Life in Lévis for Immigrants – Pros and Cons

Would you love to know what life in Levis for immigrants feels like?

Would you love to know what life in Lévis for immigrants feels like? Just like you and I, everyone would love to experience life in Quebec, Canada’s second most populated province.

However, it can only be so because several factors come into play when you live in a more populated city.

Although it will have its negative side, for sure, the positives will always take the front seat. Here, we want to bring to you yet, another rich city in Quebec. Lévis offers many wonders, some of which you are going to know as you read on. So, here we go!

Where is Lévis?

Formerly Lévis-Lauzon, Levis is a city situated in the southern Quebec province of Canada. On the south shore of the Lawrence River, lies Lévis and links to the City of Quebec by the river.

Now an industrial centre, Levis has dry docks which are equipped to accommodate even the biggest ships. Well, what do you say about a city that is a major industrial and ship-building centre in Canada?

That was actually because Lauzon, another city of Quebec, north of Levis, was the centre of industry and ship-building, was merged with Lévis in 1989.

Also, in 2002, more neighbouring communities were merged into the city. Now, you can see why Lévis is a large city? Would you like to know more about this uniquely designed city? Read on!

How multicultural is Lévis? 

There is no data on the multiculturalism of Lévis but Quebec is said to have an extremely diverse culture. As such, around 40% of the total population speak both French and English fluently.

However, almost all of the immigrants in Quebec are visible minorities. But then, with the immigration policies of Canada, all that is changing.

Pros and Cons of Life in Lévis for immigrants

Life in Lévis for immigrants is one of the beautiful decisions you can make. It offers you the opportunity to have a feel of what a beautiful city is, with a lower cost of electricity, reduced housing costs, various outdoor sports, and a variety of weather.

On the other hand, you may also have a feel of what the other side of life is in terms of overwhelming weather during winter, which could lead to probable higher heating costs, language barrier, higher taxes, among others.

Be as it may, there are more reasons you may choose to live in Lévis or consider elsewhere close by. As such, below are some of the pros and cons of choosing here as your destination for studies, work or just a mere visitation.


Awe-inspiring Beauty

I bet you, one thing that can make you glue to this city of Lévis is its charming stance. You will get to have three national parks surrounding you, equipped with camping sites, a blend of wildlife and enthralling hiking trails.

Undoubtedly, if you love the scenic view of nature with its wildlife, you will love Lévis. Besides, it offers you easy access to Forillon, La Maurice and Mingan Archipelago.

Also, the city is well-adorned with historical buildings and sights, sparkling restaurants with assorted cuisines, sky hills and ferries. You can also take a stroll down St. Lawrence River, the Joffre Yard or just allow yourself to fall in love with the Chaudière Falls.

Lower Cost of Housing

Generally, in Quebec, housing costs are on the minimal side. This is a great feel of life in Lévis for immigrants. When you compare it to the national average, for instance, Quebec City and Montreal are 45% and 28% lower.

Little wonder why both of them rank second and first on the list of the cheapest cities in Canada. You have not seen anything yet until you get outside these two big cities. Of course, it gets better and Lévis can always offer you more houses at cheaper and reduced costs.

Enhanced Cost of Electricity

Electricity has never been cheaper outside Quebec. Even North America as a whole enjoys less than the national average for one kWh.

Away from the cheap electricity, Quebec had its own hydroelectric dam that generates electricity for its residence. So, you know why the cost of electricity is more reduced in Lévis.

Affordable Cost of Living

In Canada, almost all the large cities are not cheap. But that cannot be said about Lévis. When you compare it to the national average, the cost of living is 25% lower. This could be partly because of the reduced cost of goods, services or utilities with almost 16% lesser than the national average.

Aside from the above, you will be blessed with plenty of high-income job opportunities, access to quality education, better public service and cheap transportation. How else would you enjoy a good quality of life?

Sports Attraction

You cannot live in Lévis and not experience various sporting activities, except you are not a sports enthusiast. But if you happen to be one, welcome to your choicest city.

Especially when winter with its chilly weather is not in season, you enjoy outdoor activities, ranging from hiking to cycling to canoeing and kayaking, all thanks to summer and mid-autumn. But winter has its own wonderful sporting experiences.

