Life in Fredericton for Immigrants – Guide for Newcomers

Everything you need to know about Fredericton as a newcomer.

What is life in Fredericton for immigrants going to be like? You might have asked the question several times. What if we tell you that you are making a great move if you love living around the coastlines?

Well, Fredericton is a very fascinating and old-fashioned city in Canada. It is also known as Atlantic Canada’s Riverfront Capital. It offers a high quality life, with unlimited access to nature. The local communities in Fredericton have a vibrant environment, offering a lot to you as a newcomer to Canada.

If you consider immigrating to Fredericton, then, this article will offer you the best guide. Here, we will be taking you on a merry-go-round to this small city.

Where can Fredericton be Found?

Located in the maritime province of New Brunswick and connected to the Atlantic, Fredericton is the social and cultural centre of the province. Although it is the capital city of New Brunswick, it is famous for its rich mountains and forests.

In addition, it is located at the centre of the province and has a total area of 132.57 km² and a total population of 58,220.

Moreover, New Brunswick is greatly influenced by French, reason it adopted French as its official language.

Pros and Cons of Living in Fredericton

One of the prerequisites for a newcomer moving to another location is to find out the pros and cons of living in that place. Not all locations are great for you.

So, before you think what life is in Fredericton for immigrants, you must find out what you are to expect and whether it is favourable to you or not. for that reason, below, we have made a detailed list of some of the pros and cons of moving to Fredericton.



Your safety is the first thing to be on the lookout for when you get to a new place. Is no doubt that is also your concern. In Fredericton, you can sleep at night with both eyes closed and wake up in the morning not expecting any bad news. For several years on a row, it has reported a low average crime rate, making it the best for a family setting.

Scenic views

Life in Fredericton for immigrants can be fun, judging by the scenic views in the city. Amazingly, in Canada, there exist numerous scenic centres that you may become confused as to the best of them all. Good a thing you are immigrating to Fredericton because it is one of the top places you can give your eyes the best treats. If you have heard of the famous Saint John River. It runs through this city of New Brunswick. If you are the outdoor type, you may find yourself over and over again in this place, enjoying and appreciating the work of nature. There are also amazing parks and relaxation centres for you.

Social life

If you enjoy socializing with friends at the restaurants or pubs, that means you might fall in love with Fredericton a a newcomer. The Play House theater and the Black Box theater have good amount of productions throughout the year to keep you entertained. There is also the Harvest Festival which is the spotlight for the year. Other festivals in the city are a wine festival, poutine festival, Whiskey festival, and so on.

High-quality education

Education is an important factor to consider if you want to immigrate to Fredericton. The education system of the city, both public and private, is topnotch. Due to the high quality of education, many people choose to live in this city. There are prominent secondary schools and universities that you can find interesting and they are Fredericton High School, the Leo Hayes High School, the University of New Brunswick, St Thomas University, New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, New Brunswick Community College, and Maritime College of Forest Technology, among others.



Life in Fredericton for immigrants when it comes to the weather is not a funny one. Although the summer can be quite warm and offers you something to look forward to, the winter is a striking opposite. The temperature during the winter is below freezing point, making the city one of the coldest in Canada.

French language

The official language of New Brunswick is French. Majorly, nearly one-third of the people are French speakers. This could make it a bit difficult for you if you are coming from an English-speaking background with little understanding of French. However, if you are a fast learner, adapting to the new language will not take you long.

Inadequate transport system

When compared to other cities, the public transport system in Fredericton is not encouraging. There is just a few number of buses along its 12 routes, keeping people stranded most of the time. In a clearer term, coming with your car or buying a new car once you immigrate to the city will offer great relief to you.

Lack of cultural diversity

Although the city has a rich history and culture, it still lacks diversity. People have migrated from diverse cultures and ethnicities, yet multiculturalism is still not felt as it should. What’s more, coming to the city, you may not have much fun when it comes to cultural activities but that should not deter you as there are other avenues you can cover up.

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Fun Things to do in Fredericton

Do you want to know what fun life is in Fredericton for immigrants? Then, check this out!

Shop for local food at the Boyce Farmer’s Market

The Boyce Farmer’s Market is one of Canada’s top 10 community markets where you can buy things fresh. It has diverse mix of over 200 unique food and craft vendors. Moreover, it is open every Saturday morning. Not to forget, if you want to do your weekend shopping in a lovely and colourful spot in Fredericton, Boyce Farmers market is your go-to.

