Airdrie. Due to its location, the city experiences extreme weather in the winter. It is also exposed to strong cold winds that can limit outdoor activities in the winter months. The temperature in the winter can drop below -20 degrees.

What is the cost of living in Airdrie?

If you compare Airdrie to some of its larger neighbors, the cost of living is lower. In Airdrie, many of the basic amenities follow the Canadian average. Some utilities, such as natural gas, are also cheaper than in other areas.

Moreover, due to low taxes, residents can save more money and spend it on living expenses. The city has a high employment rate of almost 90%. The majority of the city’s population also has a higher median income bracket and enjoys a good quality of life.


Housing is a serious concern for anyone moving to a new city, especially for families. Luckily, Airdrie offers many affordable housing options. In the city, you can purchase a home for 380,000$, which is much cheaper than other larger cities such as Calgary and Toronto.


Living in Airdrie will also provide you with tax advantages. The province of Alberta, within which Airdrie is situated, does not impose a provincial sales tax. Resident can therefore end up saving money that would otherwise have been cut for tax. Moreover, there is no payroll tax and no health premium tax, so in terms of tax cuts, Airdrie has an advantage.

Pros of living in Airdrie

Life in Airdrie for immigrants comes with some advantages and disadvantages. Below are some of the pros of living in Airdrie, Alberta;


The biggest advantage of living in Airdrie is that it is an extremely family-friendly town. So if you are looking to move with your family or are thinking of starting a family, then Airdrie is the ideal location.

More than half of the city’s population is made up of families. Almost 73% of the city’s population comprises people less than 50 years of age. Besides, this is due to the high number of children. To cater to families, the city has several safety features designed expressly for children. In addition, there are several parks and recreational opportunities for families and a sound school system for kids.


The city of Airdrie has the advantage of being near Calgary. That is only 15 minutes away in terms of distance. The city is also close to Calgary Airport, the QE2 highway to Edmonton, and all major points in North Calgary. This is beneficial because in Airdrie for immigrants, you can enjoy all the perks of large cities like Calgary and Edmonton without enduring the hustle and bustle of large-city life.

Strong community

A unique feature of the city that distinguishes it from many other places is the strong sense of community in Airdrie. Due to the demographic of its people, the city has established a vibrant and inclusive community over time. Community life provides many outlets for kids and parents to interact with one another. It also supports local businesses and ventures.

Access to great schools

Airdrie is home to 16 schools run by Rocky View Schools. Nose Creek Elementary School serves students from kindergarten to grade four and is located right in our community of Bayside. In addition, WH Croxford Highschool, St. Martin de Porres High School, and Windsong Heights School are nearby, with close access to the other Airdrie Schools.

Cons of living in Airdrie

There are also issues in Airdrie that makes life difficult for immigrants. They include;


This issue makes a living in Airdrie extremely difficult for some people. The majority of the residents of Airdrie must travel to Calgary for work as most of the jobs are located there.

While the distance between the two cities is almost 40km, traffic can worsen the commute. During rush hour, entering and exiting the city can take a lot of time and become quite cumbersome.

The average time reported during rush hour between the cities is almost 2 hours. Although the residents living in the northern part of Airdrie may experience less traffic, this is generally an issue for most people.


Unfortunately, healthcare is also a grave issue for the people of Airdrie. There is no hospital inside the city. The nearest hospital to the city is the Peter Lougheed Centre, located in Calgary.

If there is no traffic, the commute can take 20-25 mins, and rush hour traffic can take over an hour.

As accessibility to healthcare can be a severe cause of concern for families and elderly people, a lack of hospitals in the city becomes a significant disadvantage.

Life in Clarington for Immigrants

How to immigrate to Airdrie

It is possible to immigrate to Airdrie through the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program.

You can also request for nomination from Alberta and submit your application after completing the form. After you apply, you will receive an official Provincial Nomination certificate, allowing you to progress to the next step.

Additionally, you will have to create an Express Entry profile for yourself via the internet by filling out the form on Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)’s website and waiting for your ITA. However, first, you must submit your PR application within 60 days, including the necessary documents.

Places to visit in Airdrie

Chinook Winds Park

This park offers over 55 acres of parkland and recreation spots, including playgrounds, skate parks, amenities, and even a spray park for the summer. The park is located at Chinook Winds Drive, south of Yankee Valley Boulevard.

Woodside Golf Course

This championship par-70 course comprises 6,200 yards of lush, challenging landscaping featuring nine water hazards. This course is a popular choice for professionals and amateurs and is the first golf course in Alberta to be pet-friendly.

Airdrie Festival of Lights

A holiday favorite, Airdrie is home to the largest outdoor Christmas light display in Western Canada. If you haven’t yet seen the amazing display, it’s an absolute must for the holiday season.

Nose Creek Park

Enjoy a picnic or fish in the pond at this park featuring over 40 acres of natural space. There are many picnic tables and pathways for the whole family to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the weather in Airdrie?

In Airdrie, the summers are comfortable, and the winters are freezing and snowy. If you do not enjoy the winter season, then Airdrie may not be the ideal place for you.

What is the population of Airdrie?

The population of Airdrie is around 61,581 people.


With this article, we hope you’ve learned what life in Airdrie for immigrants looks like and also what to expect when you move or relocate to Airdrie.

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