Life in Drummondville for Immigrants – Guide for Newcomers

This is a guide for newcomers who want to explore Drummondville.

Are you dreaming to see what life in Drummondville for immigrants entails? Rain or shine, there is so much to do in Drummondville. As the gateway to the Centre-du-Quebec region, this city has a whole lot to offer you. Besides, it has enough must-see attractions that make it a lively city.

We know you long to know more about Drummondville and we have already prepared you for that. In this article, we are going to take you around the city to give you the best of your time.

Where can Drummondville be found?

Towards the east of Montreal lies the city of Drummondville. It has a population of just about 65,000. Besides, it was created as far back as the early 19th century by a British lieutenant-colonel, Frederick Heriot. Thus, his aim of establishing the area was to solve the housing issues that the British soldiers faced.

In addition, the location of this city is close to the St-Francois River, which passes through the city, providing defence against possible attack by external forces, largely Americans.

Today, the city has evolved and become one of the most beautiful cities and offering a home to tourists and visitors.

Even so, there are different festivals that the locals and visitors alike celebrate every year. More so, the people refer to the city as “Quebec’s Capital of Expression and Traditions”. And so, if you are a first-timer, you may need to read further to gain more insights into what keeps this city on top.

What is the Unique Thing about Drummondville?

Visiting Drummondville for the first time will wow you and give you that feeling of pleasantness. Although it is not a popular city, Drummondville is a smaller but attractive and flourishing tourist goal. Do not let the size deceive you, the city is worth visiting.

You will even be surprised by certain exceptional features and things you can do at the place. In this sense, there are various places to explore whether as a visitor or an immigrant.

What’s more, if you plan to travel to Quebec City or Montreal, you may include a stopover at Drummondville to have some awe-striking moments. After your visitation, chances are that you will come again and again.

As an immigrant, living here should be part of your deal while planning to immigrate to Canada. You are never going to have dull moments. Therefore, every one of your efforts will never be in vain.

What are the Best Things You Can do in Drummondville in 2022?

Life in Drummondville for immigrants is quite interesting. And so, there are several exciting things the city of Drummondville offers. You may need to check out this list below to have an idea of things you can do in the city.

Spend a great afternoon on the waterfront at Parc Woodyatt

In the heart of the city is Parc Woodyatt, a place that brings nature and civilization together to give you the best views. Going there on a sunny afternoon is a refreshing decision.

Catch a glimpse of the city at Parc Nautique Saint-Therese

Life in Drummondville for immigrants can never be this amazing unless you witness it yourself. On a sunny afternoon, when you finish swimming and feel like relaxing at some beautiful spot beside the water, you can always enjoy the views of the water from a kayak or canoe. As such, you will always find a cool spot near the water to spend the afternoon. If you like, you can rent a canoe, kayak or a paddle boat. Also, there are little islands around the water that you can cruise to catch a glimpse of the city.

Go cross country skiing at Saint-Francois

Looking to enjoy life in Drummondville for immigrants, you may consider this. The winter does not just bring cold, it comes with snow too. The snow brings a lot of fun activities like skiing and snowboarding. You may try to go on cross-country skiing, making your way through beautiful forests and natural landscapes. You can also trek through the maple groves and 19th-century villages where the beauty of Drummondville is exquisitely displayed.

Entertain yourself at Maison des arts Desjardins Drummondville

This theatre is the city’s most modern and offers lots of entertainment. The organisers bring in the best shows from across the gamut in form of comedy shows, musical displays, classical theatre and just about anything entertainment you can think of. If you feel like feeding your stomach, you will always find a variety of dining options around. Make certain you step into the lovely halls with modern designs and just everywhere around. You will always have a colourful moment there.

Explore the cultural heritage of the people of Drummondville

At Drummondville, there are different shades of festivities keeping the people together and reminding them about their culture. What’s more to know about life in Drummondville for immigrants? Being a large city with a flair for fun, you will always feel safe and welcome. You can spend some time by the waterfront and take in the sunshine.

What about heading out onto the trail in the winter and exploring the beauty of nature as the snow covers every surface? In essence, you can never finish enjoying yourself from the best spots of the city.

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What is the average cost of living in Drummondville?

The average cost of living in Drummondville is around $1158 and that is close to the world’s average cost of living which is around $1000.

What is transportation like in Drummondville?

Visiting Drummondville, you may find yourself taking any of the following transport services.


Drummondville enjoys the services of Autoroutes 20 and 55.

Intra-city transit

There is various local transit in the city. Dating back to 1987, the city has been served by the Drummondville Transit and it presently operates city bus services on six routes. Additionally, it has its headquarters at the main bus terminal located at Des Forges and Lindsay Streets. Service runs at half-hour intervals from Monday to Saturday and on Sundays, it runs at hourly intervals.

Intercity buses

Orléans Express and Groupe La Québécoise are the major providers of intercity highway coach services. Their primary destinations include the nearby cities of Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières, Victoriaville, Saint-Hyacinthe, and Thetford Mines.

Intercity rail

Via Rail operates a passenger train service connecting Montreal and Quebec City. Drummondville is part of the high-traffic Quebec City–Windsor Corridor. From the Drummondville railway station, the train runs to and fro and about five times a day.


Drummondville has general aviation services which are available at the Drummondville Airport and the Drummondville Water Aerodrome.

What language is majorly spoken at Drummondville?

The people of Drummondville are majorly French and so as much as 96% of them speak French, 1.1% speak English, 0.4% speak both English and French, while 2.4% speak other languages.

Does Drummondville have attractive festivities and culture?

The city market is widely identified as Quebec’s Capital of Expression and Traditions, having attractions focusing on culture, both past and present. At Drummondville, the major attraction is the Village Québécois d’Antan. That does not mean there are no other places to chill out.

In addition, Drummondville is one of the cities in Canada that do not joke about poutine, a Canadian dish that originated from Quebec. To that effect, the people host a very old tradition, Festival de la Poutine, towards the end of August. This takes place for three days and people from all walks of life are invited and entertained with concerts, while they enjoy different varieties of poutine.

There was also the Mondi des Cultures between 1982 to 2017 and it was one of the largest folk dance festivals in the world.

Are there good educational services in Drummondville?

The city of Drummondville owns one of the most prestigious colleges, Cégep de Drummondville, a public French-language CEGEP. There are also two school boards, which are the English-language Eastern Townships School Board and the French Centre de services scolaire des Chenes.

Weather in Drummondville

Drummondville enjoys a humid continental climate. During summers, the climate is warm and rainy, while during winters, it is cold and snowy.


Coming to Drummondville for the first time, whether as a visitor or an immigrants, you are going to feel at home while enjoying people with warm hearts. For that reason, that is a great location for you!