Explore the art of Beaverbrook Art Gallery

Beaverbrook Art Gallery brings art and community together in a vibrant cultural environment of Fredericton. It is a public gallery in the city named after William Maxwell, Lord Beaverbrook. Also, one of Canada’s most impressive and diverse art collections. Taking a day out to this scenic environment will offer you the best view with fantastic memory. Not to forget, admission is $10 for adults, and free for kids under 12.

Stroll to the Garrison District

Sited next to the Saint John River, the Garrison District and Officer’s Square are good-looking places you can have fun. It is a centre for heritage, culture, craft and entertainment. With friends or family, you can go for a stroll or a picnic at the Garrison District. In the summer, free outdoor theatre and concerts are displaced.

You will enjoy an enticing blend of musicians, artists and historic attractions. In addition, Garrison District hosts lots of festivals such as the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival.

Visit the Fredericton Region Museum

The Fredericton Region Museum is sited in a nineteenth-century officers’ quarters just as you veer off the Officers’ Square. Yes, you will see enough of exciting artefacts and exhibits which are part of the city’s history and its indigenous culture. On the other hand, admission is not free. Adult admission is $6, students pay $3, and children under six get in for free.

Pick a book at the New Brunswick Public Library System

Whether you have lived all your life in Fredericton or you just arrived, the public library is one of the fascinating places you should not avoid. Over 64 locations of the New Brunswick are scattered throughout the province, with the major local office sited in Fredericton.

Seven days a week, from 10 am to 5 pm and until 9 pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays, you can always walk in and to read or loan books. Not just books but DVDs and other resourceful materials are loaned out for free to local residents.Moreover, the local libraries have many clubs and activities, including children’s story time, knitting and craft clubs, and language lessons.

Nightlife in Fredericton

Fredericton does not have much bubbling nightlife scenery, though you can get some pubs with some live music during the weekends. However, the following are fascinating places you can have fun at night after the day’s activities:

  • Dolan’s Pub – This is an Irish pub and is an amazing place to see live rock and blue bands on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from around 10:30 pm. On St. Patrick’s Day, here is usually bubbling with activities.
  • Lunar Rogue – It offers an old-world-pub setting and a bar that houses over 400 whiskey varieties. The patio is lively during summer too.
  • Grimross Brewing – A Frederick craft brewery that brews inspired ales and lagers in a local way, every pint of Grimross is indeed an Atlantic Canadian craft beer. It also hosts a variety of events where friends and lovers can have an exciting evening. One thing is sure, people keep talking about the beer. You may want to have a taste too.
  • Lunar Rogue – Situated right in the heart of downtown Fredericton, the place offers a fantastic atmosphere. The customer service is second to none, a great treat you will enjoy here. Besides, in the summer, you can dine outside on the patio as you watch the flow of tourists and locals as well. in all these, you can always have your favorite bear, while relaxing.

How to immigrate to Fredericton

If you wish to apply for a Canadian Permanent Residency to allow you live in Fredericton, you will need to follow these two steps:

Step One

The first step is the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Here, the Government of New Brunswick can recruit and select immigrants who intend to live and work in the province. Moreover, you must provide your skills, education, and work experience needed to make a contribution to labour market and economic needs.

Step Two

Apply to Immigration and Citizenship Canada for a Permanent Resident Visa. Also, within six (6) months of receiving your nominee certificate, you must apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for your permanent resident visa. Again, you must meet the requirements to enable you secure your visa. However, the CIC has the final say.

You can also immigrate through the following programs:

  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot: This is for skilled workers and graduate students
  • Provincial Nominee Program: Available for skilled workers and business people
  • Federal Skilled Workers Class: Only for skilled workers
    Skilled Trades Class: Only for skilled tradespeople
  • Canadian Experience Class: Available for temporary foreign workers in Canada and international students in Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

What is accommodation like in Fredericton?

If you need an affordable city to live in, Fredericton can offer you 24% to 50% of lower than many major cities in Canada.

Is Fredericton a great place for business?

If you are looking for a vital area for your next business, Fredericton is one of the ten smartest Canadian city to do business, according to the Globe and Mail.


Life in Fredericton for immigrants is a mix of fun and activities. Everything you want is here. don’t miss the opportunity of living in this small city of New Brunswick. That is because it offers you everything you can dream of.