Life in Chilliwack for immigrants – workers, students and visitors

This information will help you to navigate through Chilliwack as an immigrant

If you want to know what the outlook of life in Chilliwack for immigrants is, you can always know. Chilliwack maybe your ideal location and you are wondering what kind of life you are going to experience there. Well, you are not the only one in this condition right now.

That is why in this detailed guide, you will find out why people love working and living in Chilliwack. More importantly, you will get to understand what makes Chilliwack stand out from other cities in Canada.

Where is Chilliwack?

One-hour east of Vancouver in the beautiful Fraser Valley and there, you will find Chilliwack, a city famous for its hiking, water sports, camping, fishing and mountain biking. The city of Chilliwack is preferably a fantastic place to move in because of its simplistic nature.

With its desirable, striking physical location and feel of a small town, Chilliwack has a lot to offer to its newcomers. If you are planning to move in here, dozens of others are planning to do so too. All you can do right now is to call your local, moving company and head to Chilliwack.

What kind of Demographics does Chilliwack Have?

Living in Chilliwack may not give you the feeling of city life. However, connecting easily with the residence is one thing it promises you. It will not take you long to mingle with some groups in the neighbourhood and become part of a great family.

The development experienced in Chilliwack is brought about by urban growth throughout Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. You may as well work in these more advanced cities while living in Chilliwack since the distance is not more than one hour.

Interestingly, housing affordability and location are two of the biggest factors that drive people to move to Chilliwack. Notwithstanding, other basic elements also draw them here which include superb education and healthcare systems, assorted shopping and dining choices, non-stop recreation and relaxation activities together with growing business and employment prospects.

Schools in Chilliwack

The community has a secondary school called the Chilliwack School District (SD #33) with over 14,000 students, 1,800 teachers and support staff. 20 elementary schools, 6 middle schools and 3 secondary schools as well as alternative programs, continuing education, and distance learning programs can all be found in Chilliwack.

In addition, six schools in Chilliwack offer French Immersion. Several private schools are also established in Chilliwack, with standard curriculum and special areas of focus.

For tertiary institutions, the University of the Fraser Valley is a fully accredited, public university that enrolls approximately 15,000 students per year. the university has campuses and locations in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, Hope and Agassiz, and a growing presence in Chandigarh, India.

Trades and Technology in Chilliwack

Close to the main UFV building at Canada Education Park sits UFV’s Trades and Technology Centre. It comprises quite a lot of training opportunities including Agriculture and Horticulture, Aircraft Structures, Architectural Drafting, Automation and Robotics, Hospitality Event Planning, Joinery, Electrical, Plumbing, and more.

Immigrating to Chilliwack

If you are planning to immigrate to Chilliwack or anywhere in British Columbia, you may have to visit Welcome BC where you can explore the variety of programs that may allow you to become a permanent resident.

There, you can find all every information you will need to get yourself ready for your immigration to Chilliwack. When you get here, whether as a temporary or permanent resident, a naturalized citizen, or a refugee, you will always find services and programs that would meet your needs. You can make further research about them and what they have in stock for you.

What other Major Attractions are for You in Chilliwack?

Life in Chilliwack for immigrants promises to be great if you know your way to the best locations in the city. There is a lot to glean, especially in terms of affordability. Below will guide you better:

Chilliwack has an accessible, small-town lifestyle

With a population of about 78,000, you are not expecting to get lost in a crowd. What is more, you are not moving into a place where you have to go for miles before you get what you want. You will get to meet varieties of shops and shopping options with free parking places.

Unlike moving to Vancouver where you will have to face much demand from work, Chilliwack offers you enough time to face your leisure activities. That is to say, living in Chilliwack is one way you can balance life and work.

Chilliwack is just affordable

There is overall affordability of everything in Chilliwack. From insurance to gas to housing, you will be pleasantly greeted with cheaper prices for your money.

