Life in Medicine Hat for Immigrants – Pros and Cons

Your all-inclusive guide to the manner of life in Medicine Hat for immigrants from any country.

This article is for you if you seek to know the positive and negative aspects of life in Medicine Hat for immigrants.

For many decades, the city of Medicine Hat has been a preferred destination to foreign nationals from different countries.

Medicine Hat is truly renowned for its substantial natural gas fields. Besides, the city of Medicine Hat is among the most popular cities in the province of Alberta, Canada.

Life in Medicine Hat for immigrants is definitely livable and delightful to a considerable extent.

Hence, this article will help you understand the pros and cons of life in Medicine Hat for immigrants.

Reading this article also lets you to learn about Medicine Hat’s population, cost of living, weather, educational institutions, public transits, multicultural aspects, and more.

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Where is Medicine Hat located in the province of Alberta?

The city of Medicine Hat is located in southeast Alberta, Canada. Medicine Hat is also referred to as The Gas City due to its huge natural gas fields.

Population of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

According to 2016 census, the population of Medicine Hat residents was 63,230. Of course, the city of Medicine Hat rank #6 in the list of population centres in Alberta province, Canada.

Cost of living in Medicine Hat, province of Alberta

If you are planning to move to Medicine Hat, Alberta, it is necessary for you to consider its cost of living in order to determine its affordability or costliness.

Without doubt, Medicine Hat has an incredibly low cost of living than some popular cities in Alberta, Canada.

Furthermore, food and housing within the city of Medicine Hat are available at moderate prices. Regardless of their affordable prices, you can get them with premium quality.

How to immigrate to Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Of course, Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) can help you in fulfilling your desire to become a permanent resident of Medicine Hat in Alberta province.

Steps to apply through Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)

You can apply for immigration to Alberta province through AINP by following the steps highlighted below.

STEP 1: Get a nomination certificate

It is necessary for you to procure a nomination certificate from the Canadian province of Alberta by requesting for nomination.

STEP 2: Complete Express Entry process

Undeniably, you need an Express Entry profile to apply through AINP in order to immigrate and enjoy the life in Medicine Hat for immigrants.

Hence, you can create your Express Entry profile on Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)’s website.

Also, ensure that you submit your express entry profile on time, containing information that Alberta province has nominated you.

STEP 3: Apply for Canada’s PR visa

Indeed, you need to possess a Canada’s Permanent Residence (PR) visa before you can claim your authorization to work and commence a life in Medicine Hat for immigrants.

Your Alberta province nomination certificate must be included in your permanent residency application.

STEP 4: Book a flight to one of Alberta’s international airports

Following a successful PR application, it is expected that you book a flight to any of the three (3) international airports in Alberta, which are located in Calgary, Edmonton and Fort McMurray.

Weather in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Indeed, one of the major negative aspects of the life in Medicine Hat for immigrants is the city’s severely hot weather during summer season.

Besides, the winter season in Medicine Hat has a subfreezing weather. It is therefore important for you to opt for lightweight clothing such as natural fibre fabrics.

How multicultural is Medicine Hat?

Of course, majority of the people living in Medicine Hat have their first language as English, and are Christians. Other Medicine Hat residents include Spanish, French, as well as German.

Apart from English language, it is without doubt that Chinese, Polish, Dutch and Ukrainian are languages widely spoken in Medicine Hat.

Schools in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Undoubtedly, there are only few Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) in the city of Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) are Canadian universities and colleges that possess authorization from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to accept international students into their academic programs.

Below are examples of these post-secondary institutions in Medicine Hat, AB, Canada.

Transit in Medicine Hat, province of Alberta, Canada

Residents of Medicine Hat are able to move through various points of the city through Medicine Hat Transit. Indeed, Medicine Hat Transit services are available to passengers on all days of the week.

As a matter of fact, their services is free to blind persons who possesses CNIB card, as well as to children below 5 years old who are accompanied by either their parent(s) or guardian.

On Mondays to Fridays, Medicine Hat Transit operates from 6:45am to 10:45pm while it operates from 8:15am to 7:15pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Furthermore, Medicine Hat Transit fares have various options of subscription such as Cash fare, Day pass, as well as Monthly pass.

Regardless of age category, per trip payment for Medicine Hat Transit’s Cash Fare cost CAD $3.25 while per day subscription to its Day pass cost CAD $6.50.

Additionally, the cost of subscribing to Medicine Hat Transit’s Monthly pass ranges from CAD $38.75 to CAD $70.50, which depends on age category.

