Life in Granby for Immigrants – Pros and Cons

There are many exciting things to expect if you live in Granby.

Many factors make life in Granby exciting for both visitors and residents alike. Whether you are in Granby for business or for vacation. Or you visit just to spend the weekend in the regional capital, industrial centre and the second city of importance in the Eastern Townships, you will have some activities to make your stay in Granby worth it.

Therefore, many visitors come to Granby every year to relax and have fun. Many of these visitors come to have a view of the famous zoo -one of the most highly reputed in the country—and its Amazoo water park.

This is not all, if you are the adventurous type, you have a lot of festivals and exciting places to visit. for instance, there are a lot of festivals for you throughout the year.

For sports lovers, there are a lot of facilities and competitions for you. All these add flavour to life in Brandy. Therefore, once you get into the town, there are a lot of exciting events and places to visit.

Moreover, if you are on a business trip to Granby, there is also good news for you. Granby is home to many hotels where you can relax.

Therefore, finding accommodation in Granby is very easy. Apart from that, the hotels also offer cheap and affordable services. 

Therefore, in this article, you will get all the information you need when you want to live in Granby.

Life in Granby: what to expect

Located east of Montreal, Granby is a town in southwestern Quebec. Generally, it is popular because of its zoo, together with its landmark fountain of Lac Boivin. 

Also, Granby is the home of La Haute-Yamaska Regional County Municipality. After Sherbrooke, Granby is the second most populated city in Estrie. 

Population of Granby

The population of Granby stands at 66,222 people. Generally, Granby’s population is growing, therefore, it is believed that in the coming years, the population will grow well. Therefore, it can be a good destination. The population growth is at 0.88% per year over the past 5 years. 

Basically, the population of Granby is made up of people between 55 and 59 years old while the lowest age is between 80 and 89. Therefore, a greater percentage of the town is within the working age, thus making up 62.6% of the total population.  

Villages in Granby

The following are towns where you can enjoy life in Granby. Therefore, once you plan to live in Granby, you may choose from any of them. They include:

  • Fraser 
  • Grand Lake 
  • Hot Sulphur Springs 
  • Kremmling 
  • Tabernash 
  • Walden 
  • Winter Park 

Transit in Granby

Generally speaking, Granby has one of the best transit systems in Quebec. It boasts of three routes: Nord (north), Sud (south) and Centre (central) routes. 

In addition, you will use a bus-taxi service when you want to access certain areas in the municipality. The main terminus is located in downtown Granby with a secondary terminus at Galeries de Granby.

Therefore, the transit life in Granby is not only accessible, but it is also at the same time affordable. 

Schedules: Open year-round

Rates: Contact the company for more details.

Contact information: Bus Terminal – Centre-Ville, 12 rue du Centre, Granby, Québec, Canada, J2G 5B3

Cost of living in Granby

First of all, when it comes to the cost of living, Granby may not be the best place. However, it is also the worst. Therefore, the average cost of living in Granby is very close to the global average at $1092, thus, it is ranked 5309th out of 9294.

Then, 145th out of 153 in Canada, and 53rd out of 60 in Quebec State thus, it is best described as having a moderate cost of living. 

Meanwhile, the median after-tax salary is $2184. With this, you will be able to cover living expenses for two months. Therefore, life in Granby is not too expensive.  

Life in Granby: Reasons to move to Granby

There is a lot of fun if you live in Granby. This makes life in Granby exciting. Therefore, once you decide to live in Granby, you will be expecting the following. 

#1: Sports and Leisure

Are you a sports lover? Or do you love to spend your free time having some fun in leisure places? Then life in Granby is for you.

There are several sports facilities: Léonard-Grondin arena, with 3 skating rinks; an indoor swimming pool, home to Granby’s swimming club; multi-sport recreational centres; baseball fields and tennis courts (National Bank’s Challenger of Granby).

Secondly, soccer is a popular sport in Granby, therefore, the town boasts 16 outdoor soccer fields hosting the annual Jean – Yves Phaneuf International Soccer Tournament of Granby.

In addition, it has 1 indoor field that offers players an opportunity to practice year-round. Of course, as a resident and visitor in Granby, you will have access to all these facilities. 

#2: Arts and Culture

Known for its love for arts and culture, the town of Granby gives you the opportunity to have a wide range of entertainment.  is well-rooted in Granby. Therefore, it has a lot of places for people who love entertainment. 

Thus, there are places you can visit, especially if you are new and want to know what life in Granby looks like.

These include entertainment (The Palace), theatre (l’Ancien Presbytère), art galleries (Boréart and 3e Impérial), along with its Festival international de la chanson, a prestigious competition and showcase of French song.

#3 Attraction and Tourism

With its Granby Zoo/Amazon, many visitors see Granby as a top destination for tourism. Therefore, families choose Granby as a place for family tourism.

Apart from the zoo, visitors also get to enjoy the MRC Haute-Yamaska‘s network of bicycle trails, the Centre d’interprétation de la nature du lac Boivin, a great place for ornithology lovers, along with the Miner Heritage Farm. Thus, life in Granby offers a lot of fun and relaxation to its numerous visitors. 

#4: Family and Schools.

If, on the other hand, you worry about your children’s education and health, Granby has a lot of good facilities. 

