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Life in Kingston for Immigrants – students, workers visitors

Generally, life in Kingston for Immigrants in all aspects is averagely interesting despite the little challenge in few areas.

Certainly, every place in Canada has its pros and cons; life in Kingston is more favorable to students. Their ratio to residents in Kingston is almost equal as result of some top rated educational facilities or institutions around.

If you are fun freak especially in biking, sailing and other sporting activities you will find life in Kingston more interesting.

Where is Kingston

So, let take an insight to what Kingston is historically. Kingston was established in 1673 as Fort Cataraqui and later renamed as Fort Frontenac while in 1838 it was upgraded to town and eventually to a city in 1846.

Kingston is one of the moderately sized cities in Ontario Province of Canada; it is fondly called Limestone City.

You might wonder while it is called limestone city, this is because many heritage buildings were constructed using local limestone. It is located on Lake Ontario, at the mouth of the Cataraqui and St. Lawrence rivers.

The National Historic Site called Bellevue House in commemoration of Canada’s first Prime Minister; Sir John A. Macdonald is located in Kingston.

It may interest you to know that Kingston is the largest municipality in southeastern Ontario and Ontario’s 10th largest metropolitan area.

More so, life in Kingston is beautiful because the environment is clean and you find very beautiful locations since the city shares border with US and top cities like Toronto and Mississauga.

Considerably, you will find in detail, population of Kingston, schools in Kingston, transit in Kingston and weather in Kingston here.

Similarly, the question on how to immigrate to Kingston, how multicultural is Kingston also dining out and nightlife in Kingston will be addressed.

Population of Kingston

The entire population of Kingston in Ontario province of Canada as at 2017 is 136,685 persons according to United Nation. Undoubtedly the population would have increased significantly by now but no official statistics yet from the United Nations.

Schools in Kingston

There are significant numbers of schools in Kingston with majority of them being public schools and few Catholic district schools. There are 76 public schools in Kingston with good numbers of Universities and Colleges like Royal military college, St. Lawrence College.

Reasonably, life in Kingston for immigrants especially student will be worthwhile educationally. This is because Kingston is rated fourth amongst the cities in Ontario province with similar population and average school score.

List of Universities and Colleges in Kingston

These are the colleges and university located in Kingston city.

  • Queen’s University
  • Royal Military College of Canada
  • Lawrence College

However, there are lots universities in the border cities like Toronto, New York in US and others so you can live in Kingston while schooling nearby.

Transit in Kingston

Conveniently, Kingston Transit system provides citizens with bus services within the urban area of the City of Kingston and other neighboring community of Amherstview.

This makes life in Kingston less expensive because the fare is affordable with different travel options to your destination.

Kingston transit system has different payment options, bus schedules, Service alert, park and ride service just to make life in Kingston for commuters stress free.

Payment options

The different payment options for fares include:

Cash Coins only: citizens between the ages of 15 to 65 years above pay $3.25.

Monthly Pass with unlimited rides per calendar month: ages 15 to 24 with 65 years and above years pay $59.5 while 25 to 64 pay $80

Affordable Monthly Pass, the eligibility is based on income for unlimited rides per calendar month: ages 15 to 24 with 65 years and above years pay $29.75 while 25 to 64 pay $40.00.

Monthly Commuter Pass with Unlimited rides on weekdays: all ages above from 15 years and above pay $68.75.

Weekly Pass with unlimited rides on 7 consecutive days: ages 15 to 24 with 65 years and above years pay $21.00 while 25 to 64 pay $29.25.

Commuter 5 Pass with unlimited rides on 5 consecutive weekdays: all ages above from 15 years and above pay $22.25.

Multi-ride Pass Sold in multiples of 6: ages 15 to 24 with 65 years and above years pay $13.50 while 25 to 64 pay $16.50.

Day Pass with unlimited rides for a day: all ages above from 15 years and above pay $8.25

Bus Schedules

The Kingston transit offer bus services in day time from Monday to Saturday, also in the evening and on Sunday.

