Life in Brossard for Immigrants – Pros and Cons

How much do you know about Brossard? Find out all you need to know, from the cost of living, to employment opportunities in Brossard.

Life in Brossard for immigrants is interesting. Going downtown from the South Shore, the streets are lined with shops that sell everything that an immigrant could possibly want. Brossard has all the amenities that make it a beautiful city, yet the nearby towns give you the seclusion you may need sometimes. The crime rate is almost down to zero, as there is hardly any news of crimes in Brossard.

In Brossard, everyone appears to know each other. Maybe because the residents are very warm and welcoming, but one would hardly pass by without a smile or a wave. Brossard is a home for all, and for the immigrant looking to settle, it is the best place to be.

The easiest pathway to immigrate to Brossard is through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. It is advisable that you take a few lessons in French, in preparation for your life in Brossard.

Where is Brossard?

Brossard is one of the many cities of Quebec, in the Greater Montreal Area. The city was carved out from La-Nativité-de-Laprairie and La Prairie in 1958. At that time, its population was barely more than 2,500.

After the Second World War, Brossard’s population grew, especially after the opening of the Champlain Bridge in 1962, and the setting up of a public transportation system in 1971. By the end of the century, it had grown to about 65,000 people.

On the 8th of August, 1964, Brossard gained a portion of land from Greenfield Park. Fast forward to 25th March 1978, it took possession of Notre-Dame-du-Sacré-Cœur which currently is the ‘A’ section of the city. Another merger took place with Notre-Dame-de-Laprairie-de-la-Madeleine.

During that time, the mayor of Brossard was Georges-Henri Brossard, a member of one of the city’s pioneer families. It is said that the city got its name from this family.

Brossard was one of the 8 districts that came together to form the city of Longueuil. Soon after, in 2004, a referendum was passed where the residents of Brossard voted to return Brossard to its original status of a city.

In 2006, they got their wish and Brossard again became its own city. In 2011, the population of Brossard had risen to 79,273, and by the 2016 census, it had again risen, this time to 85,721. Currently (2021) Brossard’s population is estimated at 92,578.

Cost of living in Brossard

Brossard is ranked in the top 5% of the best places to live in the world and is the 31st best city to live in Canada. In Quebec, it is the 5th best place to live. This is because life in Brossard is affordable, more than in most cities of Canada.

As an immigrant in the city, consider the following list:


  • Lunch or Fast food = $7.09 – $7.94
  •  Dinner in a Restaurant for 2 = $35.3
  • Beer = $4.38
  • Cappuccino = $2.78


  • 1 bedroom apartment in Downtown = $499 – $560
  • 3 bedroom apartment in Downtown = $796 – $1105


  • Utility Bill for one person, electricity, heating, water, etc. = $47.4
  • Utility Bill for a Family, electricity, heating, water, etc. = $73.5
  • Internet plan + 1 month unlimited $51.3


  • Local transport ticket = $2.56
  • Monthly ticket local transport = $78.7
  • Taxi Ride = $14
  • Gas / Petrol = $0.93

Groceries (per 1 kg or 2.2 lb)

  • Milk = $1.51
  • Bread = $2.62
  • Rice = $2.28
  • Eggs (12) = $2.56
  • Cheese = $14.3
  • Chicken Breast = $10.4
  • Round Steak = $11.8
  • Apples = $2.4
  • Banana = $1.31
  • Oranges = $2.98
  • Tomato = $2.96
  • Potato = $1.58
  • Onion = $1.59
  • Water (1 L) = $1.05
  • Coca-Cola / Pepsi (2 L) = $1.88
  • Wine (750 mL) = $11.9
  • Beer (0.5 L) = $1.28
  • Cigarette (1pack) = $9.52
  • Cold medicine (1 week) = $9.29


  • Hair Shampoo (1 bottle) = $3.86
  • Toilet paper (4 rolls) = $2.43
  • Toothpaste (1 tube) = $1.93


  • Gym Membership (1 month) = $27.6
  • Cinema Ticket (1 person) = $9.59
  • Doctor’s visit = $67.9
  • Haircut = $14.4
  • Brand Jeans = $39.6
  • Brand Sneakers = $62.9
  • Daycare or Preschool (1 month) = $529
  • International Primary School (1 year) = $5579

The average cost of living in Brossard is $1179, which is close to the world’s average cost of living.

Cultural Diversity in Brossard

One of the interesting characteristics of Brossard is the different cultures of the people that make up its population. According to the 2016 census, 14.2% of the Brossard population are Chinese, 6% are Arabian, 5.2% are blacks, 4.7% are South Asian, 4.3% is Latin America.

Indigenous people make up 0.4% of the population. Others are Viet Nam, Morocco, Hong Kong and Mauritius. This shows that Brossard is home for all.

Brossard is very French 

But please feel free to speak English in Brossard. You will be most welcome with a big smile and a charming “Bonjour”.

However, although the natives of Brossard are quite accommodating, and would speak English to you because they will assume you are unilingual and Anglophone (you know only one language and are an English-speaking person) it would be a great courtesy to them if you could learn a few words of French.  A simple “Je voudrais parler en français” should work wonders for you.