However, if you are going to work here, you may have to increase your budget for commuting. The expense of commuting daily on the road of Chilliwack may not be fun at all. But then, nothing will seem difficult if you can afford yourself a good car for cruising around the city.

Pros and Cons of Living in Chilliwack

As you are considering immigrating to Chilliwack, it is very essential to consider the good sides and the bad sides so that you can make a better decision.


Fun activities

If you are the outing type, you may want to consider life in Chilliwack for immigrants as a great one. There are loads of fun activities and fun places you can always visit with your friends and family.

You can go for a light walk or sightseeing on a cool Saturday morning. You can also find yourself doing any of the following, just like the residents: Snowmobiling, mountain biking, ATVing, and a lot of other fun stuff. In addition, you can also explore the town or go on vacation in cool places located within the town in your recreational vehicle. Fun seekers usually enjoy it here.

Affordable housing

One important factor you must never joke with is the quality, cost and kind of housing in that location. They will enable you to decide whether the place is the best for you or not.

Having said that, Chilliwack has affordable housing when you compare it to other cities, especially Vancouver. Vancouver is much expensive and many people are relocating to Chilliwack from there, even though Vancouver has more prospects.

Active community

Coming to live in Chilliwack, you will find people who share the same interest as you. Mostly, the city of Chilliwack enjoys coming together for community works. And this often creates a lively and supportive atmosphere for everyone to thrive.

Not much populated

With a low population, Chilliwack enjoys less pollution rate than other cities. The major occupation here is agriculture. Since there are not many industrial activities, living in this environment is not just good for your health, but your overall wellbeing.


The environment is not sparkling

With the residents practicing agriculture, it is not surprising that the environment may experience some dirty outlook. Dairy farming and consistent agricultural practices on the farmland can result in the environment being littered with animal dung and manure. It is even worse during the spring and fall seasons. If you are not someone who enjoys these sights, you may reconsider your decision. However, since there are other good reasons to live here, you may not mind.

High crime rate

The rate of crime in Chilliwack is not something to overlook. The crime index statistics in the city is 66%; that is quite too much. As a result, everyone is involved in security. You must always watch out for your back because you may experience crimes such as theft, breaking into homes, vandalism, drugs, and others which are on the high side.

Boring nightlife

Life in Chilliwack for immigrants may not be exciting at night. That is to say, there is nothing to enjoy the nights here with. Considering the crime rate, after the day’s activities in the night, everyone retires to their individual houses and have a quiet night with their families.

If you love spending the night, especially weekends in a memorable way, you may have to drive down to Vancouver, just an hour from Chilliwack, for a refreshing night.

Poor Road Network and transportation

The road network in Chilliwack is not as connected as those in big cities. This also affects the transit system. As a result, you can only enjoy transportation if you live in Vancouver or have the majority of your activities there. This is not to say that Chilliwack is written off. After all, human beings are living there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weather like in Chilliwack?

In Chilliwack, the highest average annual temperature is at 10.5ºC. Similarly, the average daily maximum temperature in January is 6.1ºC, with nighttime as low as 0.8ºC. Experiencing warmer temperatures is usually around April extending through October. On the other hand, the summertime high in July is 24.5ºC, with a nighttime temperature of 13ºC.

Does Chilliwack have quality healthcare?

The community is blessed with Chilliwack General Hospital (CGH) which has been serving them since 1912. Today, CGH is a refined, fully functional hospital that offers excellent healthcare services to the community. Ten walk-in clinics also exist in Chilliwack and they provide healthcare after hours and on weekends.


In summary, you can now answer the question, “What is life in Chilliwack for immigrants like?” Though it is a rural area with nothing much going on here, it won’t be bad to live here, especially if you don’t have much doing outside after work.

Finding a good place generally is not always easy. So, you can immigrate to Chilliwack and relax before thinking of whether it is great or not. You may get to love the simplistic lifestyle there and also the cheap housing and accommodation.