Notably, the bus services operate on specials days like Family Day, Victoria Day, Canada Day, the Civic Holiday and Labour Day. The bus service doesn’t operate on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Good Friday.

Park & Ride Service

Perhaps, you are a worker and your workplace is too far, you can park for free in the Kingston transit bus station and ride on buses to your destination. This is no doubt more economical and it makes life in Kingston easier for you as a worker.

Weather in Kingston

Advisably, immigrating to Canada during the summer will make life in Kingston m interesting because the weather is usually friendlier. The month of summer is between mid June to early October every year. All other months in the city are cold and freezing especially January with low temperature of 17°F.

Tips to survive winter in Kingston

Winter is no doubt a critical period in the city of Kingston because the temperature is usually very low. This makes the weather to be very cold and freezing some time. The period is inevitable provided you will live in Kingston and most other cities generally in Canada. Find below the tips to survive the winter season and enjoy life in Kingston as an immigrant.

  • Ensure you warm clothes
  • Buy Goretex boots and woolen or cotton socks.
  • Buy wool hats
  • Dress in layers, it help survive during winter.
Life in Newmarket for Immigrants

Cost of living in Kingston

Unfortunately, the persistent increase in the price of house rent in Kingston is one of the major reasons why the cost of living in the city is fairly high when compared to average income.

No doubt jobs aren’t difficult to find in the city but mostly you don’t find your desired job upon arrival. People with good jobs earn good amount of money to enable them afford rents likewise buying a house in Kingston.

Luckily, food items and other amenities to provide quality life in Kingston are not expensive likewise day to day expenses.

Fun things to do in Kingston

The city of Kingston has long and rich history with lots of tourist sites you can visit to catch funs likewise other fun filled activities. Some fun things to do in Kingston include:

  • Explore History at Murney Tower National Historic Site of Canada
  • Visit Historic Kingston City Hall
  • Shop, Dine, and Have Fun in Historic Downtown Kingston
  • Enjoy Nature in Frontenac Provincial Park
  • Learn about Canada’s First Prime Minister at Bellevue House
  • Explore the Thousand Islands
  • Experience Life Behind Bars at Kingston Penitentiary
  • Visit Fort Henry National Historic Site
  • Go on a Kingston Walking Tour
  • Check Out The Agnes Etherington Art Centre
  • Take a Tour of Queen’s University
  • Explore City Park
  • Go Climbing at the Boiler Room
  • Rent a Boat/Kayak at the Waterfront

There still lots of places and activities to engage on and have fun in the city of Kingston.

How multicultural is Kingston?

Culturally, life in Kingston for Immigrants and the Canadian citizen in Kingston are is entertaining and educating. The small sized city is highly hospitable to immigrants from different countries.

The city council does have a weeklong cultural diversity celebration where lots of activities and cultural display takes place from all foreigners living in the city.  How to immigrate to Kingston?

If you are immigrating to Kingston, it is advisable to do that through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). This is because it is easier and less competitive when compared to the Express Entry pathway program.

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) has three pathways to Immigrate to the province successfully. This include

  • Employer job offer category: strictly for people who already have a permanent job offer from an Ontario employer
  • Human capital category: for workers who have valuable work experience, education, language skills, and a profile in Canada’s Express Entry system; or for graduate students
  • Business category: for entrepreneurs looking to start a new or buy an existing business in Ontario.

The process of immigration begin as stated below

  • Submission of your express of interest form either online or offline.
  • Patiently wait for invitation to apply notification.
  • Receive ITA if successful
  • Apply within 60 days of ITA notification
  • Submit all relevant documents
  • Apply for Visa
  • Move to Kingston.

Frequently Asked Questions      

How is dining out and nightlife in Kingston?

There are significant number of restaurants and bars in the downtown of Kingston to enjoy your life day and night.

How much is the application fee for the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)?

It cost $1,500 or $2,000 for employer job offer and human capital streams while it cost $3,500 for business streams.


Life in Kingston for immigrants has been very peaceful; their cultural diversity has been well managed and preserved. Immigrate today and enjoy the opportunities.                                                                    

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