Do not assume that Brossard is officially bilingual. French is paramount if you want to visit places like the mall or the supermarket. French is the language of daily life. French will indeed be an important ice-breaker. With the English language alone, you will have access to only one parallel of the 2 parallel societies.

Learning French as a second language will expose you to the other parallel. Your perspective will broaden, and you will be able to know places out of the Montréal-Laval-Longueuil-Brossard axis. When you do, you will begin to adore Brossard. Brossard is a small world. With the right words of French, you will enter into any circle of interest, and meet people.

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What’s the weather like?

The average weather in Brossard is warm. It’s not so cold and not so hot. It’s partly cloudy all year round. But in the summer, the temperature can rise to 26 °C and in winter it can get as low as -13°C. The best time of the year in Brossard is from late June to early September. At that time, the weather is perfect for outdoor activities.

Things to do in Brossard

Go surfing at Oasis

Oasis Surf is Canada’s first indoor surfing centre. It is complete with restaurants and bars, a playground, sales counters, a conference room, and golf courses. It is the best place to learn surfing, with zero experience.

Not to worry, there are instructors eager to teach you. If you’d rather watch the surfers, you can have delicious meals at any of the many restaurants that serve different delicious dishes.

Take a walk around

Ever heard of Quartier DIX30? It’s the first urban living environment in Canada. It has so many shops, restaurants, boutiques, event centres and many more. Whatever you want, just take a walk around Brossard, and you’d be glad you did.

Additionally, you’d like to visit Champlain Mall, Place Portobello, and Taschereau Boulevard.

 Attend one of the local events

A year-long list of activities is outlined by the municipal council of Brossard. Each week, there are events like sports, concerts, exhibitions, arts, and cultural displays. Visit the Brossard website for more details.

Go for sports

The Bell Sports Complex is a multipurpose sports facility located in Brossard that contains two ice hockey rinks and one indoor soccer pitch.

Education in Brossard

Brossard has good schools. There are public and private schools, English and French schools, and a combination of both. Elementary and High schools in Brossard are counted among the best in Canada.

Brossard is home to a lot of continuing education programs like the South Shore Language School, Centre for Adult Education, and a lot of other apprenticeship schools. Although there is no university in Brossard, the neighboring Montreal, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, and Sherbrooke, supply their university need.

Major Employers in Brossard

Brossard is the commercial hub of the south shore, and most businesses are located along Taschereau Boulevard. Some parts of Taschereau Boulevard near La Prairie and the Saint-Jacques River are home to many car dealerships offering the most available makes and models.

As with most suburbs, the economy of Brossard is fueled by its service sectors and manufacturing industries.

These are some of the major employers in Brossard:

  • L’Oréal (Skincare and beauty products)
  • Future Electronics (Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing)
  • Matrox (Electronic Systems)
  • Hilti North America (Software Developers)
  • BRP (Transportation Equipment Manufacturing)
  • Volvo Group (Transportation and Equipment Manufacturing)
  • Japan Tobacco International (Consumer Products Manufacturing)
  • Siemens (Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing
  • Lindt & Sprüngli (Food & Beverage Manufacturing)

Nightlife in Brossard

Young people enjoy the Brossard nightlife, with an array of nightclubs and other entertainment. If you like a bit of nightlife, then welcome to Bossard. The city is safe enough for people to stroll along at night.

Visit the nightclubs for your night entertainment. There is the Jet-7 at Avenue Auteuil, Factory Night Club at boul Taschereau, and lots of bars and other night entertainments.

Immigration Pathway to Brossard

Quebec is the only province in Canada that has its own immigration system. The best pathway for immigration to Brossard is through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Read all about how to immigrate to Brossard through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Is proficiency in French, a condition for immigrating to Bossard, Quebec?

Obviously, French is paramount to live in places around Montreal. It is actually the language of daily life. While it is not mandatory, it is a courtesy to your host city, that you should at least learn a few and necessary words of French.

In order to enjoy all that Brossard has to offer, you should learn to speak French. Also, it will be a needed boost to your application for immigration, if you can answer yes to French as a second language.

 Is Brossard a good place to immigrate to?

No place is perfect, but Brossard is a great place to live. It is peaceful and quiet, with beautiful views. The standard of living is also affordable, and the city welcomes immigrants with open arms.

If I migrate to Brossard, will I be required to speak French?

French is the dominant language in Quebec. If you can’t speak French, at least show respect for the language and culture of Brossard. You will get a smile from the native Brossard if you can say a few words in French as a sign of goodwill.

If someone addresses you in French to respond “Désolé, je ne parle pas français”, which just means “Sorry, I don’t speak French”. Bonjour, which is hello, au revoir, which is goodbye. Or, finally, “Pardon, parlez-vous anglais?” Which is “Excuse me, do you speak English?”


In summary, now is a good time to immigrate to Quebec as you a little about life in Brossard for immigrants, and remember to learn a few words of French, so that the natives will love you.

There are employment opportunities too, with the proliferation of manufacturing industries in Brossard. You are sure to find employment if you’re searching for one.

Finally, like all things new, don’t expect to settle into Brossard as soon as you get there. All good things take time. Be patient and learn all you can, about Brossard.