Life in Maple Ridge for Immigrants – Pros and Con

Life in Maple Ridge can be exciting but there are some things to consider before you move to the the city.

Life in Maple Ridge for immigrants is worthy of exploration. The historical sites and breathtaking views and the topography of the neighbourhood is something else. Therefore, newcomers in the city get excited and want to explore more.

Moreover, when you live in Maple Ridge, you get a great mixture of modern comforts and conveniences and heritage that will leave you in awe.

That’s not the end, Maple Ridge also boasts of a lively and lovely neighbourhood including Ruskin, Webster’s Corner, Silver Valley and Whonnock.  

Therefore, life in Maple Ridge for immigrants has a lot to offer. Hence, this article will explore this and many more. 

Where is Maple Ridge

Located in British Columbia, Maple Ridge is one of the fast-growing cities in Canada where you enjoy a mixture of both rural and urban life.

Therefore, life in Maple Ridge as an immigrant can be exciting and boring at the same time. While visiting Maple Ridge, you need to prepare for the most boring life. However, sometimes, you may get a lot of activities and events to spice up your visit.  

Population of Maple Ridge

Life in Maple Ridge as mentioned above comes with a mixture of rural and urban life. This can be seen from the population of the semi-urban area which is 82,256 according to the 2016 census. 

Villages in Maple Ridge

The following are the neighbourhoods in Maple Ridge, so, whenever you plan to visit the city, you can decide to stay in any of them. Therefore, you have to make enough research to know the best for you. They include: 

  • Albion/Kanaka.
  • Port Hammond.
  • Port Haney.
  • Ruskin.
  • Silver Valley.
  • Thornhill.
  • Town Centre.
  • Webster’s Corners
  • Whonnock
  • Yeadon

Cost of living in Maple Ridge

Life in Maple Ridge for immigrants is really expensive. This is because the cost of living in the city is around $1692. This is among the top 22% of the most expensive cities in the world. As such, it is ranked 1999th out of 9294 in our global list of the costliest cities. Thus, it is the 34th out of 153 in Canada for costly cities. Moreover, it is the 14th out of 22 among the costliest cities in British Columbia.

Meanwhile, the average tax in the city is $2829. This is enough to cover your living expenses for two months. Despite all these, Maple Ridge is among the most livable cities in the world. Hence, it ranks as the 121st among the best places to live.  Then, the number 12 best city to live in Canada. In addition to that, it is the 6th most liveable city in British Columbia. 

Reasons to move to Maple Ridge 

Even though Maple Ridge is among the costliest cities to live in. On the other hand, it is also among the best places to live. Therefore, there are a lot of reasons to choose to live in Maple Ridge. So, life in Maple Ridge for immigrants is a mixture of both good and bad. 

Pros of life in Maple Ridge for immigrants

#1: Cheap houses 

One of the things that make life in Maple Ridge for immigrants easy and attractive is the house rents. In Canada, houses in British Columbia are among the cheapest. Moreover, Maple Ridge is among the top cheapest places to find a house. Therefore, if you are looking into buying a much cheaper house, then, Maple Ridge is one of the best choices to consider.  

#2: Natural environment

If you have a thing for a natural environment, then Maple Ridge is the right place for you. This is because, in Maple Ridge, you have easy access to nature. Thus, you are close to mountains, rivers and forests. Therefore, life in Maple Ridge for immigrants is adventurous. 

#3: Modern amenities

Another thing that makes life in Maple Ridge for immigrants a good one is the availability of modern facilities. One of these is the steady access to health care facilities. Therefore, as an immigrant or visitor, you will have 24-7 access to all these facilities. For instance, the Ridge Meadows Hospital has surgery services, maternity services and emergency services that offer 24 hours service to residents of Maple Ridge. In addition to that, the public transit known as TransLink can link you easily to neighbouring cities like Vancouver. 

Cons of life in Maple Ridge for immigrants

Not minding the fact that life in Maple Ridge for immigrants has some goodies. On the other hand, there is a bad side to living in Maple Ridge. Therefore, the following are the cons of life in Maple Ridge. 

#1: Heavy traffic

Sometimes, life in Maple Ridge for immigrants can be stressful due to high traffic.  Generally, the city is activities, therefore, the chances of getting stuck in traffic are high, especially during the rush hours. However, the government is trying very well to stop this. 

#2: Moderate Crime Rates

Though not so much of a big city,  there is an increasing crime rate in Maple Ridge over the last couple of years. Therefore, life in Maple Ridge for immigrants may sometimes be risky. Generally, people who live in Maple Ridge complain of their car getting stolen, people dealing/using drugs and property crimes. 

#3: Homelessness

Though consistent effort is made by the regional government to arrest this issue of homelessness, it continues to make life in Maple Ridge for immigrants less appealing.  