Life in Kitchener for Immigrants

Dining out and nightlife in Medicine Hat, AB, Canada

Of course, life in Medicine Hat for immigrants is surprising greatly because of its accessibility to premium enjoyment when you go to any of its restaurants, bars, pubs or nightspots.

Regardless of the fact that Galaxy Cinemas Medicine Hat is the only known movie theatre in the city, a visit to the cinema is truly awe-inspiring.

Hence, you will be able to watch endless blockbuster films, featuring your favorite actors and celebrities.

Restaurants in Medicine Hat, province of Alberta, Canada

Indeed, Medicine Hat has restaurants that specifically prepare meals for foreign nationals from certain countries, including Americans, Mexicans, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, etc.

Below are list of some of the restaurants in Medicine Hat, AB, Canada.

  • Takumi Japanese Restaurant
  • Fatuma’s Ethiopian Cafe
  • The Mexican Hat
  • Browns Socialhouse Medicine Hat
  • Arirang Korean BBQ
  • Papi’s Country Kitchen
  • Earls Kitchen + Bar
  • Thuy Tien Restaurant
  • Original Joe’s, and so on

Nightclubs in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

By visiting any of the nightclubs in Medicine Hat with friends or family members, you can get serviced cocktails, beers, wines, and other premium drinks based on individual preference.

Thus, the following are list of nightclubs that you can visit in the city of Medicine Hat, Alberta.

  • Corona Tavern and Night Club
  • Elements Restaurant and Bar
  • Ralph’s Texas Bar & Steak House Ltd
  • DayzOff Pub
  • Cypress Club
  • Bayside VLT Lounge
  • Jiggers’ Pub
  • Cecil Hotel and Karaoke
  • Schooners Pub
  • Moxie’s Grill & Bar, among others

Fun things to do in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Without doubt, visiting, working, studying and residing in Medicine Hat surely has a lot of fun.

The city of Medicine Hat has several visitor centres, tourist attractions, as well as curling clubs that are open to all of its residents, including foreign nationals.

Of course, this creates possibilities for a wide range of fun things to do in Medicine Hat.

Examples of these fun activities include bowling, as well as viewing technological inventions, historical and artistic exhibits in Medicine Hat museums.

Tourist attraction centres in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Below are list of tourist attraction centres in Medicine Hat, Canadian province of Alberta.

  • Tourism Medicine Hat
  • Hooplas Family Entertainment Centre
  • Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre
  • Echo Dale Regional Park
  • Medalta in the Historic Clay District
  • Kin Coulee Park
  • Windmill Garden Centre and Butterfly House
  • Redcliff Museum
  • Red Rock Coulee
  • Medicine Hat Curling Club, and so on

How to get a job in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Undoubtedly, you can search for jobs in Medicine Hat, Alberta in two (2) ways, which include either using job sites or hiring an employment agency within the city.

Log on to job sites for access to listings

The job sites in Canada are accessible to all kinds of workers across the country, including foreign nationals who need employment to cope with the way of life in Medicine Hat for immigrants.

As a resident of Medicine Hat, you can use the internet to access any of the following job sites to check for opportunities.

  • Job Boom
  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • LinkedIn
  • Workopolis
  • Jobbank
  • Talent Egg
  • Jobillico
  • Monster
  • Robert Half
  • EJobbo
  • CareerBuilder
  • ZipRecruiter Canada
  • Eluta
  • WowJobs

Reach out to the employment agencies in Medicine Hat, AB, Canada

Without doubt, it is very possible to secure a job in Medicine Hat, province of Alberta by contacting any of the following employment agencies.

  • Positive Life Concepts

Address: 640 3rd St SE

Phone number: +1 403-527-6724

  • YMCA Employment Centre

Address: 770 1 St SE

Phone number: +1 403-529-4733

  • Being Human Services Inc.

Address: 222 S Railway St

Phone number: +1 403-580-3338

  • HR Solutions

Address: 380 2 St SE

Phone number: +1 403-529-6288

  • Moduline Industries Ltd.

Address: 1421 Brier Park Crescent NW

Phone number: +1 403-527-1555

  • Actioncoach Business Coaching

Address: 640 3rd St SE

Phone number: +1 403-527-6230

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program processing time?

About 4 to 6 months if you submitted your application online

What are the documents required by Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program?

  • Valid passport
  • Language test such as IELTS, CELPIP, TEC Canada or TEF Canada
  • Certificates of study, as well as Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)
  • Past and/or current Canadian work permits
  • Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) – if applicable


Above all, you can hope for the very best from the life in Medicine Hat for immigrants regardless of your country of origin, ethnicity, religion, etc. Good luck!