From mid-autumn to early springs, you can always engage in winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, outdoor hockey, among the rest.


Extreme Winter Weather

It is not always funny in Lévis during winter. It comes with harsh weather, forcing you back to your bed early on a Monday morning. You can imagine that! The freezing temperature is usually uncomfortable, particularly if you are elderly or have bone issues.

Not just that, there are times winter comes with storms, making transportation through road a daunting one.

As a result, you may experience some mind-blowing slowdown when winter comes knocking. However, some people find the winter weather very refreshing. This could be you as well.

Language Barrier

If you have made up your mind to live in Lévis, you must also be ready to learn the language of the locals. French is not difficult to learn, anyway. The people of Lévis are native French speakers, with around 80% being totally immersed in the language.

It even gets worse because the names of shops, streets, places, signs and the process of filling forms are all in French. So, amid the scenic beauty lies a language barrier. But you can conquer it if you choose to because Lévis might be the best place to learn French by immersion.

Increased Taxes

Living in Lévis also comes with high tax requirements. Quebec, generally, has become popular for its residents’ high tax coverage.

In short, it has the highest tax obligation in Canada as a whole. Worse of it is that the higher you earn, the more difficult it is for you because higher income attracts higher tax.

When you think you have seen it all, the federal government comes with its burden of double taxation for some people. This could be overwhelming sometimes.

Probable Rise in Heating Bills

Due to the nature of winter temperature, you will may have to use the heating system to help you keep up with the extreme temperature.

As a result, a part of your financial life may have to pay for this obligation. Heating bills rise because natural gas usually increases in costs. In Quebec, especially, it is usually 63% higher than other provinces.

It will be left for you to either minimise the heating system and feel the biting cold or endure the cost of living in Lévis during winter.

Immigrating to Levi

In Quebec, generally, immigrants from all walks of life come to live work or study. It selects its own immigrants to settle in the province.

Lévis is not left out of this. However, you can only immigrate if you meet the basic requirements. also, you can immigrate as a skilled worker, student, permanent resident, refugee, and so on. Below are the programs to immigrate to Levi:

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Fun Things You Can Do in Lévis

Life in Lévis as an immigrant comes with exciting moments. There are a few places you may wish to visit while living or just on a visit.

Scenic views

If you want to enjoy spectacular views in Lévis, you may need to take a ferry along the St. Lawrence River. There also sits Quebec City, one of the best cities you can see in Canada. If you are a camera freak, just know that you will have your field day by just visiting this historic river.

Stare at a waterfall

Chaudière Falls resides just not so far from the city centre, along the Chaudière River. It has some picturesque to keep your eyes busy all the time.

You can be awestruck by the beauty of the waterfalls. More interesting is that it has some surrounding parks and a suspension bridge. Sure, you can never regret your visit.

Enjoy the beauty of art

Louise-Carrier Gallery resides in a historic Anglican church. Works by artists within and around Lévis are displayed in the gallery. If you are a lover of art, you will definitely enjoy a visit to this place.

Go on a shopping spree

Going on a shopping spree is what everyone does once in a while, but I bet you doing it in Lévis, will offer you a different experience. Walk along Les Galeries Chagnon and get some clothing, accessories and other souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones.

You can also head to Marché de Lévis to enjoy affordable food. Although many of the locals are artisans, you will also get something edible at cheaper rates here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the population of Lévis?

The last known population of Lévis, which was in 2014, the population is 142,900. That is, 0.402% of the total Canadian population. However, if all things are constant, the population of Lévis in 2021 should be around 152,977.

What kind of nightlife do you experience in Lévis?

The environment is relaxed and cozy with a dashing atmosphere at night. In a typical restaurant, you will get a variety of different types of local bands and live shows. Not to forget, you will always enjoy your favorite food or drink as you nod to the soothing music coming from these bands.

Top bars in Lévis include Le Sacrilége, Le Cercle, Maurice Nightclub, Bar Ste-Angéle, Le Pape Georges, and many more.


By now, you must have made up your mind to enjoy life in Lévis for immigrants. It’s fun here, just be sure to meet the basic requirements and have yourself enjoy the best experiences Lévis can offer you. Do not forget to share this article if it helped you.