Life in Maple Ridge: Education 

In terms of education, there are plenty of opportunities for you. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your education while you live in Maple Ridge. 

List of schools in Maple Ridge

  • Albion Elementary
  • Alexander Robinson Elementary
  • Alouette Elementary   
  • Blue Mountain Elementary   
  • District 42 Alternative Secondary
  • Environmental School Project
  • Eric Langton Elementary   
  • Fairview Elementary   
  • Garibaldi Secondary   
  • Glenwood Elementary   
  • Golden Ears Elementary   
  • Hammond Elementary   
  • Harry Hooge Elementary   
  • Kanaka Creek Elementary   
  • Katzie First Nation   
  • Laity View Elementary   
  • Maple Ridge Elementary   
  • Maple Ridge Secondary   
  • Outreach Alternate Secondary
  • Samuel Robertson Technical Secondary   
  • Thomas Haney Centre   
  • Webster’s Corners Elementary
  • Westview Secondary   
  • Whonnock Elementary   
  • Yeadon Elementary     
  • c’usqunela Elementary   
  • Independent Schools
  • James Cameron School   
  • Maple Ridge Christian School
  • Meadowridge School   
  • St Patrick’s   

List of universities and colleges in Maple Ridge

Apart from primary and secondary school, there are a lot of colleges and universities in Maple Ridge. Therefore, while living in Maple Ridge, you can attend any of them. The list below shows the colleges and universities in or around Maple Ridge. They include:

  • BC Institute of Technology (BCIT) 
  • Capilano University
  • City University 
  • Douglas College 
  • Emily Carr University of Art + Design
  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  • Langara College 
  • Ridge Meadows College 
  • Simon Fraser University 
  • Sprott Shaw College 
  • Trinity Western University 
  • University of BC 
  • University of the Fraser Valley 
  • Vancouver Community College 

Life in Maple Ridge: Places to visit

Looking for places to hang out over the weekend, surely you will get that in Maple Ridge. Whether outdoor or indoor relaxation or just sightseeing. Whatever it is you like your weekend to be like in Maple Ridge, you are sure to get it. 

Fun places to hang out

Therefore, while in Maple Ridge, you may visit any of these places.

  • Memorial Peace Park & Bandstand
  • The Act Arts Centre
  • Maple Ridge Leisure Centre
  • Wildplay
  • Alouette Lake
  • Haney Farmers Market

Hotels in Maple Ridge

Life in Maple Ridge for immigrants may not be complete until you experience the hotel life in the city. Generally, Maple Ridge has some of the best hotels in the province. As a matter of fact, the hotels are also cheap and affordable. Therefore, if you want to visit Maple Ridge on the weekend, you will get good and cheap hotels. The hotels include: 

  1. Best Western Plus Pitt Meadows Inn & Suites
  2. Art Infiniti Hotel 
  3. Anna’s Home
  4. Golden Ears View Suite  
  5. Cabin Style Retreat On 1 Acre 
  6. Albion Stay  
  7. Marin Riverside Lodge   
  8. Garden Suite  
Life in Markham for immigrants

Life in Maple Ridge: How to immigrate 

Indeed life in Maple Ridge for immigrants is exciting. However, before you will be able to enjoy this, you must find a good idea program to move to the city. Therefore, the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program will be good for you. Though you must meet the minimum requirements. 

British Columbia Immigrant Nominee Program (BC PNP) 

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) allows the province to pick certain candidates who meet the requirements to live in the province. Therefore, because Maple Ridge is in the province, you can get nominated for BC PNP.   

Application process for British Columbia Nominee Program

To use the British Columbia Immigration Nominee Program, you will use the steps below. 

Step 1: Make sure that you qualify for the program. Therefore, you should do enough research to know the requirements for each stream under BC PNP. 

Step 2: Create a profile in the express entry system. Then, if you receive an invitation to apply, you will send your expression of interest.

Step 3: Once you have submitted your application for expression of interest, you may be nominated based on your qualifications. 

Step 4: Apply to the Government of Canada for permanent residence 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a hotel cost in Maple Ridge?

The average cost of a hotel in Maple Ridge is CAD 75. However, it can be less or more depending on many factors.   

What is Maple Ridge known for?

Maple Ridge is best known for its spectacular landscape and dazzling topography. 

Is Maple Ridge British Columbia a good place to live?

Among the best 20 places to live in Canada, life in Maple Ridge for immigrants is wonderful. However, the worrying factor is the increasing crime rate in the city.     

How many schools are in Maple Ridge bc?

There are 17 elementary schools and 5 secondary schools in Maple Ridge. In addition, there are many universities cert close to Maple Ridge.