Health: life in Granby is made easy with the health facilities provided in the town: a Hospital (Centre Hospitalier de Granby), general practitioners and specialists along with CLSC service points, including an early childhood clinic and several home-care centres for seniors. With all these, you don’t need to move outside the town for your medical services. 

Preschool: in Granby, you don’t have to worry about your children. There are some daycare facilities in the town. 

Schools: There are fourteen elementary schools in Granby. These include one private school and an English-language school, 5 secondary schools (3 public and 2 private) as well as 1 professional training centre, and the Cégep de Granby, which also offers university courses. 

Schools in Granby

The education in Granby under the Val-des-Cerfs School Board. This body offers preschool, elementary and secondary education, as well as adult education. Therefore, in Granby, you have access to good education. 

List of schools in Granby

  • Eastern Townships School Board
  • College St-Bernard
  • Ecole Presentation De Marie

List of universities and colleges in Granby

The following are the list of universities and colleges in Granby:

  • Université de Sherbrooke, Granby
  • Cegep de Granby-Haute Yamaska, Granby
  • Centre De Formation Du Transport Routier
  • Education Des Adultes
  • Université De Montréal,  Saint-Hyacinthe, Bishop’s University Knowlton Center
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Fun things to do in Granby

It’s the weekend and you wonder what to expect from life in Granby. Don’t worry because there is a lot of fun to be had. Therefore, just get out of your home and move out to the neighbourhood and guess what, there are places and events to make your weekend worth it. 

Places to have fun in Granby

Therefore, during the weekends, you may visit the following places to enjoy your life in Granby. They include: 

  • Verger Champêtre – Gîte & compagnie
  • L’Émulsion
  • La Table à Mo
  • Maison Boire
  • Réseau des Haltes gourmandes en Haute-Yamaska
  • Absintherie des Cantons
  • Brasserie Vrooden
  • Marché public de Granby et région
  • Érablière Bernard
  • Granby
  • La Maison Chez-Nous

Events to attend in Granby

Apart from the palaces above, there are a lot of events to attend when visiting Granby. They include:

  • Village de Noël au cœur de la nature
  • Granby and Region Easter Market
  • Granby National Bank Tennis Challenger
  • Mascoto – la Fête des mascottes
  • Granby Art & Table
  • Granby International – Antique cars
  • Défi-Vision (Mira Fundraising Vision Challenge)
  • Granby’s Santa Claus Parade

Hotels in Granby

Another thing that makes life in Granby exciting. Therefore, while in Granby, there are a lot of hotels you can check into. Whether you’re looking for a cheap hotel in Granby or for a five star hotel, you have hotels for you. Generally, prices for hotel rooms vary depending on many factors including location, season and quality of the hotel.

Night life in Granby

Life in Granby will not be complete without having some fun late in the night. Therefore, if you love to stay out at night or you prefer dining out. These are the best picks for you. 

  • Cabaret De Granby (Le)
  • Micro Brasserie Le Grimoire
  • Maison Blanche (La)
  • Le Saint-Ambroise
  • Bar Le Studio Classique
  • Paco Bar
  • 9157-3527 Quebec
  • Pub Du Village (Le)
  • Oblon
  • Bar Taverne Des Loisirs
  • Hippodrome De Montreal
  • Bistro Kapzak
  • Louis’ Pub
  • Le Bora Restaurant Lounge
  • Bar Salon Billard De Granby
  • Bolo Bar

How to immigrate to Granby

To immigrate to Granby, you have to use the Quebec Provincial Nominee Program. However, you must meet the programs. In addition, you will have to open an arrima account. 

Moreover, you may choose any of the following immigration plans depending on your qualifications. 

Regular Skilled Worker Program (RSWP)

For skilled workers already in Quebec who want to apply for permanent residence. 

Programme de l’expérience québécoise (PEQ – Québec experience program)

For workers, especially those who already have Canadian work experience. In addition, they must have a valid job in Quebec. 

International Student Program

Students, especially international students who graduated from a university in Quebec use this program to apply for permanent residence in Quebec.   

Application process for permanent residence in Quebec 

Follow the steps below when you want to move to Quebec. 

Step 1: Make sure you qualify

You must make sure that you qualify for the program you choose. Therefore, check the requirements for the programs to know the best program for you. 

Step 2: Create a profile and receive an invitation to apply or a notification of interest

The next step is to create an arrima account, submit your application and then show an expression of interest. 

Step 3: Apply to be nominated by the OINP

The best candidates are selected based on their scores in the comprehensive ranking system. 

Step 4: Apply to the Government of Canada for permanent residence

Once you are selected, you must apply for permanent residence using the IRCC website. Usually, the government of Canada has the final say on your application.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Granby known for?

Granby is popular because of the Granby Zoo and its landmark fountain of Lac Boivin.

How much does a hotel cost in Granby?

The average cost of a hotel room in Granby is CAD 90. However, there are cheaper hotels in Granby where you can Lodge for as low as CAD 65 per night. 

Is Granby a good place to live in?

Yes, with its lovely neighbourhood, Granby is a place to relax. Moreover, there are places and events to attend to once in Granby. However, it depends on the time and season. All these in turn make life in Granby interesting.